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I am a very self motivated individual.  I am very smart and I pick new things up quickly.  I am very focused and percise with my work, duties, and accomplishments.  I am excellent with people and have always been dedicated to my customers satisfaction.  I am looking for an oppurtunity to learn new things, test my abilities, and advance into a career.  I would like to be part of a positive and productive team. I am also looking for a company that I can master my skills with, learn new things, and make stronger. I desire to feel proud and accomplished at the end of my work day.

Work experience

Jul 2008Present


V6 Investments
  • Sales Associate
  • Stock and maintain products
  • Maintain Work Environment
  • Customer Service
  • Shift report
  • Daily banking
  • Promote Sales
Feb 2007Jun 2008

Store Manager

FNZ Management
  • Open and close store
  • Assist Customers and maintain an everyday friendship
  • Adjust sale prices
  • Order and account all inventory
  • Maintaining product quality assurance
  • Negotiate sales contract with product sales rep.
  • Enforce all safety regulations
  • Recruite and/or dismiss employees
  • Payroll and schedule
  • Daily sales report
  • Monitor sales increase/decrease
  • Create ideas to market and advertise products
  • Account all monies on a shiftly bases
Sep 2007Jan 2008

Customer Care Consultant

  • Seasonal, part time project
  • Learn,study, and understand the program to an experienced level
  • Recieve and transfer calls
  • Inform Customers of the program and all benefits applied to them
  • Enroll customers into the program
  • Review customers information thoroughly to determine qualifications
  • Enter personal data in an accurate and timely manner
  • Make changes to existing customer's required personal data
  • Address Customer problems and concerns with a resolution
  • Update customers on any previous changes to the program
  • Assure customers questions and satisfy their expectations about the program
Jan 2006Jan 2007

Administrative Assistant

American Paper Recycling
  • Phone Operator [Filter all company incoming calls, transfer callers to the proper department]
  • Customer Service [address problems, concerns/questions, and customer needs attentively and promptly]
  • Scale Clerk [weigh vehicles loaded and unloaded, enter data into system]
  • Create Bill of Lading and load reports for Freight Shipments
  • Adjust independent sellers pricings on products and pay them with check
  • Update all account holders information
  • Schedule drivers routes and workins, assist them with directions
  • Organize and maintain all hard copy accounts
  • Maintain a daily production chart
  • Fax individual companies daily volume report


Alisha Vinson

Thomas Capers

Candice Szopinski

Kevin Aziz


Aug 1999Jun 2003

HS Diploma

Alexander Comp.