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Work experience

Jun 2005Aug 2010

Associate Director and Head Counsellor

Camp Manitou

Skills Acquired/Performed

  • Involvement in the daily management of camp.
  • Direct supervision of Unit Heads who manage all campers, staff and also parental concerns.
  • Multi-faceted position requiring knowledge of all aspects of camp.
  • Specific duties include, but are not limited to: camper counselling, camper discipline, parent contact, staff supervision, camper leadership program, camper scheduling, camp-wide events, daily decisions about camp, and ongoing problem solving within a team of directors.
Dec 2007Jun 2010

Educational Assistant - School's Cool Facilitator

St. Peter's The Apostle Elementary School

Skills Acquired/Performed

  • Responsible for supporting specific children who demonstrated a variety of needs including but not limited to ADHD, sensory and behavioural disorders, learning disabilities, and developmental delays.
  • Support of teachers through marking, teaching, and assisting them whenever needed.
  • Facilitated the School’s Cool Program within the Junior Kindergarten curriculum, and developed a pilot program for the Senior Kindergarten students as a follow up initiative.
Aug 2002Aug 2006

Outdoor Education Teacher

Mentor College

Skills Acquired/Performed

  • Plan and develop outdoor programming based on the Ontario curriculum for students in grades 5-8.
  • Facilitate the daily and nightly sessions (for 4 days) focusing on experiential learning through hands on activities that included: hikes, group initiatives, low ropes, animal games, nature studies, canoeing, climbing, winter sports, and a variety of other activities.
  • Occasional supply teacher at the Mississauga campus.
Jun 1998Aug 2005

Unit Head, Activity Head, Counsellor, Administrative Director

Camp Manitou

Skills Acquired/Performed

  • Camp related skills including activity programming, supervision, parental concerns, camper issues, administrative tasks, and ongoing problem solving.
  • Administrative Director - 2001-All office management related responsibilities, including: answering phones, document production, bookkeeping and all financial tasks, and all types of computer data entry.


To become a teacher in any position that allows me the opportunity to influence learning in my student's lives.


Mark Diamond

Mr. Diamond has been my superior for the past 12 years of my employment at Camp Manitou.

Sandy Foster

Mr. Foster was my professor in my year at Centennial College.  However, he has also been a colleague for the past 12 years that I have worked at Camp Manitou.

Dave McDougall

Mr. McDougall is the principal at the school where I worked as an Educational Assistant for three years.

Lesson Plan Examples


Practice Teaching Experience

Magnetawan Central School


October and December 2010

  • 12 students
  • 6 have IEP's
  • one visually impaired, one hearing impaired
  • modifications only made for the visually impaired student

Lessons planned, implemented and differentiated:

  • fractions, decimals, percentages
  • volleyball, dance
  • writing biographies
  • connections with the USA

Resources used:

  • SMART board
  • FA System
  • Data Projector

Assessment Tools:

  • rubrics, checklists, anecdotal

Other Relevant Work History

January 2007 to June 2007

Broken Arrow Residential Treatment ServicesCobourg, Ontario (Foster Home is in Parry Sound)

Job Title: Child and Youth WorkerSkills Acquired/Performed:

  • Planned weekend outings with 2 girls of Aboriginal descent who had been removed from their homes in Labrador and are in foster care with 24 hour supervision.
  • Spent time in their home talking with them, teaching them life skills and guiding their decisions (social, monetary, life decisions).

March 1997 to June 2001

Oakdale Child and Family Services

Toronto, OntarioJob Title: Child Care WorkerSkills Acquired/Performed:

  • Full-time and part-time employee at this residential group home for children aged 5 to 21 with developmental disabilities such as autism, seizure disorders, as well as severe behavioural concerns.


Sep 2010Present

Bachelor of Education

Nipissing University
  • Health and Physical Education teachable
  • Imagination and Creativity option course
  • iTeach Laptop Learning Program
  • iTeach additional learning certificates