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Cover Letter

Dear HR Manager,

I believe that I will be a good candidate for the job opening for the simple reason that I am a hard worker and always seeking to improve my skills and learn new ones. I am looking at expanding my technical and soft skills. I have struggled all my life to be in the first positions and I can not be satisfied with last places.

My motivation to be better than yesterday is a great advantage and addition to the team whom I am part of. I am capable of putting a lot of effort to the things I like to do and I will not stop until it is done perfectly. I am ready to set my and the company development as my number one priority. I can devote most of my time to the company and make sure I give all my best.

MentorMate would be a perfect opportunity for me and if I am given the chance to take part of it, it would set the start of my professional career. That is why I hope to be invited for an interview.

Thank you,
Martin Kurshumov

Education and Training

Education and Training

Technical skills and competence:

  • C#
  • .NET
  • SQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery