Lacey Welch


Aug 2008 - Present

Food and Nutrition, Human Nutrition Hospitality Management

University of Alabama


Lacey L. Welch

[email protected]

1000 Riverside Dr.

Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

(256) 508-4129

EDUCATION Majoring in Human Environmental Sciences, May 2012

The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

Major: Food and Nutrition, Human Nutrition Hospitality Management

GPA: 2.97/3.0

RELEVANT-Excellent interpersonal skills 

SKILLS -Ability to organize and motivate others

-Enjoy working with all kinds of people

-Eager to try new things

-Takes initiative and follows through

INTERNSHIP -Summer of 2011

ADDITIONAL -Volunteer, 2007-present

EXPERIENCE -Meals on Wheels, Huntsville, AL

-Helped raise awareness and money for Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

-Breast Cancer Awareness

-Yo-plait Yogurt Eating Contest, Tuscaloosa, AL

-Relay for Life, Huntsville, AL

-Soup Kitchen, Huntsville, AL

HONORS/ -Freshman Year Mentor 2010

ACTIVITES-Zeta Tau Alpha-2009-present

-Zeta Tau Alpha Philanthropy Committee-2010


-Student Government Association Assistant-2010

-Greek Business Initiative-2010

-Sigma Alpha Lambda-2010

WORK -Donny DIamond Gallery- clerk and sales representative

EXPERIENCE -Catering for Kurt- assistant

Work Philosophy

I am really excited for my future and the things that I want to achieve. I am a Nutrition major at the University of Alabama. I am applying for Radiology school this December. I can not wait to see what my future is going to be like and I am getting closer and closer to reaching my work goals. I plan to be very dedicated to my work. My philosophy is to do all my best, to use all my strength and knowledge for excellent job on time. 

Table of Contents

First Tab- Education

Second Tab- Work Philosophy

Third Tab- Summary and Goals

Fourth Tab- Resume

Summary and Goals

My name is Lacey Welch, I am currently enrolled at the University of Alabama. I enjoy working with others and appreciate any challenges thrown at me. I enjoy traveling, trying new things and Alabama football! I have many goals that I would like to achieve. Some goals that I would like to achieve in the near future are; graduating with at least a 3.5, graduating on time, and getting into Radiology school. A couple of long term goals I have are; being successful in my profession, helping others in the long run, being able to pay all my bills with no help from my family, and to have time to travel to the places I have always dreamed of going.