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Work experience

May 2009Present


I provide summer childcare for working parents. My job responsibilites include providing breakfast and lunch. I also was responsible for the saftey of the children.

Jan 2012Present

Student Worker

Ashland University Graduate School

I work in the Ashland University Graduate School office. I work ten hours a week during the school year. All Human Subject Review Board applications for research come to the Graduate School. It was my responsibility to get the applications to the appropriate reviewers and keep track of the status of each application. Another one of my responsibilities is to write letters that go out to faculty and students to notify them of the status of their applications. I also write letters to faculty members that have requested grants for conferences from the university.  I must keep the conference grants and HSRB applications organized and filed correctly so they can be found again if a question arises.  It is also my job to update the office database on an Excel spreadsheet on a weekly basis. Other minor tasks that I do regularly  include answering the office phone, copying, running errands, and other miscellaneous overflow tasks. 


Dietetics Related Projects


I want to be a professional of dietetics because one of my goals in life is to help people in the community in which I live. I want to work closely with the patients I am helping and get to know each one on an individual level. I feel that dietetics gives me the opportunity to achieve this goal. I also want to be professional of dietetics because I enjoy the learning experience. Dietetics is an every changing field with new learning opportunities all the time. By learning new things it will keep me current and up to date.  Lastly, I want to be challenged in every way possible.  Dietetics offers a new challenge each time you go to work. The work is not routine and offers challenges that must be solved using the knowledge I have gained from my degree and hard work in the field. A dietetic professional helps make the community a healthier place. Dietetics allows you to work with so many different types of people. It is appealing to be able to work with people of all ages and races. I have always wanted to work with children but I am also open to working in geriatrics. Dietetics can give me the opportunity to work with either of these age groups. The profession of dietetics is diverse.

Many experiences have helped me prepare for this career. The first and most important is that I attended an accredited program at Ashland University. This education prepared well. Not only did it teach me the facts and nutrition material that is essential to know to be successful, but it taught me many other useful skills. Some such skills include practice speaking in front of a group, improving my resume, and providing opportunities to get experience in the field of dietetics. Another experience that has helped me prepare for a career in dietetics is being a part of the Ashland University Dietetic Association. We had monthly meetings that allowed us to speak to registered dieticians in the area surrounding the university and ask them for advice. Each registered dietician was a part of a different area of dietetics. This exposed me to different job opportunities and showed me how diverse the profession of dietetics can be. This association also provided us opportunities to get out in the community and help member of the community in dietetics related ways. One opportunity I took advantage of was volunteering at the Ashland Food Bank. This helped me prepare by being exposed to some of the foods that are inexpensive and are given to those who are in need. I was exposed to their organization and how they used it to be a successful food bank. Another experience I have that is being a nanny. Each day I would have to make a nutritious breakfast and lunch for the children. I also had to make sure it was appealing to them. If the children did not think it looked good they were not willing to eat it. This was especially helpful because I want to work with children and this is a challenge that many dieticians must face. These experiences have shaped me and made me more aware of my responsibilities and the possible challenges I may have to face working in the career of dietetics.

As a dietetics professional there are strengths that one should possess. One of my biggest strengths is being a compassionate person. I love talking to people and making them feel comfortable and confident in my skills. I like to get to know people on a personal level and not only a professional level. I want my patients to know I am there to support them.  Also, I always keep up to date on my homework and keep a list of tasks I need to complete in my weekly planner. This helps me to stay on top of things and always be organized. I have never turned in an assignment late. I am always on top of my work and do the hard work it takes to be a successful college student.  As a nanny over the summer it was crucial to be punctual to my job. If I was not on time it could cause extra stress on my bosses and create a poor relationship with them. My employers always told me they appreciated me arriving on time. Secondly, as a nanny it was important to be responsible. The care of someone else’s children is very important and must be taken very seriously. I had to make sure they were safe and happy at all times. Being allowed to be in charge of other’s children it shows that I am trustworthy and responsible. Each of these traits contributes to me being successful in the career of dietetics.  

As a student sometimes the class work can be stressful. I need to be more relaxed when it comes to handling stress and give myself plenty of time to accomplish the tasks necessary to be successful.  To do this I make sure I get plenty of sleep and use my time between classes wisely. Dietitians often have to give presentations to a group. Speaking in front of a group is very difficult for me. By practicing my speaking assignments in front of my friends before going to class I have improved my speaking skills and feel more comfortable in front of my peers.  Also, working hard on my speaking assignments and taking opportunities such as volunteering to speak instead of waiting to be called on my speaking skills have been improved.  Lastly, sometimes I have trouble being patient with people. This could be a challenge in dietetics because not all of my patients are going to be willing to change their eating habits. To improve this I have learned to remind myself that everyone is different which causes things to be done differently than I may do them. By improving on these areas I will learn to be a better dietician. 

Extracurricular Activities

Interests in Dietetics Field



Eating Disorders

Dietetic Experience

Fish Tasting:

As part of a research project at Ashland University our cafeteria served Barramundi fish. I participated by surveying students on the flavor of the fish. I also informed students of the benefits of eating fish and what it can do for them.

Apple Chips Fundraiser:

We had a fundraiser for the Ashland University Student Dietetics Association. To raise funds we made homemade apple chips to sell. I helped make the apple chips so they could be sold. 

Dietetics Mentoring Program:

I helped create the dietetics mentoring program spring 2013. Our objective is to help incoming dietetic majors get acclimated to campus. Our other objective is to get them involved in dietetic events and the student dietetic association. Along with contributing to the creation of this program I am also a mentor. Some of the responsibilities of a dietetics mentor include writing letters to each mentee at the beginning of the summer, contacting them through email at least twice over the summer, set up a time to meet them in the fall, invite them to campus activities with you, and encourage them to get involved in dietetics events.