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My personality is well suited to connect and build rapport with all sorts of people quickly while working diligently and having fun. I'm a strong believer in the work place being a positive and uplifting environment to not only enjoy work but to achieve the most I can with clients and colleagues. For these reasons I believe I would make a great asset and would love the opportunity to work for GS1

I am very familiar and confident with photography, shooting my first solo wedding 10 years ago. Through my photography business WonderFerris I have shot mostly weddings and portrait photography over the years but have also done commercial shoots for companies such Auckland City Hospital, Sky Television and quarterly work for Douglas Pharmaceuticals and have had experience with studio lighting through this commercial work. I have thoroughly enjoyed working in the photography field and believe I would thrive working alongside others in the GS1 company

I am generally quite flexible and am available 3-4 days a week and I would be available to work some weekends too when needed during the wedding off season. I am very punctual and know how to work within time demands. I have a good knowledge about camera equipment gained through my bachelor studies as well as through my hands on experience through my photography business. I love learning new skills and working with others and I would be eager to work alongside the Product Flow team and be a part of something bigger than myself. 

Thanks so much for your consideration. I would love to chat further about this role and see if I'd make a suitable candidate for this position.

Warm regards,

Adam Ferris