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My personality is well suited to connect and build rapport with all sorts of people quickly while working diligently and having fun. I'm a strong believer in the work place being a positive and uplifting environment to not only enjoy work but to achieve the most I can with clients and colleagues. For these reasons I believe I would make a great asset and would love the opportunity to work for White Studios

I am very familiar and confident with photography, shooting my first solo wedding 10 years ago. I have shot mostly weddings and portrait photography over the years but have also done commercial shoots for companies such Auckland City Hospital, Sky Television and quarterly work for Douglas Pharmaceuticals. I have thoroughly enjoyed working in different areas of the industry and I believe being a studio assistant would be a role that I would thrive in. 

I am flexible and available most weekdays except Mondays (until July) and I would be available to work some weekends when needed during the wedding off season. I am very punctual and know how to work within time demands. I have a good knowledge about camera equipment gained through my bachelor studies as well as through my hands on experience through my photography business WonderFerris. I love learning about new equipment and technologies available and would be eager and quick to learn about products available for hire and use at White Studios.