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Work experience

Aug 2012Present

Freelance projects

Trimble SketchUp object database creation, image editing, 3D modelling, developing specialized image editing software (for Cadalog, Inc., USA).

Feb 2006Aug 2012

Research Assistant

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Osijek

Involved in several projects including EU Tempus project "KISEK - Collaborative Internationalization of Software Engineering in Croatia" and two projects funded by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia, "Postupci raspoređivanja u samoodrživim raspodijeljenim računalnim sustavima" and "Distribuirano računalno upravljanje u transportu i industrijskim pogonima". Published and presented several articles on various international conferences, also published articles in significant scientific journals. Participated in teaching activities on several courses.



Computer architectures
While working at the University I had the opportunity to work on projects involving different technologies and computer architectures, including the following: DSP microcontrollers FPGA Grid computing
Over 7 years of experience teaching in higher education. In 2010. was among top 5 lecturers on the Faculty of Electrical Engineering by student ratings. Courses included: Real-time systems Computer architecture Programming Engineering graphics and documenting
C++ programming, Matlab
Extensive use of C++ and Matlab for creation of educational software and software for scientific research. Also used C++ for many private and hobby projects.
Created a webshop for a denim store. Was a web administrator for the Department of Automation and Process Computing on Faculty of Electrical Engineering website. Also worked on several more websites.



  • Pattern recognition and machine learning
  • Home automation
  • Learning languages (Korean, Spanish)
  • Travel
  • Cooking and trying different foods
  • Sports (tennis, cycling)

Recent Publications

  1. G. Martinović, M. Karić, I. Crnković, Simulation and Evaluation of Multiple Sporadic Servers Rescheduling, on review in International Journal of Simulation Modelling
  2. Miran Karić, Zdravko Krpić, Goran Martinović , Optical Character Recognition on Grid and Multi-core Systems – Performance Analysis, Technical Gazette, 2013.
  3. M. Karić, G. Martinović, Improving Offline Handwritten Digit Recognition Using Concavity-Based Features, International Journal of Computers, Communications & Control (IJCCC), 8(2):220-234, April, 2013.
  4. M. Karić, G. Martinović, Ž. Hocenski, Automated Form Processing System Based on Sobel Operator, Proceedings of MIPRO 2011., Opatija, Croatia, 23-27 May 2011., pp. 281-284
  5. M. Karić, G. Martinović, Ž. Hocenski, Implementation and Simulation Results of Multiple Total Bandwidth Server Mechanism, Proceedings of 8th IEEE International Symposium on Intelligent Systems and Informatics, Subotica, Serbia, 10-11 Sep. 2010., pp. 423-427
  6. M. Karić, G. Martinović, D. Filko, Software Tool for Simulation of Aperiodic Server Scheduling, Proceedings of 26th International Conference Science in Practice, Osijek, Croatia, 5-7 May 2008., pp. 129-132
  7. G. Martinović, D. Filko, M. Karić, Analysis of Autonomic Computing Concepts in Computational Grid Based on the ACLM Model, Advances on Software Engineering, Parallel and Distributed Systems, Cambridge, UK, 20-22 Feb. 2008., pp. 61-67
  8. G. Martinović, M. Karić, D. Žagar, Simulation results on multiple sporadic server mechanism, Proceedings of the ITI 2007 29th int. conf. on information technology interfaces, Cavtat, Croatia, 25-28 June 2007., pp. 627-632
  9. M. Karić, Organizacija održavanja složenih tehničkih sustava, Zbornik radova sa znanstveno-stručnog skupa Organizacija i tehnologija održavanja, OTO 2007, Požega, Hrvatska, 13.04.2007, str. 27-41

Technical skills and competencies

  • Microsoft Visual Studio IDE
  • Programming languages: C++, Java, Basic, Python
  • Matlab
  • 3D Studio, Lightwave 3D, Google SketchUp
  • Autodesk AutoCAD, Corel Draw
  • Developing software and hardware for microcontroller based systems - AVR Studio
  • DSP software development - Code Composer Studio IDE
  • FPGA programming - Xilinx ISE
  • Web development (HTML, Java Script, PHP, MySQL)
  • Microsoft Office tools

Additional education and experience

  • Participation in several city, county and state computer science competitions in junior and high school, several prizes won. Also participated in international ACSL (American Computer Science League) competition in USA, 1998.
  • Technical and graphical editor of several books published by Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Faculty of Economics, University of Osijek
  • Workshop "Parallel programming and cluster computing" on Mipro conference, Opatija, Croatia, 2006.
  • TELC intermediate English language course, Osijek, Croatia; Pecs, Hungary, 2007.
  • E-learning tutoring course, CARNet (Croatian academic and research network), Zagreb, Croatia, October 2008.- June 2009.
  • Research cooperation visit to Malardalen University, Sweden as part of the Tempus KISEK project, August 2009.