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PHP/MySQL and Drupal professional with excellent exposure to large number of open-source CMSs and numerous PHP frameworks including CodeIgniter and Symfony2.

Work experience


Lee & Nee Software Exports Ltd

Lead a team of Programmers and Web Designers on projects to design e-commerce enabled websites and corporate portals. Talk to US-based clients and understand their requirements for backend implementations and quote the right price. Determine server and implementation requirements and brief team accordingly. Asses cost factors and take implementation decisions and stay with the team throughout development process and supervise them. As consultant, responsible for sourcing of all hardware and software in the office and for use on the corporate network. Also trained the development team on upcoming technologies and processes.

Aug 2010Present

Senior Software Engineer


Prime for three major enterprise projects. Actively working and developing CGI Search and integration of Google Mini appliance into the enterprise portals. The project also involves use of CodeIgniter and Kohana. Also working on the internal social networking platform built on Social Engine. Maintaining and developing the MediaWiki based enterprise wiki as well. Developing the enterprise monitoring platform using Nagios, Merlin, Ninja for high availability reporting which is slated to replace the Munin infrastructure. Also the prime for the enterprise analytics tool running on Urchin 6. Working on drupal project as well.

Mar 2010Aug 2010

Senior Developer

Thoughtnet Technologies

Working extensively on Drupal, PHP and Jquery to improve the current institution and LMS system. Providing a social media and social networking layer to the existing apps. Also migrating production servers to latest available Debian based branch, integrating with Varnish and Memcache, and revamping the search capabilities with Apache Solr indexing. Integrating all code into Bazaar Branhces and building the local Bazaar server with Loggerhead and Redmine integration. Responsible for optimizing and building of current production environment running on Amazon EC2. Actively working on two major projects using the same framework:1.    www.mentorsconnect.in2.

Jun 2007Feb 2010

Data Automation Analyst

Hewlett Packard

Developing and maintaining new applications with the major intention of automating all data flow within the organization and providing an integrated reporting framework for the same. Achievements include building the International Hardware Dispatch Intelligence tool which enabled all warranty hardware dispatches to be tracked across the enterprise – custom coded in PHP and Jquery with MySQL as backend db. Also developed the HP CSC Interview Tool which became the de-facto standard for evaluation of all new hires – coded in PHP with LDAP integration. Also maintained all legacy ASP and apps. Also migrating old CRUD apps to Drupal.

Jun 2006Apr 2007

Technical Support Associate


Talking to US consumers and troubleshooting software and hardware problems with Dell Desktops. Worked under a “support everything” policy so supported even 3rd party products and accessories. Was awarded the Best Resolutions award from Dell for efforts. Mentored team on tough unresolved issue and latest tech.


Mar 2003Mar 2006

Bachelor of Arts

Calcutta University