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Work experience

Sep 2008Present

Sandwich Artist


·Prepare and serve food items to customers

·Bake breads and cookies

·Wash dishes

·Complete physical inventory of select items

·Delegate tasks

·Close store according to proper procedures

May 2008Aug 2008

Dietary Associate

Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center

·Assist in preparing/delivering meal trays to approximately 300 patients

·Complete necessary food service tasks

·Wash all trays, dishes

·Frequent patient interaction

·Liquid tube feeding distribution

Aug 2004Dec 2007

Shift Leader

The Meadows Original Frozen Custard

·Use equipment to prepare ice cream, ice cream products, cakes, and other food items

·Assist in all aspects of the business (clean up, customer service, inventory)

·Purchase necessary food items as needed

·Open and close store according to proper procedures

·Train new employees

·Delegate tasks 


Volunteer Activities



Leadership and Team Development

Scope of Dietetic Practice

Effective Communication


The purpose of this portfolio is to illustrate my potential for graduate study in Sports Nutrition in order to pursue certification as a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics.

Statement of Originality

I affirm that the following contents in this portfolio are the sole property of Jonathan Yuhas, Dietetics Student, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. No copies shall be made of any of its contents without  permission. All of the work and samples are original and will be kept confidential by the person or company to which it is given to.

Skill: Leadership and Team Development

Crimson Criterium Race Series

  • Goal: To hold a cycling race series on the IUP campus. 
  • Responsibilities: 
    • Delegate necessary tasks to teammates and other club members
    • Formulate a budget
    • Map out potential race routes
    • Network with other university organizations
    • Communicate with professional organizations in order to obtain proper licensure, permitting, and insurance
    • Develop promotional material
  • Relation to skill: Planning and execution of this race series allowed me to learn new techniques in leadership and grow in my confidence to use them.

Climb Up So Kids Can Grow Up Charity Ride

  • Goal: To raise money for the American Foundation for Children with Aids.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Delegate responsibilities to members of IUP Cycling Club
    • Research multiple routes and variations of the routes according to cyclist experience levels
    • Communicate with charity organization for promotion of event
    • Ask area businesses for donations
    • Develop promotional material
  • Relation to skill: This charity ride was an idea that I was presented which I planned out myself. I needed to utilize the resources within the IUP Cycling Club and my leadership skills allowed me to effectively plan and execute this event.

IUP Cycling Sponsorship Packet

  • Goal: To obtain sponsorship from businesses for necessary club expenditures.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Delegate responsibilities to members of IUP Cycling Club
    • Research other university organizations' methods for obtaining sponsorship
    • Develop document to deliver to businesses in Western Pennsylvania
    • Communicate with businesses using document
  • Relation to skill: Development of this packet took the knowledge and work of multiple members of the IUP Cycling Club. Also, a few club members went each time to each business to ask for sponsorship and played on each others' strengths when speaking with business professionals.

Skill: Education within Scope of Dietetic Practice

Dietary Associate, Conemaugh Memorial Hospital

  • Goal: To provide quality foodservice to patients and customers
  • Responsibilities:
    • Assist in preparing/delivering meal trays to approximately 300 patients
    • Complete necessary food service task
    • Wash all trays, dishes
    • Frequent patient interaction
    • Liquid tube feeding distribution
  • Relation to skill: This job gave me a basic understanding of how Medical Nutrition Therapy is applied in the clinical setting and how patients respond to it, both positively and negatively.

Aramark Practicum, IUP Campus

  • Goal: To learn how food service facilities on a college campus function.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Work several hours at numerous food stations including Starbucks, Quiznos, a Chinese food station, and a pizza station.
    • Prepare foods in bulk quantities
    • Developed menus under the supervision of a Registered Dietitian
    • Work with other food service employees
    • Learn where food items and other products are located in large facilities
    • Conducted inventory
    • Conducted a safety audit for one of the facilities
    • Promoted "National Nutrition Month" with a table display
    • Conducted a survey in order to make the facility more "green," or sustainable
    • Worked with food service management to order food products
    • Developed and performed safety lessons for the employees
    • Develop and execute a themed meal 
  • Relation to skill: The environment of the food service facilities gave a hands-on experience in which I learned how a food service facilities operated on a college campus.

Endurance Sports Nutrition Presentation

  • Goal: To teach the athletes present about the importance of Endurance Sports Nutrition using the topics of: 
  1. Food for life
  2. Food for performance
  3. Hydration for performance
  • Responsibilities:
    • Develop lesson plan for presentation with help of professors and peers
    • Promote presentation via campus email and local businesses
    • Communicate with cross country coach, community running club
    • Reserve a room on the IUP campus for presentation
    • Record presentation for review
    • Present powerpoint
  • Relation to skill: Teaching is an essential part of dietetic practice. This presentation allowed me to understand what all goes into a formal presentation and how to effectively gain and maintain an audience's attention.

Skill: Effective Communication

IUP Race Mapping

  • Goal: To develop a document that accurately depicts the route of the Crimson Criterium race.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Research possible race routes
    • Develop a precise route that is safe and maintainable on race day
    • Assist in map development with IUP Cycling Club members
    • Promote map along with race flyer
    • Use map in communication with USA Cycling and other professional bodies
  • Relation to skill: This document allows the precise route of the race to be communicated to those interested without them actually having to be on location. 

IUP Health Fair Poster: "Attack the BACteria"

  • Goal: To develop a poster that provides information on food-borne illness for a health fair.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Plan and organize materials
    • Communicate with professors for further materials
    • Develop poster board that will engage the prospective audience's attention
    • Explain concepts related to food borne illness to the college population
  • Relation to skill: This poster was an effective means of communicating some of the basic facts of food-borne illness. Also, by being present with the poster, it was possible to provide the visitors of the health fair with additional explanation as needed.

Research Project: "Replacement of Peanut Butter and Its Effects on Peanut Butter Cookies"

  • Goal: To research the effects that replacement of peanut butter with soynut butter or almond butter would have on the cookies' characteristics.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Research food allergies 
    • Develop a research protocol for the preparation and testing of almond butter, soynut butter, and peanut butter cookies
    • Develop a scoring protocol for the objective and sensory characteristics of the cookies
    • Statistically analyze the data to look for significance in the scores
    • Communicate the entire project in paper form
  • Relation to skill: The picture seen below depicts one of the weekly replications of the cookies. It communicates the appearance of the cookies in a way better expressed than using words. The project as a whole communicated that a substitution of nut butter in the cookies did not significantly impact their appeal based on several objective and sensory tests.


American Dietetic Association

  • Student member
  • Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition dietetic practice group member

USA Cycling

  • member, athlete, referee

Work Philosophy

  • I believe that goal setting is an essential part of the work environment. If you take the time to set a goal, you also develop the necessary drive to accomplish that goal.
  • The combined knowledge and skill set of a team allows its members to focus on their individual strengths, leading to the best possible result.

Brief Bio

Jonathan Yuhas is a senior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). Having transferred from the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt), he is currently working toward a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition following a Dietetics track. He is expected to graduate with honors in December 2010. He is a hard-working student who has maintained a 3.57 GPA. He has earned Dean's List recognition at Pitt each of his three semesters and four of five semesters at IUP. Jonathan is a McNair Scholar, recipient of the Slovene National Benefit Society Scholarship, and was awarded the Chacivity Award by IUP for his efforts to promote cycling at IUP.

Jonathan is a member of the American Dietetic Association (ADA), being a member of the Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition dietetic practice group; a member of the Pennsylvania Dietetic Association; a formerly active member of Student Dietetic Association's at both Pitt and IUP; a member, athlete, and referee of USA Cycling; and is a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, University of Pittsburgh Chapter. Jonathan is currently employed at Subway, where he has worked part-time for 2 years while taking a full-credit load and maintaining his extracurricular involvements. Jonathan also has worked as a dietary aide at a hospital facility. Jonathan was responsible for delivering a high volume of meals to patients with varied diet orders and/or restrictions. He is confident that his experience working in the foodservice and clinical environments, along with his research and academic work, will be helpful for his future in the field of nutrition.

Jonathan is currently applying for admission to graduate schools to obtain a Master's degree in Sports Nutrition in order to pursue certification as a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics. 

Professional Goals

Two Years: To enroll in a graduate program concentrating in Sports Nutrition in order to obtain professional qualification as a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics.     -I am very passionate about the science of nutrition in regards to its application to athletics. I believe that proper nutrition can enhance the overall physical and mental capabilities of an athlete. My involvement in various sports has served to further strengthen my belief in the functionality of proper nutrition. Using the knowledge that I will gain by enrolling in a graduate program in Sports Nutrition, I will prove to athletes that nutrition plays a major role in their athletic potential.

5 Years: Gain work experience in the field of sports nutrition. Using the experience I have gained in doing so, I will enroll in a Ph.D. program combining Exercise Physiology and Nutrition skills and knowledge.

    -I strongly desire to gain field experience in sports nutrition so that I have the necessary expertise to identify a topic on which I can do a dissertation for a Ph.D. Also, once I have the field experience and a well-developed professional network, I will be able to identify a Ph.D. program which best matches my academic interests.