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Dear Rear,

My name is Michael Munton and I am a senior in high school. I am eighteen years old and am the oldest of four kids in my family. I have a deep passion for connecting with people and collaborating to make something beautiful. My two significant interests are creating -whether that is painting, sculpting, building, writing or thinking- and business. I have always felt that these two went hand-in-hand delightfully. As an artist I understand what it takes to make a finished product impactful and I use this gift in every opportunity I am given. More specifically, I know how to create a product that gives a unique feeling.

In this portfolio you will find my resume containing information on my achievements and qualifications as well as personal information, my cover letter, and a letter of recommendation from one of my mentors. In my portfolio you will also find some of my writing samples and pieces of work that I have completed as Public Relations Officer. Thank you for visiting, and I hope you find what your company needs in this page.


Michael Munton

Work Samples

Writing Samples