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Core Competencies

  • Innovative, self-motivated, adaptable and open-minded.
  • Ability to follow-through and prioritize multiple tasks under pressures of deadlines and budget.
  • Ability to work independently as well as a collaborative team member in diverse populations.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Fully capable of following oral and written instructions.
  • Interest in adopting and understanding new technologies quickly.
  • High regard for effective communication.


Thank you for visiting my Visual CV.  Look around and you'll find that I am a professional communicator, innovator and organizer with a diverse background in marketing, relationship building, customer service and project management.  Being highly adaptive and quick to learn, I can keep pace in any landscape.  Beyond that, my design and web skills can add pizzazz and professionalism to any marketing or communication campaign.

In The Spotlight

Graphic Design

Work experience

Feb 2014Present

Marketing Manager


Lead generation,  inbound marketing, outbound marketing, and social media management for  B2B Web, Audio, Video Conferencing and Event Planning Firm.

In The Day-To-Day

  • Manage Sales/Marketing Integration;
  • Create Content (blogs, e-books, landing pages, success stories, webinars/webcasts, downloads, e-mails, whitepapers);
  • Manage Social Media;
  • Manage Ad Buys;
  • Edit and Manage Website;
  • Create/Follow Marketing Process;
  • Inbound Marketing;
  • Outbound Marketing;
  • Manage Databases;
  • SaleForce Administration;
  • HubSpot Administration;
  • Create and Oversee Promotional Events;
  • And Other Duties As Assigned.
Sep 2011Nov 2013

Freelance Marketing and Graphic Design

BareBones WorkWear

Professional Development

I secured a freelance position at BareBones Workwear to gain retail marketing experience. BareBones WorkWear is a locally owned work wear retail establishment with five stores and a growing web presence. Through this position I am able to learn and implement retail marketing techniques I wouldn't have through media marketing alone. Such techniques include SEO, digital ad buys, display methods, point of sale standard, retail marketing strategies,ROE and database building without the power of mass media.

In The Day-To-Day

  • Create weekly graphic promotional e-mails;
  • Create promotional graphics for promotional campaigns;
  • Manage Facebook Page;
  • Create and manage social campaigns;
  • Manage Google Ads;
  • Manage store listings across digital touch points;
  • Create case studies for vendors;
  • Create store signs, snips and templates;
  • Design merchandise labels and packaging;
  • And create one-sheets for outside sales team.
Mar 2012Nov 2013

Digital Marketing Specialist

Entercom Communications

In addition to my duties as Promotional Director for KKDO, I was also the Digital Marketing Specialist for six of the leading Sacramento radio stations.  In the e-mail announcement to our company, the Program Director of KRXQ and KDDO, Jim Fox wrote, “In the time Melissa’s been with Entercom, she’s demonstrated resourcefulness and her ability to market to consumers digitally.”  In this capacity, I operated as an asset to our local marketing and sales teams.

In The Day-To-Day

  • Act as lesion between corporate and our local marketing and sales teams;
  • Deliver dynamic and effective digital ideas and content;
  • Advance innovative digital campaigns and brand principles that drive web traffic, social metrics and database growth;
  • Track Social Networking efforts across six brands;
  • Ensure flawless execution across digital touch points;
  • Engage internal resources, third-party assets and personnel to support marketing efforts;
  • Advance digital marketing knowledge via regular team meetings;
  • Oversee sales campaign to ensure compliance with contest rules and company policy;
  • Explore new brand-building opportunities;
  • Act as digital asset expert for local marketing team;
  • And assist clients with Social Network analysis.
Mar 2011Nov 2013

Promotion Director, KKDO & KBZC

Entercom Communications

Professional Development

Becoming the Promotion Director of a new radio station was a wonderful experience.  Not only was I able to assist with the creation and development of a new brand, I also had the opportunity to see our brand go from being to one of the top radio stations in Sacramento. As Alicia Pecorino, co-worker and long time radio profession wrote, "Melissa is educated, hard-working AND has people skills which I find to be a rare and wonderful gift.  She's definitely a triple threat and deserves every opportunity to prove that."  See Letter of Recommendation Three.

My first big accomplishment here was creating a social media marketing campaign that doubled our on-line following and increased our listenership.  Time after time, my innovative thinking and project execution put my talent in the spotlight.   For example,  my ideas were featured in a blog post by one of our industry's top consultants. See Great Social Media Ideas.  I also created an innovative campaign that not only markets our brand, but deepens our connection with our customers, provides an interactive sponsorship for our clients and supplies us with valuable market research to improve our brand.  It also increased engagement on our social media platforms and traffic to our website. This idea was highlighted in an industry on-line magazine and picked up by several radio stations around the country.  See Innovative Marketing Ideas.

In addition to managing promotions at RADIO 94.7 and being a Digital Marketing SEM at Entercom, I was put in charge of promotions for KBZC, Star 106.5 in June of 2013. This is an amazing opportunity that allowed me to help build another new brand in Sacramento under the direction of yet another amazing Program Director! This experience has really widened my marketing breadth, introducing me to another target demo with different needs, wants and lifestyles. I also had more opportunities to meet with clients, explain the various tools and promotions and find ways we to make our resources work for their marketing objectives. With more responsibilities, I was compelled to improved my organization and time management skills by creating an organization system that helps me give my team the tools they needed.

In The Day-To-Day

  • Create and execute marketing and promotional campaigns for our station and our clients;
  • Conduct and analyze market research;
  • Website maintenance;
  • Manage other digital assets;
  • Graphic design for web and print;
  • Organize the promotional campaign calendar;
  • Act as a liaison between the radio station and its listeners;
  • Plan events;
  • Produce videos;
  • Create on-line content;
  • Write proposals;
  • Act as a liaison between the programming and sales departments;
  • Oversee the promotions staff and interns;
  • Manage talent;
  • Maintain working relationships with clients, record labels and promoters;
  • Oversee contesting and prize fulfillment;
  • Maintain files;
  • Regulatory compliance;
  • And do any project that comes my way.

Promotion and Marketing Assistant, KDND, KBZC, KKDO

Entercom Communications

Professional Development

A wonderful introduction to the world of media marketing!  In the beginning, I worked as a brand ambassador, promoting various radio stations and our clients 'on the streets'.  After a short time, I advanced and adapted the position to meet changes in the industry.

In The Day-To-Day

  • Assist in the development and execution of marketing campaigns and promotional requests for various clients;
  • Website maintenance;
  • Digital assets maintenance;
  • Social media presence for various brands;
  • Assist with event planning;
  • On-line contesting;
  • Graphic design;
  • General office duties;
  • Prize fulfillment;
  • And on-site promotions.

Administrative Assistant

California Association of Private Postsecondary Schools (CAPPS)

Professional Development

This was my first job out of college. Here I was able to put the theories and lessons I learned in college into practice in real world situations. This position taught me how to work and perform in a professional environment.  It was also a great introduction into the  world of non-profit associations.

In the Day-To-Day

  • Managed member database;
  • Author, compile and send direct mail and newsletters;
  • Wrote letters to legislators and press releases;
  • Accounts payable;
  • Accounts receivable;
  • Reception;
  • General clerical duties;
  • Website maintenance;
  • Scheduling;
  • Assist with the planning of an annual conference.

KSSU Program Manager

ASI, Inc

Professional Development

Working for ASI, Inc. as the college radio station manager was a wonderful leadership opportunity.  The Executive Director of ASI, Patricia Worley, wrote, "Melissa's friendly and easygoing nature can belie her determination and commitment to excellence as she strives to give her best to each leadership role she purses." See Letter Of Recommendation One.  I took on large projects and changed the program from a glorified social club to a meaningful student program with actual learning opportunities.  Notably, I built our website, started an on-line stream so students' shows could be heard off campus, started an underwriting (sales) department to fund the creation of six paid student positions, started a station magazine, brought in professions to mentor students and ensured nearly every professional interest could be developed with this student program.  Business majors could gain experience in sales and marketing, Communication majors could improve public speaking, Computer Science majors had a place to hone their web design skills, Journalism and English majors found a public outlet for their prose, and the list could go on.  Most importantly, I ensured the program provided a fun and interesting way to be involved with the university, which helps with student retention.

In The Day-To-Day

  • Oversee the daily activities of the student run radio station;
  • Recruiting, supervising, managing and training 50 volunteers and 7 paid employees;
  • Developed and ensured the implementation of station programs, policies and procedures by regularly evaluating the needs of the station, staff volunteers, students and listeners;
  • Act as a liaison between students, ASI, Inc and university administration; 
  • Planning weekly meetings and presentations;
  • Find learning opportunities for students;
  • Maintain studio equipment;
  • Write and update procedure manuals;
  • Write and update job descriptions;
  • Read, understand, summarize and explain complicated technical and legislative regulations to supervisors and staff;
  • Marketing;
  • Promotions;
  • Sales;
  • Website maintenance;
  • Audio production;
  • And budget management.

Project Management

Career Profile



BA Communication Studies

California State University, Sacramento

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