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Work experience

Jan 1996Oct 2010

Engineer 5


Researched the design and development of Variable Area Meters, precision valves, Lime Slaking Systems and other equipment. Support manufacturing in introduction of new processes.Set specifications and quality standards.Managed calibration department and equipment traceability to National Institute of Standards and Technology, set up calibration standards and procedures, support marketing, sales and customer service.

Greatest Accomplishments:

·Developed universal transmitter for magnetically coupled meters. Annual savings $200,000.

·Redesigned Metal Tube Rotameter series to employ a new manufacturing process. Improved meter performance and reduced cost by 40%. Annual savings $150,000+.

·Designed and implemented an Electronic Alarm for Mechanical Flow Indicators. To increase product market share and expand product application.

·Led a cost reduction project for the screw feeder product line. Annual savings in excess of $180,000.

·Developed customized Sales/Marketing Software based on Visual Basic 6 platform for Order Entry and Selection of Flow Meters. Substantial increase in product sales.

·Designed new Armored Flow Meter for semiconductor and chemical plants applications. Rated to 1500 psi pressure and 400 F.


Jul 1980Apr 1986


Mechanical Engineer