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Passionate, versatile, technical professional with proven success in domestic, international and multi-plant environments. Adept at identifying, producing and managing growth; new product development and launch, manufacturing and quality systems.Problem solver, innovator and strategist with solid business development, engineering, quality and management skills.  Expert in electrical and mechanical devices and motion systems. 

Professional History

•  CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE / $30 billion automotive equipment company

      Product Management / 2011- current

•  CASE NEW HOLLAND / $18.5 billion agricultural and construction equipment company      Global Product Development / 2008-2009•  BUEHLER MOTOR INC. / $250 million German motor and actuator company.      Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing /2004-2008•  JOHNSON ELECTRIC GROUP / $2 billion Chinese electric motor company.      Application Engineering, Business Development, Quality / 1994-2004•  EATON TECHNOLOGIES INC / $120 million motor, hydraulic and engine starter company.      Product Development, Manufacturing / 1992-1994•  UNITED TECHNOLOGIES AUTOMOTIVE / $150 million div of United Technologies Corp.      R&D, Project  Engineering / 1978-1992

Education and Development

ClemsonUniversity, Clemson, SC - B.S., Electrical Engineering (ME Minor),

HartfordGraduateCenter, Hartford, CT - UTC MBA Program

Solution Strategies, Raleigh, NC - Business Opportunity Analysis,

CNH-Kobelco, Calhoun, GA - Kobelco excavator service training,

AMA – Various management courses

Motion Control – Numerous motor and control related courses


Motors, Gear Motors, Starter Motors, Recoil Starters, Actuators, Fans, Blowers, Pumps, Hydraulic Systems, Electronic Controls


Electro-Mechanical Devices  /  Product Design & Development  /  Motion Systems

Product Lifecycle Management  /  Planning and Strategy  /  Revenue & Profit Growth  

Business Development / Sales & Marketing / Market Research / Relationship Development  

Metal & Plastic Fabrication  /  Low & High Volume Manufacturing /  Off Shore Manufacturing

Motor Winding & Assembly  /   Continuous Improvement  /  Quality & Supplier Development  


Rotor winding – Automated and manual, single and double wire, hair pin, single and dual flyer, paper/film and plastic slot liners, tang and stuffed slot commutator, AC & DC fusing, turning, balancing, testing (coil, weld, surge, hipot) 

Field winding – Automated and manual, bobbin, needle, shed, multiple taps, solder, crimped, Mag-Mate and welded connections.

Assembly – Manual, semi & fully automated (dedicated and palletized), robotics, JIT, flexible, focused, lean

Fastening – Threaded, riveted, crimped, press fit, interlocking, welded, soldered, ultrasonic, gluing, sealing and magnetic pulse

Testing – Torque, speed, current, time, force, temperature, pressure, flow, noise, vibration

Stamping – Steel and aluminum, punched, deep drawn, progressive, multi-slide, quick change, high speed and high pressure presses up to 800 tons

Hot metal – Iron, aluminum, zinc, magnesium, die cast (hot & cold chamber), sand cast, forged 

Molding – Thermoplastic and thermoset, injection, compression, casting, potting

Machining - Steel, aluminum, brass, turned, milled, cut, shaved, broached, ground, burnished, swaged, rolled, threaded, CNC & manual

Finishing - Painting, plating, conversion coatings, induction and through hardening, peening


Motors – PMDC, BLDC, SR, stepper, universal, induction, 3mm to 120mm, 1.5 to 240V, AC & DC

Electronics – Analog, digital; ASIC, std cell, microprocessor, IC, power MOSFET, SCR; hybrid, SMC

Sensors – Contacting, non-contacting, relative and absolute, linear & angular position, speed, force

Gearing – Spur, worm, helical, planetary; plastic, steel, brass PM, molded, hobbed, shaved

Actuators – Linear, rotary, limited angle, gears, belts, cams, linkages

Hydraulic – G-rotor, turbine, vane, piston, peristaltic pumps; cylinders, valves, plumbing

Fluids – Oil, water, diesel, gasoline, alcohol, Freon

Air – Centrifugal, axial, piston, diaphragm, regenerative

Materials – Thermoplastics, thermosets, ceramics, steel, aluminum, brass, magnesium

Rapid Prototyping - SLA, SLS, CNC, casting & potting, short run tools, sand casting


Fuel systems – Electronic throttle, fuel pumps - gasoline, alcohol, diesel 

Emissions – EGR, emissions air pump

Powertrain – Transmission and transfer case actuator

Brakes – ABS pump, hydraulic booster pump, vacuum booster pump, parking

Air – Radiator fan, HVAC blower, HVAC actuator, intake air actuator, exhaust air actuator

Interior – Window, door lock, mirrors, seats

Floor Care – Vacuum cleaner motor blower, brush roll, sweeper, polisher

Kitchen – Food processor, blender, mixer

Outdoor – Mower, trimmer, clipper, snow blower, engine starter, trolling motor, tilt-trim

Office – Printer, label maker, copier,

Medical – pumps, glucose tester, lab instruments

Earth Moving – Excavators, bulldozers, tractors.


+ Valox housed motor

In-winder connected motor+ Use of mag-mate terminalsSmart power MOSFETPMDC food processor motor+ NA OEM electronic throttle

+ Electronic 4X4  shiffter motor+ Electric snowblower motor

+ Electric string mower

Selected Accomplishments

Management & Planning

  • Reduced cost by reorganizing engineering, standardizing products, transferring major product design responsibility to Germany and moving manufacturing engineering from NC to Mexico.
  • Managed 30 manufacturing and design engineers with multi-million dollar budget that resulted in 100% return on assets and 25% increase in sales.
  • Created and led marketing and technical strategies for North America across multiple product lines, markets and manufacturing locations and integrated with global business strategy.
  • Directed technical planning and joint venture prospect evaluation and worked closely with senior management on research and on-site technical evaluation of potential M&A candidates.
  • Managed research, design and development of DC motors for European, Japanese, and North American customers.
  • Product line P&L, Business and account financials, Multi-million dollar departmental and capital budgets.
  • Engineered business alliances, directed technical planning, and coordinated European, Asian and North American technical programs, intellectual property, product liability, merger and acquisition technical evaluation.

 Sales & Marketing

  • Increased sales 110% in three years and secured additional $20 million in new business for 2010 and helped returned business to profitability.
  • Researched, selected, set up and trained the first national sales partner network in company history resulting in increase market visibility and revenue.
  • Discovered and developed new business opportunities outside the existing product range and markets including capturing and growing the automotive throttle motor and fuel pump armature business that resulted in a $30 million increase in revenue.
  • Implemented new business screening process that significantly improved strategic positioning, capture rate and profitability.
  • Improved customer satisfaction 110% by creating a satisfaction measurement system (based on delivery, quality, price, support, and product technology), tracking issues and correcting problems.
  • Set pricing, negotiated annual, long term and bundle contracts.

 Design & Development

  • Successfully designed complete miniaturized motion system for hand held, self-contained blood glucose tester for major drug company.
  • Successfully developed first electronic throttle motor for a NA automotive OEM and provided failure free production for the life of the product.
  • Developed brushed, brushless and SR motors; ASIC, smart power MOSFET (industry first) and microprocessor motor controls; axial flow fans.
  • Managed the design and development of ABS, emissions blower, and transmission actuator motors. Coordinated fan product design and development between Italy and Detroit.
  • Developed 76mm PMDC motor for Hamilton Beach food processor, three-inch PMDC motor for Toro lawnmower, 76mm PMDC motor for Toro electric snow blower and 50mm PMDC starter motor for Toro snow blower.
  • Launched 64mm worm drive PMDC motor with integral position sensor for first electric shift four by four transfer case application.
  • Created new line of universal motors for motorized vacuum cleaner floor tool, including the first use of GE Valox in a motor housing and stator insulation system, one of the first automated uses of AMP MagMate motor winding termination and ultrasonic welding of plastic housing to end cap.
  • Designed new lamination sets and winding criteria for two new motor lines using hand and graphical electromagnetic design techniques and modified motor design computer software.

 Manufacturing & Quality

  • Managed manufacturing and design engineers for six-plant North American manufacturing operation including metal stamping, forming, machining, motor winding, magnetizing, painting and assembly that resulted in 100% return on assets and 25% increase in sales.
  • Evaluated supplier capabilities, including design, manufacturing, quality, ability to support future technology plan and commitment to cost reduction.
  • Coordinated selection and purchase of fully automated motor manufacturing line and start-up of a new facility that reduced manufacturing cost 50% and increased flexibility.
  • Served as the interface between China and customer on quality issues, failure analysis, problem solving, statistical analysis, supplier development.
  • Established and directed quality assurance department for start-up operation that improved outgoing quality 150%.
  • Successfully tooled, installed and launched two new production lines (ERG valve and transfer case actuator motors) in Mexico, including robotic assembly, in first nine months with company.
  • Successfully moved office printer drive assembly manufacturing from Huizhou to Zhuhai (Macau), China.
  • Improved manufacturing and quality operations, including installation of clean room facilities, in Shajing, China to provide critical operation and control products for automotive applications.


  • Reduced warranty cost and improved reaction time by monitoring field incidents, tracking trends, analyzing failures and selecting incidents for review and action.
  • Provided electro-magnetic training and design support for throttle, fuel pump, ABS and other motor development.
  • Relocated to Hong Kong to train and harmonize engineering.Trained Chinese engineers in problem solving techniques, FMEA, AIAG and APQP processes.
  • Trained Mexican product engineers in CAD, problem solving, six sigma, 5Y, AIAG, APQP, FMEAs, and helped obtained TS16949 and ISO9001 certification.
  • Directed technical planning and joint venture prospect evaluation and worked closely with senior management on research and on-site technical evaluation of potential M&A candidates.
  • Wrote, published and presented professional papers, white papers, magazine and internal publication articles for education and PR. Official representative to MIT/Industry Consortium, SAE, IEEE, SMMA.
  • Created and implemented new product launch procedures supporting the global excavator and dozer dealer network to insure availability of manuals, training, service parts and tools at product launch.

 Project Management

  • Managed numerous complete product programs – market research, candidate selection, specs, differentiation, business-case, roadmap, suppliers, regulations, development, launch, pricing and margins, go-to-market strategy, promotion, distribution, maintenance, quality support, improvement, cost reduction and exit.
  • Created and managed time and resource schedules from simple short timing anddedicated resources to multiple, overlapping work assignments, variable resources and multi-year schedules.
  • Managed joint ventures, technology transfers, TS16949, ISO9000 programs.
  • Experienced with Microsoft Project and Lotus Genius and other project management software.


“Michael was my engineering manager at United Technology Motor Division. He headed up a new group to develop Brushless motor and drives for automotive applications. This was a new risky venture and he was an expert at this sort of engineering/R & D activity and he was a very inspiring leader for our team. Mike was one of the best managers I have ever worked for with a broad technical knowledge and background.”

Jim Hendershot, President, MOTORSOLVER LLC

“As a direct report to Mike, I found him to be a highly effective technical manager. His passion for engineering and productivity was inspiring. He was consistently a good example of dedication, drive, professionalism, and versatility.”

Brian Wade, Project Manager, Buehler Motor Inc.

“Mike is a excellent leader and encourages his people to contribute ideas and run with them. He does not micro-manage, but lets his people do what they are trained to do, while keeping order within his department. He respects his employees and in turn they respect him for his leadership qualities. I enjoyed working for Mike and would highly recommend him for any engineering leadership role.” 

James Dell, Key Account Manager, Buehler Motor Inc.