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Work experience

Aug 2011Present

Court Service Officer

Reno County Court Services

The main purpose of court services is to carry out the orders of the district court in a timely, professional, and ethical manner, consistent with community interests. The roles and duties of court services and court services personnel are governed by state law, administrative rule, and local court policy.

The duties of court services officers will vary. In general, court services officers supervise the probation of adult and juvenile offenders, work with children in need of care, research and write presentence investigation reports and perform other duties as directed by the district court.

Jun 2010Present


Pic Quik

I have worked at Pic Quik for almost two years now. I really enjoy the "regulars" who come into the store. We can joke with them and it is really fun. I am social person so I enjoy the fact that we can chit chat with our customers. I run the registers and clean for the company. I have defiantly enjoyed my time working part-time for Pic Quik.


Aug 2009Present

Bachelor's of Arts

Wichita State University
Aug 2006May 2009

Associates in Science

Hutchinson Community College

Writing Samples

Amita Murray case 

Demographics: Amita Murray, Female, age 7, African-American, El Dorado, Kansas

Presenting Problems

The first presenting problem is the fact that Amita has gonorrhea. Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease which means that Amita, a seven year old girl, has been subjected to vaginal, anal, or oral sex. Amita’s mother, Alanna, 29, was also tested by the doctor for gonorrhea in which she tested positive for as well. It could possibly be that both Amita and her mother Alanna contracted the disease through the same person. This leads me to another presenting problem. After interviewing Amita at school, she tells you that her mother’s boyfriend, who is a frequent visitor and sometimes stays overnight, has been playing games with her. She elaborated and said that Dion touches her and she has to touch him. She indicated the vaginal area when asked what part of the body he touches, and she indicated the genital area when asked what part of the body she has to touch on Dion.  She also went on to say that she felt very uncomfortable when Dion laid down on top of her and “put his cock in my pee-pee”. Amita said she told her mother what happened and her mother did not believe her. Another presenting problem is Alanna, the mother, is denying the fact that her child was ever molested. Alanna is allowing Dion to come into the house, which puts Amita in a dangerous and harmful situation.

Family History

            Amita is the second oldest child in the family. Her father, Weldon Wyett, has had no contact or given support to Amita. He was an abusive partner who hit and controlled her mother. Shalanna, 16, is the oldest child in the family. Her father, Curtis Willows, lives in Atlanta, and is not married. He has contact with her and is supportive. TJ and JJ’s, age 4, father is Thomas Breenout. He stays in contact with the boys and is somewhat supportive. Arietta is the youngest at 14 months old and Dion is her father.  Alanna, Amita’s mother, is the oldest in her family. Her mother, Violet, is married to her father Edrick. They also have two younger sons. Edrick Jr. is in Pueblo, Colorado. He is married, and has three young children. Victor lives in Washington with his wife and their baby.

Mental Health Status

When I interviewed Amita at her school, she was open and friendly. She had clean clothes, good hygiene and her hair was in braids. She looked properly nourished as well. Although at the beginning she seemed okay, when she was telling me about the sexual abuse her demeanor changed. She says she felt uncomfortable and that it hurt and she cried. Also, she was forced not to tell anyone  by Dion or she would get grounded by her mama for telling lies. The mental health of this child is in high risk due to the incidences occurring in the home. Shalanna is described as being bossy, moody, and rebellious. The twins are a handful, with lots of energy they get into everything. When talking to Amita’s mother, Alanna, I noticed she was dressed appropriately. She had good hygiene and is slightly overweight. She was nervous, did not smile, and her hand were trembling. While talking to the mother, she explained that taking care of all these kids drives her crazy. She is stressed because she has to take care of five kids while working full-time. Violet describes her behavior as too tired to cook, yelling at the kids all the time, and sleeping late. Violet gets very nervous after a couple of hours babysitting the children because it is so stressful and she is getting old.  She says Alanna has been through some terrible relationships including abusive and controlling ones. Her mother and her do not get along and have their own differences of opinions as well.

Substance Abuse History

            Although no substance abuse history came up during my interviews, it may be possible that some substance abuse did happen. Alanna claims that she never really got along with her mother, and that her father was too strict on her. This caused her to become a little “wild” and “rebellious”. Substance abuse could have possibly played a part in this. Also, a month before Amita was born; Alanna’s father died suddenly a while after she had moved back in with her parents. This could have played a major role in her depression since then and could have caused substance abuse. After her father died, Alanna and Violet started fighting and could not get along which forced Alanna to move out. She then met the twin’s father at a club which could stem from substance abuse.

Medical History

Amita and her mother, Alanna have recently been diagnosed with gonorrhea. Alanna refused to get information about sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s). She did, however, get the antibiotics needed to clear up the disease for both her and Amita. The grandmother, Violet has diabetes and hypertension. The diabetes is under control at the present time. Both diseases are provoked by stress. There is an increased risk of medical conditions related to stress.

Legal Status

Amita, her mom, and siblings were born in the Unites States and are legal citizens. All are of African-American descent.  Amita is only seven years old and cannot consent to any sexual behavior. This goes for all her younger siblings as well. Alanna, the mother, is not married and never has been. She is currently with Dion, the alleged perpetrator, but does not live with him. However, he visits frequently and sometimes stays overnight. She has no plans of breaking up with him. Violet, the grandmother, is married to her husband, Edrick. They have been married for 35 years. Both are legal citizens of the United States. Also, both are African American.


Amita is in the second grade at Big Bend Elementary school. She has no history of problems at the school. She attends regularly and has good grades. Shalanna attends high school and is a sophomore. Alanna has a high school diploma and a cosmetology decree as well. She has some college education but does not have a degree. Dion has some college education also.


            Alanna currently works as an entry-level administrative assistant at an accounting firm. Due to her lack of income she has to rely on Shalanna to watch the other kids a lot. She was formerly a beautician but felt she did not make a consistent salary and had no benefits. The mother’s boyfriend, Dion, works as a junior accountant at Pizza Hut. He sometimes helps Alanna out with household expenses such as diapers and occasionally food. Violet, Alanna’s mother is a certified nurse aide at the V.A. hospital. She is four years aways from taking an early retirement at 55. Sometimes Violet is able to babysit the kids when she is not working. She does not have a lot of money but usually will help Alanna if she can. Shalanna’s father, Curtis Willows, works with computers in Atlanta.  The kids uncle Edrick Jr. is an electrician and Victor is in computer tech.

Needs and Resources

            Amita and her family are in need of therapy. Amita needs therapy to deal with what has happened to her. We may not be seeing the effects of the sexual abuse at her age just yet, but I believe that the abuse will affect her more in the future. It is to my understanding that the mother would most likely not be able to afford any kind of therapy therefore we should find some resources that would help her deal with the effects of sexual abuse. I would recommend sending her to St. Francis for therapy. The mother, Alanna, also needs to be in therapy. She has been a victim of domestic violence, has had many unstable and non lasting relationships with men, and also she does not believe that her daughter is telling the truth. Therapy could make her realize that her children should come first instead of trying to keep Dion around. She is afraid of being alone and needs to work on her dependency issues. She also needs to learn some parenting skills. Also, it seems like grandma needs some help as well. Both she and Alanna need to work on their relationship and work on coping with stress better.

This family does not have a lot of resources. Alanna is a single mother with five children. All of the children’s fathers, except Amita’s, do help out a little with clothes and toys. However, this is not enough. Amita and her mother looked as though they atleast had clean clothes, clean hair and clean bodies, but they could use some help with groceries and even babysitting. Grandma can only babysit when she is not working and when she does; it still puts a strain on her. 


Ruth Lloyd

Ruth is my supervisor for practicum.

Patty Gosselin

Patty is my manager at Pic-Quik.

Places I've Visited


To obtain employment in the social service field.


My interests in social work careers ranges. I would like to do mental health therapy and work with individuals who are mentally challenged. Also, since being in my practicum, I am interested in working with probation services. Since being accepted into the Master's program, I am taking Social Work practice in schools, and clinical intervention with children and adolescents. 


Michelle Hickey

118 S. Poplar • South Hutchinson, Kansas 67505

(620) 214-0529

[email protected]


To obtain employment in the social service field.


Bachelor of Arts in Social WorkMay 2012

Wichita State University, Wichita, KansasGPA 3.520


Court Service Officer

Reno County Court Services, Hutchinson, Kansas2011-present

·Carry out orders of District Court

·Supervise probation of adult and juvenile offenders

·Write pre-sentence investigation reports


Pic-Quik, Hutchinson, Kansas2010-present

•Run cash register

•Handle customer questions and complaints to ensure customer satisfaction

•Help customers with purchases

Direct Care Staff Professional

Disability Supports of the Great Plains, Hutchinson, Kansas2009-2010

•Assisted clients with everyday living necessities

•Passed medications to clients

•Drive clients to Church and other activities


Windows XP, Microsoft Office Package, Word Perfect


Dean’s List, four semesters

Volunteer, Salvation Army2010

Volunteer, Scott Recreation Commission2008


Writing an affidavit
In my practicum, I have had one client who was eligible for termination of probation. I typed up an affidavit, saying that he/she has successfully completed all the requirements of his/her probation and that it shall be terminated. I then send a copy to the Judge for him to sign. 
Writing PSI's
In my practicum, we have Court Service Officers (CSO'S) who write pre-sentence investigation reports. The purpose of a PSI is to determine the criminal history score and their punishments while gathering all their criminal history.