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·    Over 20 years of product development experience in areas of:

Mechanism DesignFluid deliveryControl systemsHigh Vacuum    Electro-MechanicStructuralOpt-MechanicDynamic analysis

·Experienced in product management and diverse technical knowledge to lead complex projects.

·Excellent analytical problem solving skills and FEA analysis using MECHANICA, COSMOS.

·Proficient in SOLID WORKS, Pro E (Wild Fire), GDT, DFM, DOE, and FMEA .

  • Hands on experience in development of imaging products in medical and semi-conductor industry.

·Experienced in leading engineering teams in R & D organization.


To work in a challenging role that encompasses my skills and experience in product design, and Management.  I particularly enjoy designing and implementing new technical projects that challenge and stretch my abilities, allowing me to learn new skills and to lead a team of people in producing positive change.


Work on home projects. Mountian bikie, sking,Hiking


Work experience

System Engineer

Applied Materilas

System Engineer

·Managed and designed the integration of liquid and gas delivery to CVD-CU and PVD chamber to PVD platform. Facilitated cross functional groups, SEMI S2, safety, and abatement for the system. Redesigned high vacuum system to improve throughput.

Senior Mechanical Engineer

·Designed and integrated VME based controller for new CVD product.

·Add value to existing product by reducing cost and improving manufacturability (DFM).

·Resolve integration issues of HDP-CVD chamber to CENTURA platform, Gas delivery and Microwave plasma remote clean.

·Resolved thermal issues related to cooper deposition abatement for CU deposition chamber.

Mechanical engineer

·I was a team member in development of new semiconductor inspection equipment. The tool used UV excimer laser source for optical illumination. I designed the optical collector subsystem. The collector system included large lenses, mirror, and mechanism design. Precision positioning, alignment, and mounting of optical components were the key element of design. Also, I did analytical work to study the effect of vibration, thermal, and structure on the optical components.


  • Develop thermal model for the next generation of DNA amplification product. The existing product was used as base for verification and development of the model. The product used thermoelectric modules for thermal cycling of the instrument. The model was integration of COSMOS, ICEPACK (CFD), and EXCELL sheet.This integration allowed us to size, and locate, proper fan and heat sink design.

IRIS Diagnostics

·IRIS is urine microscopy analyzer manufacturer. I developed and transferred to manufacturing the opto-mechanic portion of the system. The instrument uses wide band source for illumination and CCD for detection and imaging. The design required sub micron position resolution, and repeatability. This is achieved by designing flexure base stage and stepping motor drive mechanism. Precision positioning, alignment, and mounting of optical components were the key element of design. I performed analytical work to study the effect of vibration, thermal, and structural loads on the image quality. Also I designed automated liquid delivery module for this diagnostic instrument.

Sep 2006Dec 2008

Staff Engineer

Philips Healthcare
  • Responsible for development of new SPECT-CT imaging machine. Resolving issues related to Nuclear Medicine imaging and CT products. Actively involved in cross-functional technical discussion to establish the requirements and develop schedule.The product contains multi axis complex motion system and heavy load bearing mechanical structures with solid state X-Ray and PMT Gamma Ray sensors. It requires large load structural design with optical precision required for X-Ray and Gamma ray imaging

Technical group leader

Tyco Healthcare

·The lead mechanical design engineer for a new home-care ventilator product. Responsible for design, develop, and validate from initial concept to final product.Major contributor to establishing the product requirements (PRD).

·Developed the system architect and definition for the product.Led a dynamic multidisciplinary team of engineers to materialize the concept to a production worthy design.Managed the project tasks with aggressive time schedules. This development required in-depth knowledge and experience of multiple areas of engineering such as plastic, complex tooling, acoustic noise, thermal, Pneumatic and structural dynamics.

·Responsibility for assuring the FDA requirements were met by tracking the PRD, DHF, FMEA, DMR, and risk management documents.


Mechanical engineer

Design and develop new medical imaging device using phosphor and X-Ray technology. The device performs radiographic obsorptiometry (RA) to estimate relative bone density. I designed the scan engine including the component selection, motor, and associated power transmission. Designed the opto-mechanical system for illumination and collection optics.The device used solid state visible laser source for imaging and Photo multiplier tube (PMT) for detection.


Project Engineer

Sr. Project Engineer

·Performed test and analyses of mechanical (thermal, vibration) and electrical systems (EMI, ESD).

·Designed an intelligent power controller system for semiconductor wet processing equipment. Task involved power, signal processing, mechanical packaging, and thermal analysis of the unit.

·Developed 40 kW IR in line heater and phase angle PID power controller for the semiconductor wet process equipment. The thermal management was the key technical challenge for this product.

  • Design and development of hot liquid delivery for wet process-cleaning equipment.

Andors Inc

·Worked with Optical, Electrical, and Mechanical engineers to develop NDIR gas analyzers.

·Designed small mechanisms, gas delivery, and system enclosure for critical care medical device.

·Identified manufacturing problems for existing products and provide solutions. Increased the product margin by implementing new design and manufacturing process.

·Developed concepts, design, and test Opt-Mechanical systems (Reflectors, Beam splitters, Mirrors, and Filters). Ray trace analysis of optical systems (OPTICAD).

·Performed stress, vibration, shock and thermal analyses using FEA and hand calculations.


Jun 1994Present

Master of sience

Santa Clara University
Jun 1984Jan 1986

Mechanical engineering

Nov 19801984

Bacholer of sience

university of masschusette



Professional Engineer

California Professional Engineer