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I played professionally in the Management Systems and computer security.

Engaging with senior managers in the execution of the plan department systems and goal setting.

To provide a price estimate of short and long range.

Recommend new applications or modifications of existing applications. 

Report to management on progress in development projects department, resource utilization and production performance

Projecting resource requirements of the department including personnel, equipment and facilities with associated costs.

Mentoring programs for professional development and staff training.

Manage wage policies and personnel. 

Evaluate new technical developments from the perspective of the plans organization and its goals.

Oversee the selection of suppliers.

I am a committed person with my family and my work, proactive, results-oriented, always interested in adding value to my work, I strongly believe in teamwork and the values and ethical principles are the foundation for making proper decisions. With capacity for analysis, synthesis and research and to never stop learning, implementation plans to carry out strategic bargaining power at the managerial level, ability to motivate and grow a team enhancing their skills, supporting them in their professional growth and staff. Sportsman, tennis, swimming and cycling as part of the Club Cuicacalli for over 14 years.

Work experience

Information Security and Risk Analysis

Servicios Administrativos Wal-Mart, S. de R. L.

Safeguard corporate assets, intellectual property and computer systems, and continuity of the organization in case of contingencies 

Manage the development and implementation of global security policy, standards, guidelines and procedures to ensure the maintenance of security

Develop strategic plans BIA (Business Impact Analysis) and TAP (Technology Availability Plan) to provide uninterrupted access to mission critical systems. (Manual reset of 200 applications, 350 servers, 140,000 users, 1000 + stores in 32 states of the republic). 

Implement monitoring tools to control devices (usb, cd-wr, etc. + In 750 + laptops and 6500 seasons in 2 years, no operation of Wal-Mart stopped by virus infection.

Analyzed over 20 million emails per month (information leakage, malware and viruses with Iron Mail).

20 investigations conducted over a lack of probity month (e-discovery) and did forensic analysis respective (Encase forensics).

Patch and upgraded over 300 servers (AIX, HP-UX) and 15,000 work stations monthly (SmsServer, McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator).

Trained more than 8000 users with policies, procedures and safety awareness. 

Send and receive information securely from SHCP, IMSS, BANKS, INFONAVIT, BMV, GDF and sent about 170 million pesos a day in safety and with plans to continence tested.

Administers more than 200 applications to control of sources and binaries (Continues, Power and Clear case).

Make 2 SOX audits biannually (developing narratives, matrix changes and test matrices) of 33 applications and 250 applications critical selling season.

Implement encrypted connection between BANCOMER payments to vendors for $ 147 million pesos. (Redundant servers, redundant and ftps secure link over the Internet).

Implement the system  logs system for  50 applications so that developers do not have access to production information

Jan 2010Present


10 Riqueza S DE RL

IT budgeting, develop Web pages (intranet and Internet)

Develop and implement Personal Finance System in Java, Deploy perimeter controls,

Install file servers, SMTP, mass-mailing and control internal security (antivirus and e-checks)

Develop IT policies and procedures, user support tools

Implement Support Help Desk ITIL compliance

May 2009Dec 2009

Gerente de Sistemas

Latin Sol & Holdings

Prepare budgets and plan of action, decreased operating costs 50% 

Implemented perimeter controls (IDS, Firewalls) remote access, server GNU software SMTP with saving more than $ 200,000 pesos per month. 

Developed internal portal system and Help Desk area. , Which serves 150 users 

Sending more than 400,000 emails per week, with three SMTP servers Implemented plan DRP (Disaster Plan Recovey) and BIA (Business Impact 

Analysis) of 3 offices Develop policies for use of computer equipment, and secure and updated the operating system of 200 stations and 10 servers 

Developed system of safeguarding critical pc's and servers, a station restored in minutes. 

Head of globalization system (Sabre / Juniper) with more than 3500 day trading 

Develop web pages and Loading mirror agencies more than 700 members. 

IP management office, Voice Mail Server IP , compact office contact centerserver 

Statistics dell ACD Call Center. 

Implementation of high-performance virtual stations sunde, saving 70% in hardware, 90% in electricity, 95% in e-waste. 

TMA-management system with database turismatica SQL-server.

Jul 1995Oct 2006

Systems Director

Colorantes Importados, S.A. de C.V.

Responsible for ERP system with 2 floors, 5 wineries, POS 4 stores and a distribution center with 3,000 customers, 500 suppliers and 250 employees, 10 servers and 100 workstations.

Install and give  maintenance of file servers, database, web, print, firewall, structured cabling, telecommunications and VoIP

Responsible for all security (firewall, antivirus, intrusion detection and definition of security policies, encryption symmetric and asymmetric).

Responsible for backups of all information in the organization (servers, databases, etc.).

Responsible of internal and external web and email links as well as public and private (VPN) of the organization.

Responsible for software sales outlet stores as well as the integration of information to the central ERP system automatically

Provide vital information to all the sales team through the website of the organization.

Implement ERP systems (Visual Manufacturing), obtaining a substantial reduction in costs.

Reduction in costs using Linux (samba, apache, qmail, mysql, iptables, etc)

Jan 1992Jun 1995

Director of Operations

Creatividad e Integración en Computación, S.A. de C.V.

Coordinated of development of the personnel administration system for federal agencies, implemented in UNIX (HP9000-UX and SCO v3.2) using INFORMIX ON-LINE INFORMIX, STANDARD-ENGINE.

Analyze the requirements for programming and technical and administrative documentation.

Coordinated with programmers, analysts, users and another teams

Develop work plans and training manuals for end users (technical and administrative)

Testing and implementation of the devolution of modules in different nodes of the Mexican Republic

Develop and implement the system of serial communication interface developed in Turbo C, Link system with the hotel guest at IBM -36 at the Hotel Sevilla Palace, Mexico City

Jun 1990Dec 1992

Head of Systems

Macrotel Internacional, S.A. de C.V.

Coordinator of Management Systems, responsible for billing systems, inventory, costs, orders, purchase orders, imports, exports, accounts receivable, accounts, budgets and contributions.

I led the roundtable of different catch documents (orders, invoices, etc.).

Developing a management system in Clipper 5.2, with modules: Inventory, accounts receivable  ordering and billing, sales analysis, accounts receivable, accounting and cost

Manager computer network (Netware 2.15)



Applied Mathematics and Computation

The Bachelor of Applied Mathematics and Computation by half of its professional development will address the following needs: Organization administration and implementation of integrated systems Information on organizations. Decision-making regarding the use collection of infrastructure. Moreover, mathematics and computing are indispensable tools in many other areas, such as Science Social Economics, Management, Physics and Engineering, Medical Sciences Biológicas, etc. Since the implementation of the mathematics and computing is very wide, this professional will have great development prospects professional in all areas mentioned above


Jul 1999Aug 2001