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  • Background includes B2B & B2C experience in Marketing Programs, Demand Generation, Account Management, Client Services & Project Management at Fortune 500 & Start-Up Companies.
  • Extensive marketing experience including Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, Viral Marketing, Mobile Media, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Brand Management, Guerrilla Marketing and Online Media.
  • Open to Travel. Willing to Relocate.

Work experience


Marketing Consultant

  • Projects include Demand Generation, SEM, SEO, Event Management, Social Media, Email Marketing, Website Optimization and Testing for various companies. Below are projects that were 3+ months.
  • American Heart Association (Jan 2011- Present)
    • Manage the site. Goal to increase revenue by 45% through marketing programs and website optimization.
  • Pluck
    • Helped manage Pluck’s first social media conference – Socialize.

    • Managed & Developed all show collateral including event program, signage, welcome kits, sponsor materials, and leave-behinds.

    • Responsible for all email communications for both attendee recruitment and existing attendees. Email management included content creation, developing communication calendar and managing distribution.

    • Created & maintained event website content.

  • Trilogy
    • Managed SEM to drive consumers to automotive partner websites (Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep brands) to research consumer preferences on available options for 2008 models.Survey completion goal was achieved 4 weeks ahead of schedule and average CPA was 50% lower than goal.
    • Negotiated online media buys to generate leads for "in market" car buyers. Leads were scored and sold to dealer partners.   

Sr. Marketing Manager

LifeSize Communications
  • Created social media programs to build a community, communicate with partners & end customers and grow the LifeSize brand overall. Program grew to include strong presence on Facebook (lifesizehd) and Twitter (@lifesizehd) as well as a corporate blog and a YouTube Channel. Manage ongoing conversations with customers & partners. Utilize, outbound marketing campaigns, contests, events, and share tools to drive more discussions and followers.
  • Developed and built global SEM program, managing more than 15 different language campaigns in over 25 countries. Grew SEM over the past year by an average of 76% overall, with the following regional gains: Americas, 88%, EMEA, 95% and APAC, 45%.Created and sustained growth through managing bids, keywords, optimizing and testing of landing pages and ad text to improve overall conversions.
  • Developed email lead nurturing program to grow and build relationships, and engage our database with the ultimate goal of moving prospects to purchase.Segmented the database vertically as well as by activity or interest via lead scoring.Offered a variety of content including videos, whitepapers, and webinars to educate on LifeSize products and videoconferencing industry.
  • Created and managed online and mobile media campaigns in five countries to build brand awareness and grow customer database. Utilized contextual, behavioral and channel targeting to generate 10% of total leads and 30% increase in web traffic in Q4.
  • Exceeded lead goal each quarter while maintaining strong conversion rate. Lead goal increased an average of 27% per quarter.

Director of Marketing

  • Managed and created marketing programs to drive job candidates to register with included SEM, online media, viral campaigns, events, and email.Candidate database increased over 400% in 6 months. Average CPA for all programs was under target by 46%.
    • SEM program- reduced existing program’s CPA by 63% and increased monthly conversion 58Xs
    • Events – promotional giveaway in March helped surpass our highest new candidate registration by 40%
    • Viral program-  Created "Get Yourself Fired" campaign which was responsible for 10% of conversions for the launch month. 
    • Email program – utilized Exact Target to retain and increase usage among existing candidates.Determined frequency, content, and design of all emails.Segmented candidate database to align with strategic goals and improve overall results.
  • Created brand positioning and redesigned to align with the brand strategy.Worked with a designer, writer and programming team to launch a new website within a month.Revised site architecture, navigation, design and all messaging. Updated all program materials and collateral to align with new positioning.

Senior Marketing Manager,

  • Developed marketing strategies to meet acquisition goals for the B2B audience- mainly SMB market. Programs included online media, SEM, email marketing, direct mail, affiliate marketing, and print advertising to drive online sales and generate leads for sales teams. Managed overall advertising budget of over 3M. Winner 2005 Verizon Excellence Award for increasing earned revenue by 620% over 2005 via marketing programs.
  • Developed retention strategies to build strong relationships with existing customer base. Created customer communications plan &determined timing, frequency,content, and method of communication (predominately email).Created loyalty programs, webinars, and product up-sell/ cross sell matrix.
  • Created brand positioning for B2B marketing initiatives. Ensured all messaging is consistent including website positioning, architecture, and design.Positioned and bundled products to speak to potential customers.

Account Executive - P&G Accounts

  • Manage cross-functional teams to execute interactive initiatives including media programs, email campaigns, website enhancements, and web tools.Key client contact for overall account strategic direction, account financials (1.5M+ account), and daily status.   
  • Generate revenue opportunities and ensure account profitability through identifying up-sell opportunities by integrating offline and online activities, enhancing current interactive programs, and creating new programs that align with the brand equity.Responsible for over $300K in additional revenue.
  • Redesigned Worked with a team (writer, architect, programmer & designer) to create a new website that was more succinct through improved navigation, better design and concise content (reduced site from over 250 pages to 125) Ensured new site aligned with brand positioning.
  • Collaborated with an executive internal team to create an interactive strategy (FY 03/ 04) that identified media opportunities, determined web site direction, and designed a communications strategy that aligned with Procter & Gambles’ fiscal initiatives.

Product Manager, E-Commerce Team (Contractor)

  • Created interactive promotional strategies for product launches including messaging, media programs, and ad placement.Responsible for Acoustimass, FreeStyle, QuietComfort and Lifestyle product lines.
  • Developed online experimentation to increase number of captured emailed addresses on the site.The strategy developed is responsible for capturing over 60% of all email addresses on the site.
  • Managed the process of conducting a usability study for a new online shopping interface including designing the test, recruiting participants, managing the testing process, and analyzing results. Results were implemented for the online shopping redesign and went live October 2002.





Make updates to content as needed, adding pixels to pages etc. Also use WYSIWYG editors.
Microsoft Office
Analytics Tools
Experience with Omniture, Google Analytics, and Coremetrics.   Analyzed and reviewed website performance using these tools to make strategic recommendations on website or landing page content, design, form management and user flow.
Email Service Providers (ESPs)
Used various email programs to execute communication strategies including Exact Target, Eloqua, Cheetah Mail, and Vertical Response.  Have reviewed and recommended ESPs for Verizon Superpages and Itzbig. 
Created lead generation flow and set-up lead routing to sales team.