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American Marketing Association, National Association Recording Merchandisers, Toastmasters, MBA Association, University of Florida Alumni Association, and Chi Omega Sorority Alumnae



8 Years Experience

Product Development



Austria, Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Monaco, and United Kingdom


Helped deliver nearly $100M in new revenues for start-up and established brands

Confident, high-energy revenue driver combining eight years of product marketing experience with expertise in building brand equity, strategic alliances and go-to-market strategies.

- Excel at synthesizing and transforming data into targeted, high-impact marketing  communications.

- Skilled at identifying efficiencies and providing innovative solutions designed to maximize

resources, reduce costs and product time to market.

-Recognized change-driver with high-caliber presentation, negotiation, leadership, and management skills.

- Experienced managing product development and operations, creating corporate marketing strategies, forging strategic partnerships and alliances, while defining and capturing new business opportunities across a variety of industry verticals.

Areas of Expertise

Marketing Strategy ~ E-Commerce ~ Online Marketing ~ Consumer Goods 

Product Development ~ Revenue Generation ~ Strategic Alliances ~ Digital Technologies ~ R&D

Work experience


Marketing / Technology Consultancy Owner

Goldbug Group, LLC

Build brand equity for clients in the entertainment, publishing/media, cosmetics, and consumer goods industries. Manage 20 adjunct consultants and 2 business development coordinators.

Define client marketing plans and communication strategies, rebrand websites, assist start-ups with business acquisition and retention initiatives, and provide product development insight.

Develop business plans for start-up businesses helping each to generate profits; included product development, procurement, profit analysis, and customer acquisition and retention.

  • Rebranded John Meyer and Sharif Iman's Web presence; developed business plan for launching Sharif’s new music compilation. Working with On That Note Entertainment to develop A&R marketing plans for their college segment circuit.

Senior Product Manager

Revolution Money (AOL/TimeWarner)

Created 70+ new products within four months; four estimated to net $10M in profits

Defined product management system, revised the product lifecycle and roadmap company-wide, and helped reach ROI goals through scalable Online and CPG product extensions that clearly focused on the CMO’s market vision.

Ensured company-wide buy-in for marketing strategies through clear and constant communications, due diligence, and regular innovation sessions.

Served as C-level liaison for Marketing and Product Development departments. Reported to CTO and Co-Founder.

  • Delivered $450,000+ in new revenues within the first four months by identifying and securing a strategic alliance with Quixtar/Amway
  • Developed and executed new product ideas that increased profits on existing products; worked with MTV, CurrentTV, and Universal Music Group to develop product enhancements that targeted the youth segment.

Marketing Manager, Information Technologies

Founded the E-commerce Product Development department and USF Marketing Network Society

Executed go-to-market strategies that generated more than $20M over six years

Analyzed market needs for technology products, directed development of new commercial applications, defined and executed go-to-market strategies, oversaw creative services (including advertising, packaging, SEO, trade show, and website optimization), initiated strategic product plans, launched multiple e-commerce programs, led marketing and sales teams in acquisition and retention initiatives, and leveraged existing relationships to forge partnership agreements.

Managed four direct reports and USF’s Cellular Store sales manager. Concurrently served as conference development manager building a high-profile vendor base (Apple, Microsoft, Sony, HP, Dell, IBM, Adobe, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, Cisco, and Blackboard), repositioning the annual Technology Exposition and Symposium strategy, and managing an inter-departmental team of special event coordinators.

  • Pioneered Mobile Marketing/Social Networking building a strong subscriber base (for text message notifications long before the texting boom) and strategic alliances; breakthrough claims and advertising resulted in brand growth on an unprecedented initial CPA of .04.
  • Repositioned and rebranded the Technology Exposition and Symposium generating $10,000 profit in first year and increasing that figure 10% each successive year; cultivated profitable partnership with USF 21st Century Teaching Institute and USF Computer Store.
  • Delivered $5M profit through software licensing agreements with Sprint/Nextel.
  • Created a vendor acquisition campaign that increased attendee participation 65% and profit 36%.

Account Executive, Business Development

  • Transformed flat-line sales area closing 24 new client accounts in less than three months.
  • Exceeded revenue goal by 20% in the first month; beat sales goals by 10-15% every month on average.
  • Formally recognized as the first team member (out of 100) to sell Media Convergence Package (an integrated TV, newsprint, and online package).

Account Coordinator

WPP Group USA, Inc. Hill and Knowlton

  • Created and executed PR strategies for prestigious clients including Compaq Computers, the NFL Players Club (Super Bowl XXXV), Gulfstream Natural Gas, and International Plaza.
  • Developed successful PR campaign for the International Plaza’s grand opening; partnered with senior management team to facilitate a high-profile press conference for Gulfstream Natural Gas.



Online Course: Strategies for Environmental Management



Studied abroad in Brazil shadowing Johnson & Johnson, Becton Dickinson, General Electric, and Embraer Aircrafts

      Worked full-time while attending classes


Bachelor of Science


IAA Degree


Mike McLeish

Michele is a dedicated hardworking individual who consistently brought new ideas to the table as well as her great smile. A breath of positive energy, Michele was a pleasure to work with and a voice of encouragement to those around her. I recommend Michele because she possesses the moral value, strong character, and diligent work ethic I would want every member of my team to have.

Russ Garabelis

Michele and I worked on a number of projects together at Hill & Knowlton and she proved to be an integral part of the team. She is a confident and talented professional that excelled at every opportunity presented to her.

Neil Gomes

Michele is a great person to work with and a real go-getter. I've worked with Michele in the organization of events and she was a great team-player and always got the job done. She is a talented marketing manager and was able to get us several sponsors for our events.

Kathryn Petralia

Michele's enthusiasm and motivation make her an ideal candidate for an organization seeking her marketing skills. She is able to synthesize new data rapidly and see opportunities that others would likely miss. She is a very creative, independent thinker and works well in a collaborative environment. Michele can easily keep up in a very fast-paced, dynamic environment, and is very flexible and positive when she encounters change. Michele would be an asset to any organization seeking a smart, creative marketing professional.

John Sternal

Michele was a pleasure to work with at Hill and Knowlton. She was extremely helpful to me and our entire team on all projects. She is an excellent researcher with great attention to detail, and an all-around fun, reliable person to have on your team.

Jennifer Lenhardt

Overall, Michele is a leader in her field, excels in both written and verbal communications, and has a confident, professional demeanor. Her proficiency in product development, marketing, media relations and advertising was effectively demonstrated in the success of MoBull Plus, a new media proprietary technology system successfully branded and marketed to the University community, Right Now Web Survey application, USF Marketplace, and I.T's annual Technology Symposium. On a personal level, Michele is outgoing, creative, and motivated. Throughout the four years that I've known her , she is not only interested and motivated to learn, but has also put great work into assimilating her knowledge to develop unique and successful ideas. She is consistently reliable and a joy to have as a coworker and friend. Michele is unquestionably an exceptional candidate. She has proven herself to have the perseverance and initiative, and the intellectual creativity necessary to excel in her field and become a true asset to any organization. If I can be of any further assistance, or provide you with any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me