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Starting my education at West Virginia University as a Communication Studies major focusing in organizational communication, and persuasion with a minor in Bussiness Administrations, i am looking positions in business settings where my communication competence and business management background will be benefical.

Work experience

Mar 2009Present

Assistant Manager Intern

Vector Marketing

Assistant Manager Intern- Completed in home demonstrations with a list of clients for Cutco Cutlery that i myself was responsible for finding as well as getting references from those i did demonstrations with keeping a steady list of over 100 contacts and potential clients selling over five thousadn dollars worth of cutlery merchandise in an area where i knew no one.Trained new sales reps on how to do demonstrations and to build rapport with their clients. Performed customer service duties, such as calling past clients for servicing their cutlery. In this process i was able to sell around 10,000 dollars worth of Cutlery.

Feb 2010Sep 2010


Garfields Restaurant

Waited on customers of all ages and backgrounds taking orders and serving food and drinks to them. As a waitor it was my job to make each customer feel safe and at home while dining at Garfields.

Mar 2006Aug 2008

Outside Operations Staff/ Member Detail

Hawk Pointe Golf Club

Responsible for maintaining member relations and creating a positive experience for all members of the private golf club. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to,scheduling tee times, preparing carts for members by bringing their golf bags and belongings to their carts before they set foot outside of the club house, setting up major outings for corporations, setting up wedding receptions, and keeping the members happy at all times.



Angel Wilson



All of the progams above i have had to use during my high school and college career. I completed my computer science course, a course in which you are taught how to use each program and then assigned a project to complete using each program, in college receving a B.
Developing Physical Skills
Spending half a year in Air force R.O.T.C has taught me to keep a professinal attitude. By  this i mean to keep myself healthy as well as keeping myself looking as professional as possible for example wearing clean crisp attire and keeping myself well groomed. The time i spent in R.O.T.C. also taught me to speak professionally and respectfully. Punctuality and accountablity are also two aspects i learned from this experience.
Working Directly with People
I have had lots of experience working with other people in teams, teaching others, And building good relationships. Working with Vector Marketing i have had to compile mutiple contacts and gain references by completing proffecient demonstrations with clients. In addition to keeping contacts I have also helped in training new sales reps and was always avaliable to each rep as a result of me giving out my number to each new rep so they could get a hold of me if they had questions to be answered on demos.