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Work experience

Sr Test Consultant

Amdocs PC
Role:. Sr Test Consultant Description: Working at Client side Elisa OY Finland(Europe), one of the biggest telecom Service provider based in Finland and working under QA Department for Testing activity and coordination which include Testing E-commerce and supply chain solution Testing Client/Server application, ERP system Covering End-To-End Testing in different phases also Provide support for telecom products covering integration testing for product and client applications, Environment technical support and project based on agile methodology including with Mobil app testing Responsibilities:- OmaElisa Team: Working as SR Test Consultant and Amdocs coordinate for Product Support and QA Testing web application, e-commerce site and application which include UI, Credit check and purchase activity mobile app testing and UI functionality E2E check on different mobile OS Single point of contact E2E MRT testing activity related to OE changes activity Assisting QA team through test phase and training Identify and support Amdocs Tellus Environment issues and maintain test environment for OE Team Consult Amdocs Tellus technical Queries for Test and Dev team

Sr Consultant

Aurora-IT' as
SR consultant on client side at Finland(Europe) from 3 march 2012 to Relevant:-‘







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