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Work experience



  • Led the commercialization of a ground-breaking automatic digital video generation platform, enabling e-commerce businesses to reinforce their brands and drive website traffic and conversion metrics by creating limitless, high-quality, fully interactive, always up-to-date videos to showcase products and services.
  • Focused the company's target market, E-commerce, and signed the first wave of 40+ customers including,, Adorama Camera, LeisurePro, Discovery Store, History Channel Store, Gap, Moxsie Designer Clothing, Ashford Watches and Gemvara Jewelry.
  • Evolved the video product to yield strong metrics related to engagement (80% completion rate), click through (5x the industry average) and lift in conversion rates (20-40% increase).  
  • Helped lead the successful Series B funding round of $9 million from Carmel Ventures and Norwest in Tel Aviv and Globespan in the US.

EVP and Chief Operating Officer

NPR, National Public Radio
  • Oversee budget of $165 million and lead a staff of 800. Exceeded Fiscal Year 2008 cost and revenue targets in a challenging market environment. Created NPR's Fiscal Year 2009 strategic goals as well as led strategy implementation and performance evaluation systems. Provide leadership on strategy, revenue planning and most aspects of the operation.
  • During this tenure, set record levels of audience on-air (33 million listeners/week), online (10 million unique visitors/month) and on mobile platforms, while garnering virtually every key industry award for quality including eight radio DuPont Journalism Awards and seven Webby Awards.
  • Lead company culture change to embrace digital media, develop the required skills and strengthen the senior team to extend the journalism and take advantage of cross-platform opportunities. Developed a digital vision of mutual benefit to both NPR and its member stations to strengthen areas of collaboration in content, distribution and revenue generation. Opened NPR's Web platform to member stations, to the audience and to third-party distribution partners.
  • Created more rigorous approach to original and acquired programs to strengthen NPR's portfolio in terms of ratings, audience service and return on investment.

Executive Vice President

Hillcrest Labs
  • Hillcrest's technology created a new paradigm for navigating digital media on the television by coupling a pointer remote with a graphical, zoomable, spatial user interface.
  • Developed the business models and distribution and licensing framework necessary to help position Hillcrest in the market.  .Developed domestic and international revenue-generated relationships with major consumer electronics companies, IPTV service providers and content, and advertising partners for this early stage, B2B software technology company.

General Manager, Web Personals Business


(Fulfilled a one-year commitment to create and scale a new Web-based, subscription personals service for AOL.  During this tenure, AOL made the strategic shift away from Web-based subscription services and, instead, toward free, ad-supported services.)

  • Built team to develop and successfully launched AOL's first premium online dating service, and the first in the world to integrate online "presence". Exceeded 1 million members in only its first year.
  • Developed low-cost distribution and targeting marketing strategies that led to monthly increases in conversion rates to profiles (from 68 to 76%) and to subscription (from 3 to 7%), while increasing average subscriber life (from 2 to 4.5 months) and reduced monthly churn (from 53 to 37%).

President, National Geographic Digital Media

National Geographic
  • Led all operations of National Geographic's interactive businesses, including the National Web site, a line of CD-ROM/DVD-ROM titles and content development across digital media platforms. Honored with the Webby Award for "Best Education Site on the Web" and Codie Award for "Best Web Site" on the planet.
  • Directed $12 million budget and staff of 50+ to close a $7 million net operating income gap to profitability, increased site traffic 320% through cost-effective distribution partnerships, increased ad sales revenue 105% by redirecting the ad sales team toward cross-platform integration, and posted 300% increase in annual E-commerce revenues by growing new online magazine subscriptions 230% to 150,000 per year, placing the company at or near the top of the industry.

VP, Digital Media Distribution

Discovery Communications
  • Negotiated distribution deals with major cable, telco, satellite and wireless providers for carriage of the 12 Discovery Networks to secure long-term affiliate revenue for this $1 billion media company and help achieve the company's ratings and ad sales goals.
  • Co-developed Discovery's digital media strategies for broadband, CD/DVD-ROM, enhanced TV and video on demand products. Structured business models and distribution relationships with key digital media technology and distribution partners.

Director, Programming and Content Acquisition, VOD

Verizon Communications
  • Led the successful programming and product development activities for Stargazer, the pioneering video-on-demand TV service that was the precursor of FiOS TV. Built the team that negotiated and supervised 125 content deals with the major networks, music companies, sports leagues, Hollywood studios and independent production companies.
  • Established product mix, pricing and programming strategies, resulting in buy rates of 400% per month, significantly ahead of target and the industry pay-per-view average.

VP, Programming, Scheduling and Planning

LIfetime Television Network
  • Developed and managed a programming acquisition budget of $20 million and negotiated all series, movies and specials acquisition deals.
  • Increased prime time ratings by 45% during this tenure and set long-term programming acquisition, scheduling and promotion strategies for continued success.

VP, Programming

Katz Media Group
  • Led the Continental programming division, overseeing programming strategies on 140 ABC, CBS and NBC TV client stations.
  • Produced 55% increases in daypart ratings to lift advertising revenues for Katz TV stations and reduced client churn rate. Created the integrated sales/programming approach to better service ad agencies.

NPR Results


AOL Web Personals Results

National Geographic Results


Proven leadership and P&L responsibility

  • For NPR, led an organization of 800 employees worldwide, driving change to evolve culture and focus investments to extend journalism across multiple platforms, diversify revenue streams and create a digital vision for mutual success with NPR's member radio stations. Successfully manage $165 million budget by controlling costs and maximizing and diversifying revenue streams to exceed revenue, expense and net operating income targets in FY2008.
  • For National Geographic, led a business of 60+ employees and optimized E-commerce, online advertising, and subscription revenues and opened up new revenue lines to close a $7 million gap to profitability.

Proven ability to launch differentiated, market leading products, controlling costs and maximize revenue

  • For SundaySky, led the commercialization of a ground-breaking automatic digital video generation platform, focused the company's target market, signed the first wave of 40+ customers, evolved the video product to yield strong conversion metrics, established a recurring revenue model based on performance-based pricing and help lead a successful Series B funding round of $9 million.
  • For Hillcrest Labs, a pioneering media navigation technology company, developed critical relationships with major consumer electronics and PC manufacturers, service providers of over-the-top, IP-delivered content,  and advertising agencies to support its business model and successfully raise $60 million in venture funding.
  • For AOL, launched a multimillion dollar online dating commerce business in its first year with minimal marketing by optimizing the subscription conversion funnel.
  • For National Geographic, directed a staff of 60 to create a differentiated, Codie- and Webby- Award-winning Web site that saw a 320% increase in site traffic, 150% increase in ad sales revenue, and 300% increase in annual E-commerce revenues by growing subscriptions 230%.
  • For Verizon, led team that sourced and negotiated 125 major content deals and created the successful programming strategy that resulted in monthly VOD buy rates of over 400%.

Proven ability to revive and turn around operations

  • For Discovery Communications, successfully negotiated long-term analog and digital distribution deals with satellite, telco and wireless providers for the 12 Discovery Networks.
  • For the Katz Media Group, restructured and regionalized its Programming division to produce 55% increases in daypart ratings and lift advertising revenues across the key schedule dayparts.
  • For Lifetime Television, successfully negotiated off-network programming and feature film deals and developed the short- and long-term programming strategy necessary to boost prime time ratings 45% -- while coming in within budget parameters.



To leverage successful track record and passion in leadership, P&L management, product development, business development and revenue generation with both early stage and mature B2B technology and B2C digital media services.  Have thrived in start-up, matrixed and corporate environments, and have led staffs of four and as large as 800 people, and created and managed budgets up to $165 million.  Specific expertise in role as change agent to create compelling, differentiated digital services across PC and mobile platforms that meet consumer needs and to diversify and scale revenue streams related to advertising, subscriptions and E-commerce.

Board Affiliations

Board of Advisors, Stitcher (2009 to 2011) --

Stitcher is a leading mobile audio company that provides a revolutionary media service which allows audio content to be easily aggregated, organized and shared on mobile devices. We feature the most up-to-date and relevant content in business, sports, politics, entertainment, and current events from the media industry's premier content providers.

Board of Directors, CINE Golden Eagle Awards (2003 to Present) --

Renowned for the Golden Eagles it awards for excellence in the production of film, television, video and new media, CINE celebrated its first half-century in 2007. Founded in 1957 by a consortium representing business, education, and government to depict American life and thought realistically for a global audience, CINE continues to recognize and foster the highest quality of non-theatrical film and video production through its semi-annual competitions. Along with these competitions, CINE offers development workshops for established film and video professionals and students.

Board of Advisors, Stargazer (2001 to 2003) --

Stargazer enables families, groups, businesses and communities to share the benefits from technologies developed by Stargazer and our partners. In the aftermath of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, we focused on emergency preparedness and response, in addition to learning and collaboration. We are now working to expand and deliver Stargazer's services to improve safety and enhance learning for people everywhere.

Board of Advisors, WorldGate Communications (1996-2000)-- 

WorldGate Communications was founded in 1995, with roots in interactive TV technology.  Taking advantage of its creative and technological assets, WorldGate later created the Ojo Personal Video Phone for jitter-free, two-way video calls.