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Work experience

Sep 2012Present

Process Server

Firefly Legal, inc.

serve papers to individuals, couples, and businesses regarding anything from divorce to lawsuits. My turn around rate is 24 hours or I will be able to determine whether a serve is possible or not.

Jun 2010Jul 2013

Process Server

Southern Professional Investigations, INC.

I serve papers to individuals, couples, and businesses regarding anything from divorce to lawsuits. My turn around rate is 24 hours or I will be able to determine whether a serve is possible or not. Southern Professional Investigations, Inc. has recently closed the process serving part of their business.

Nov 2009Jun 2010

Process Server

The Agency- Private Investigations

I served individuals, couples, and businesses papers regarding anything from divorce to lawsuits.

Oct 1999Jun 2010


Private Company

I helped my parents raise three grandchildren. I was the main babysitter- from feeding to sleeping and everything in between.

Jun 2006Sep 2009

Client Coordinator

Pregnancy Resource Center

I counseled women who were pregnant regarding their options, classes we offered and how the center helped the individual or couple take care of their baby for the first 12 months.

I also did clerical work: filing, typing, phone calls, checking clients in and making new appointments.

Oct 2008Dec 2008

Santa's Helper

Town Center Mall

This was a seasonal position in which I served as a sales associate (serving picture packages to adults), cashier, and photographer.


Apr 2009Present

Bachelors: Criminal Justice

South University

I am working on a Bachelors in Criminal Justice with an emphasis on Crime Scene Investigation. I was able to complete an intern with my local sheriff's office. I was able to observe fingerprinting, the retrieval of serial numbers from weapons and garnered information from the crime scene investigations regarding how to process a crime scene, the photography necessary, how to fill out the proper forms.

I am currently teaching myself photography.


Creative Thinking
I had an interesting scenario while attempting to serve papers to someone. I had the phone number of the person that I was attempting to serve. So I called it pretending I was a courier service who had papers but I needed his signature. I was able to set up a time that he'd be home and was able to serve him the papers. I had previously attempted to sub-serve (giving the papers to a family member) but that didn't work. By using the creative thinking, I was able to successfully complete the job for the client.
High Integrity
I strive to do my best to complete the job and satisfy the client. I don't take shortcuts and am trustworthy in all matters.
Willing to go the extra mile
I will do whatever it takes to complete the job and to satisfy the client.
Fast Learner
I enjoy learning new things. As I study for my bachelors degree, I am studying new subjects. If I don't know something, then I take the time to learn it. I believe in a person's ability to keep learning new things.
Has Excellent Results
I work hard to get excellent results- if I have a problem or a question, I don't hesitate to ask for help. I believe in working hard for a client or working until the job is complete.
I am always punctual. I believe that a client's time is important and should not be wasted. I have learned over the years to always leave enough time when leaving point A to point B or when I'm working on a project.
I am a typist but I'm not sure wpm. I do a lot of typing in my classes and emailing.


As a recent graduate, I am looking for work in my field of Criminal Justice. I want to make a difference in the life of others. I am willing to learn and don't come with my own preconceived ideas about how things should work. I currently live in Monroe, GA but I'm willing to relocate.


I am currently teaching myself chemistry. I enjoy keeping detailed records, listening to people, organizing things, writing fiction, selling things, cooking, helping others, researching, thinking, planning events, exercising, and solving puzzles.


Private Detective Training Course (80 Hours)

Georgia State Board of Private Detectives and Security Agencies