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Master's Level Counselor


     Highly motivated, versatile, and resourceful professional who quickly builds rapport with clients and their families. Driven by a desire to see others thrive in their own environment through newly learned skills.  Well-developed organizational skills which provides much needed structure for clients.  Honed evaluation skills through attentive listening and meeting clients where they are in their lives at that moment.

     Ardent believer in the power of human's to create their own happiness and health when given the skills to do so.

Career Highlights

  • Mindfulness training to better assist students with stress and paying attention.  
  • Created a much needed schedule for the STAR program while employed at MUSC by collaborating with all employee's to find a schedule that would please everyone.

Work History

Jan 2016Present


American School of Bombay
  • Mindfulness class instruction in the middle and high school.
  • THIMUN Advisor/Chaperone
  • Assisted with various kindergarten classroom learning groups.
  • Taught mindfulness using the Mindful Schools Curriculum to kindergarten and 12th grade groups.
Aug 2012Jun 2015

Community-Based Prevention Specialist

Windwood Family Services

Provided assessments and supportive case management services to children and their families referred by the South Carolina Department of Social Services (SCDSS) for suspected abuse and/or neglect.

  • Provided Family Strengthening Services and Voluntary Case Management to families in their homes.
  • Provided various assessments, planning and monitoring of families while providing counseling and parent education.
  • Attended parent teacher conferences, IEP and 504 plan meetings.
Aug 2012May 2013

School Based Counselor

Windwood Family Services

Provided individual, group and family counseling at St. Stephen Elementary & Middle School. Developed, monitored and updated individual plans of care for students.  Provided support services for school staff as well as caregivers.

  • Family Group Conference Coordinator for families (family & extended family members) which assist in coordinating families toward a meeting to make decisions about the best way to support the family and take care of their child(ren).
  • Assist at Windwood Family Services Clinic as a Parent Aide Specialist and Kinship Navigator. 
Aug 2010Jul 2012

Private Tutor / Substitute Teacher

International Bilingual  School at Hsinchu Science Park (IBSH)

Provided instruction, managed the classroom environment, and promoted learning for bilingual and ESL students from 1st through 12th grade.

  • Assisted in teaching 1st grade ESL students English.
  • Privately tutored bilingual students in various grades.
May 2010Jun 2010

HSP- Human Services Professional

Windwood Farm Home for Children

Provided individual and group counseling while coordinating intensive residential care services.  Developed, monitored, and updated care plans geared to encourage client's successful completion of program.  Worked alongside interdisciplinary care team and living skills counselors to ensure compliance with delivery of behavioral interventions.  Promoted family reunification when appropriate.

*I also held this position in 2008.

  • Praised for providing the boy's with guidance to act as a family unit.
  • Children and parents confided in, appreciated and respected me as their counselor.
Dec 2007Apr 2010

Living Skills Counselor II

Windwood Farm Home for Children

Provided a therapeutic environment for residents while assisting with skill development.

Sep 2007Oct 2007

Practicum Placement (101 hours)

Department of Mental Health - CAF

Learned about many aspects of the mental health system with great people who really cared about the youth in Charleston.  Spent time at The Dee Norton Lowcountry Children's Center, Charleston/Dorchester Assessment and Mobile Crisis Unit, as well as within the school system.  Also assisted in counseling male sex offender's and other youth groups.

Jul 2007Oct 2007

Practicum Placement (250 hours)

Winyah Community Hospice Care

*The name has since changed to Amedisys.

Worked closely with the Medical Social Worker, Brittany Heil, to provide initial contact, assessment, and visitations to clients in the Charleston area.

Jul 2007Oct 2007

Practicum Placement (49 hours)

Heartland Hospice Services

Visited hospice clients at the Heartland of West Ashley Rehab & Nursing Center.  Worked alongside the Bereavement Counselor, Kathleen Stringer, to provide support to client's and their families.

Mar 2007Jul 2007

Practicum Placement (50 hours)

Carolina Youth Development Center

Observed various procedures and activities within the residential houses and Horizon House Clinical Day School.

Apr 2006Aug 2007

Clinical Counselor - STAR Program

Medical University of South Carolina

Developed and implemented effective individual treatment plans for children 6-12 years of age with severe behavioral disturbances in a compassionate but challenging style.  Provided individual and group therapy with treatment focusing on developing supportive, skill building techniques.


Dec 2014Sept 2016

Mindfulness Training

Online & In-Person Courses

Modern Mindfulness (Sept 2016)

Mindfulness Without Borders (May-Jun 2016)

Mindful Schools (Jan-Mar 2016 - Difficult Emotions)

8-Week Mindfulness Group (Oct-Dec 2015)

Mindful Schools (Aug-Oct 2015 - Curriculum Training)

Mindful Schools (Feb-Mar 2015 - Mindfulness Fundamentals)

Palouse Mindfulness (Dec 2014-Jan2015 - Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR))

Jan 2013Jun 2015

Continued Education

Palmetto Behavioral Health

Attended various seminars which included:

  • Mindfulness and its Application in Mental Health Treatment
Jan 2012Jun 2015

WFS - Training
  • Strengthening Families
  • Family Group Conferencing
  • Motivational Interviewing

Master of Arts in Counseling

Webster University
  • Mental Health
  • Marriage & Family

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

College of Charleston

Minor:  Studio Arts

Interests & Recently Read Books

  • Mindfulness - Wherever You Go, There You Are; Calm; How to Train a Wild Elephant; Mindfulness
  • Positive Psychology - Authentic Happiness, Happy At Last, The Happiness Project
  • Yoga
  • Creative Arts (painting, writing, etc.)
  • Outdoor Activities


    Meredith Lyons-Crews, MSW, LISW-CP

    Gail Mattix, MSW, LISW-CP