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Work experience

Nov 2006Jul 2010

Social Science Research Associate | School Site Instructor

Stanford University

•  Managed research study within four public academic    institutions, funded by the US Department of Education. 

•  Implemented a web-based program within more than 12 academic institutions in Santa Clara County. 

•  Trained over 7200 clients on software usage and implementation.

•   Performed an integral role as a key member of an interdisciplinary team consisting of software developers,                 project managers, QA engineers, educators, and administrators.

•  Communicated program results to clients.

•  Determined motivation levels of clients and defined "best practices" to maximize progress.

•  Conducted Quality Assurance tests for five products.

•  Authored standards comparisons for three states and two products.

•  Revised content of products based on programs' analysis and results.

Jul 2006Aug 2006


Summer Institute for the Gifted, UC Berkeley, Ca

• Administered curricula and performance reviews for four courses to 60 clients.

Jan 2003Jan 2005

Research Associate

Boston University, Hearing Research Center, Department of Biomedical Engineering

• Established and managed a research laboratory.• Developed relationships with other departments within University as well as consumer relationships with multiple         outside vendors.• Selected and purchased all technological, chemical, surgical and biological products.• Interviewed potential laboratory candidates.• Trained members to perform all experimental procedures.• Conducted experiments and collected data.• Applied and received an NIH grant to fund facility for five years.• Built histology laboratory.

Jan 2001Jan 2002

Scientific Technician

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Joint Genome Institute

• Provided support to meet the goals of the large-scale DNA sequencing effort through the generation of a                   fluorescently labeled DNA sequencing ladder from rolling circle amplification methods, including the rough draft of       the Human Genome Project.

Sep 1999Mar 2000

Research Assistant

University of California, Santa Barbara, Department of Psychology / Neuroscience Research Institute

1) Harry Carlisle Lab, Santa Barbara, California Independent Research • Publication: Turek VF, Wright K, Carlisle HJ. The effect of norepinephrine on the behavioral thermoregulatory             response of vagotomized rats. Soc Neurosci Abstr 26: 1739, 2000.2) Neuroscience Research Institute, Santa Barbara, California Laboratory Assistant • Worked with isolated s-cone cells of hyena and degu retinas by use of oil emersion light microscopy and assisted to   develop retinotopic maps.




·Publication: Turek VF, Wright K, Carlisle HJ. The effect of norepinephrine on the behavioral thermoregulatory           response of vagotomized rats. Social Neuroscience Abstract 26: 1739, 2000.


·Volunteer at Chabot Space and Science Center, Oakland, CA.

Worked with families and students to engage them with space and other sciences.

·Started a leadership chapter at Wellesley College, where I mentored and counseled many college students.

Technology Training

·Computer programming Introductory level Matlab and C++ at Boston University.

·Attended additional work development courses at Stanford University.