Miss Kay, a renowned psychic with over 32 years of experience, offers a full range of spiritual and psychic services for customers in the La Jolla and San Diego, California, area. With specialized readings and healing advice, Miss Kay Psychic has helped hundreds of individuals with unresolved issues, present problems, and future endeavors. Miss Kay Psychic offers spiritual counseling, in addition to the specialty services of crystal work and aura readings. Spiritual counseling consists of the use of tarot cards, in which she can pull energy into the spread of cards in order to counsel clients and provide spiritual healing. In addition, Miss Kay Psychic’s spiritual counseling involves palm readings, which will allow her to gather an in-depth understanding of past, present, and future situations in order to lead clients towards the correct path in life. Crystal work is defined by using crystals, minerals known for their healing properties, to help harmonize the body and the mind. Miss Kay Psychic uses crystals in order to open up the chakras of her clients so that an accurate reading can be given. Additionally, aura readings provide the answers to how the energy of people affects the world around them, and in turn can result in either positive or negative reactions. Miss Kay Psychic helps customers align their energy through aura readings, so that they can remove the negative energies and focus upon positive energies. Miss Kay Psychic’s healing, readings, and services aid individuals in a variety of areas, ranging from love, money, fitness, and more. Because of her deep empathy and knowledge of spiritual matters, Miss Kay has helped countless satisfied customers resolve issues and bring focus and clarity into their lives. 

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 1977 - Present


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