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Work experience


Sep 2012Present

Valhalla High School

GPA - 4.829, SAT -1930, ACT - 32

Academic Schedule

12th Grade

AP Literature, AP Government/Economics, AP Physics, AP Statistics, Choir (Chamber)

11th Grade

AP Language and Composition, AP U.S. History, AP Calculus AB, AP Chemistry, Beginning Orchestra

10th Grade

AP World History, AP Art History, Honors English, Honors Chemistry, Honors Pre-Calculus, Beginning Orchestra

9th Grade

Honors English, Pre-AP World History, Honors Algebra II, Biology, P.E., Beginning Orchestra, Aide for English teacher, Ms. Ellis

Jan 2014Present

Grossmont College

Academic Schedule

11th Grade

Chinese 120


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Personal Profile Sheet

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"The only thing standing between you and your dreams is reluctance." - Carroll Bryant

Extra-Curricular Activities

Cross Country

Junior Varsity 2013, 2014, 2015

Track and Field (Long Distance)

Junior Varsity 2012, 2013


2012 Beginning

2013-2014 - Advanced

2014 District Honors Orchestra


2012 - Most Improved String Musician

2013-2014 - 2nd Chair Violist

Key Club

2013, 2014, 2015 - Club Secretary

Sharp Grossmont Auxiliary 


2014, 2015 - Secretary

Interests & Community Service

Key Club - 70+ hours - Key Club is the largest student-led organization for community service. I've been in Key Club since mid-January 2013 as I appointed to be the club secretary after the club had been inactive. With the other board members, now we have gradually increased our membership to over 50 people. As the secretary, I fill out Monthly Report Forms (MRFs) that report members' hours, information ,and more. We volunteer at local organizations like the Salvation Army, San Diego River Park Foundation, and San Diego Food Bank by sorting food, clearing trash, and packaging meals. 

Sharp Grossmont Auxiliary - 400+ hours - At Sharp Grossmont Hospital, I work at the Volunteer Office every Saturday morning as an aide for the Volunteer Coordinator. I assist her with phone calls, filing, and other office work. I am also a runner for the hospital which entails doing odd jobs like delivering extra clothes, taking specimens to the lab, and discharging patients via wheel chair. I started volunteering at the hospital in the beginning of my sophomore year. At the end of my junior year, I ran for the board as the secretary and I am currently a part of the 2014-2015 Auxiliary Board. Serving as the secretary of the Junior Volunteer Board has enabled me to gain valuable experience collaborating with others. In addition, I gained new duties and responsibilities as the board was to organize orientations and general trainings for incoming volunteers, fundraisers for the hospital, social events to connect the new and experienced volunteers, and continue their regular tasks as volunteers.                    

Origami - Ever since I was a kid, I loved folding paper. I started small by creating flowers and cranes in grade school. Beginning in middle school and high school, I began crafting more complex 3D models of various objects and animals. These 3D models were crafted from little triangles stacked on top of each other and this process consumes about 6-10 hours in total. My favorite part is folding the triangles because I've memorized the movements necessary to fold it so I wouldn't have to look at it as often while I'm folding; I can watch TV or read books while folding to maximize my productiveness during my free time. 

Summer Programs

COSMOS at UCSD - COSMOS (California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science) is a month-long, math and science-intensive program for high school students. I spent my summer before Junior year exploring concepts of Structural Engineering. My final project proposed a model of recycled aggregate mixture as material for building structures in the Himalayan region.

Women's Technology Program at MIT -  MIT WTP is a summer academic and residential experience where female high school students explore engineering through classes, labs, and team-based projects. I was taught fast-paced introductory courses in electrical engineering, computer science, and discrete mathematics. For the final projects in each course, I wired a timer, programmed a Tetris game, and presented the topic of hexadecimals and their use in computer science. The final collaborative project was to design and build the fastest motor!