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During my masters, I undertook the responsibilities of programme representative and being International Representative for the new and first ever postgraduate committee the university has had. Apart from this, I decided to start learning Spanish to improve my language proficiency and take up HTML and CSS to start understanding coding. After learning basic coding languages, I also hope to take up basic robotics as an area that has always intrigued me. In terms of academics, I have streamlined my course to suit a more operations based  and problem solving role by undertaking Global Outsourcing and Offshoring as well as Enterprise Resource Planning modules. 

I want to work at a company that strives towards innovative problem solving is something I am very passionate about. I hope that my CV reflects the contribution I have made in the past and provides an insight on how I am the right fit for your company in 2017-2018.


September 2016Present

MSc International Management

Loughborough University 

I am currently studying a masters degree for International Management at a top 3 university in the UK. The course embodies various modules related in dealing with International Supply Management, Global Outsourcing and Offshoring and International Business Environment. 

September 2013July 2016

BSc (Hons) Finance Accounting and Management

Nottingham University 

Subjects Include: Advanced Financial Reporting, Purchasing, Strategies and Techniques, Financial Markets, Financial Analysis, Business Ethics, Public Choice and Economic Policy Making, Management Accounting, Corporate Finance, and Consumer Behaviour

September 2011June 2013

International Baccalaureate

Braeburn Garden Estate High School Kenya

During the IB, I completed a 4000-word research project on Foreign Exchange as a market of Oligopolistic Behaviour, 700 hours of community engagement, action, and service, took part in other activities such as the debate team, East African Model United Nations, World Environment Day and teaching students from various schools. I had the privilege to interact with a multicultural assembly of learners and teachers. 

Professional Experience

June 2015September 2015

Tax - Summer Intern

Ernst and Young (Mumbai Head Office)

I moved across the three clusters in the department to work on projects, prospective clients, due diligence reports and taxation policies. My favourite area was meeting clients during prospective private equity deals because it taught how a deal works in a practical sense. Additionally I experienced work practices in a new culture understanding different methods used and learning to apply them in various situations. 

April 2015September 2015


180 Degrees

From being the consulting director of 180 Degrees, I graduated to being president during which we partnered with YMCA with other NGO's. Co-ordination of the entity and our team was the most challenging part requiring extensive pre planning. I oversaw the project planning and they accepted our proposal with minimal changes made

October 2014March 2015

Chief Operations Officer


Working for a startup company alongside 15 - 20 other like minded and ambitious individuals is intellectually challenging and motivating. My role was to oversee the operations of the app distribution and business analytics for prospective trends and changes in the tech industry, specifically social media markets. During this period we launched Mumble in over 14 Cities in the UK alone, Malaysia and parts of Europe where we succeeded in reaching the Top 20 in the UK app Apple Market.

January 2014January 2015

Vice President Business Development (sales & accounts management)


I overlooked a team of 13 members. Business Development involved contacting and networking with local firms where we offered them an opportunity of a graduate from another country to come and do an internship. During my term I have signed three 20,000 pound contracts with a local UK company, Become an advanced trainer in the International AIESEC system, Chaired 5 conferences, Trained 10 local committees, Trained the main local committee in Kenya and Signed 12 contracts whilst assisting the local committees in Kenya.

January 2014January 2015


Sanctuary Graduates

Through promoting the job, and university networking with other business school students from various years of education, I have connected 22 students to Sanctuary Graduates out of which 5 have been shortlisted for the Jobs. The "fit" is important to companies and with the 22 students it was important to find that they were selected with an understanding that their values were similar to the company they wanted to be in.

Key Achievements

March 2017Present


Loughborough University

This is a virtual business challenge whereby we are put into teams of 5-6 comprising of students from all over the world. We have to work together and create innovative business solutions for our selected company. It challenges us to overcome cultural, technological and geographical barriers along with applying different work styles effectively. The project is currently ongoing. 

January 2017Present

International Marketing - Deliveroo

Loughborough University

I am currently researching the foreign entry strategy for India as a potential market for Deliveroo to expand into. Through a rigorous screening process of the different cities and justification for the choice of Mumbai as the entry point, I am expanding on different strategies, possible failures and new strategies for reentry incase of failure. 

October 2016December 2016

Global Outsourcing and Offshoring Project

Loughborough University

I lead a team of 5 students to design a grading application, screened potential bidders, negotiated a deal under for under £50 to create the application, monitored the progress and executed delivery by presenting a fully functional application. The project received 80% based on the design, execution and implementation of the application.

September 2013Present

Most Entrepreneurial of the Year Award

Nottingham University

Award winning idea of importing handbags on credit starting with a 10 pound investment. 50 Handbags were imported to the UK and sold locally for 20 pounds each. All the money collected was given to the local children hospital for new developments. We made 600 pounds profit from the bags that we sold falling short of 30 pounds to being the highest raised profit.

June 2012Present

Global Young Leaders Award

Global Young Leaders Conference (GYLC)

I was sponsored by Harvard University to attend the conference, where we debated political and socio-economical issues. My favourite debate was the legalisation of arms and ammunitions within different countries whilst representing the interests of India. Our resolution was passed with no use of the Veto power by a few nations. 

February 2012Present

Harvard MIT Mathematics Tournament

Harvard University

Selected as the top 5 in Africa and nominated to be the leader of the group to direct the teams effort into the maths conference that took place in Boston. Out of the 500 + teams competing our team got into the top 75 of the challenge.

Interests and Hobbies

Badminton Singing Travelling Chess
Photography Guitar  Model United Nations Empowering Education
Painting Volunteering Mini-Projects Blogging