Mirza Junuzovic

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Mirza Junuzovic

Work experience

Work experience
Nov 2014 - Present

General labourer

Lincoln mushroom

Currently working in the factory cooler. Duties include preparations, packaging and the loading of product for the purpose of distribution

Oct 2010 - Oct 2014

CNC specialist

Prevent d.o.o.

During my time at the company I worked as a specialist on the CNC machines (Machines like Lectra, Bullmer and Gerber). My responsibilities included the assembly and disassembly of these machines when required, as well as the maintenance while operational. I was in charge of the parts intended for repairs of CNC machines and keeping records of expenditure. I would often travel to placess where the company required me to (Slovenia, Morocco, Travnik, Zenica and Gorazde). I also often worked with new employees to teach them the trade.

Apr 2006 - Apr 2010

Electrician/Electrical Mechanics

Asfaltgradnja d.d.

While I worked at the company, my job was maintaining all the machines working in the quarry.Laying wiring, connecting electrical panels, connecting electric motors running at 1.5kW - 37kW, synchronous and asynchronous motors.


2010 - 2011

Electrical vocational school, Electrical Motors and Mechanisms 

Middle school for technicians “Kakanj”, Kakanj (Bosnia and Hercegovina)

School subjects:

Electrical grids

Power facilities

Practical examination work

2002 - 2005

Electrical Technician (Machine specialist)


Electrical machines

Electrical devices

Electrical measurements

Language ability

First spoken language – Bosnian


Listening A1

Reading A1

Speaking Ability A1

Written A1

Communication Skills

Personally, I believe I have very good communication skills and am very approachable.

Organizational Skills

 I acquired exceptional organizational skills working in leadership roles at Asfaltgradnja and Prevent.

Driver Licence