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Miron Balyasny’s interesting and diverse business, cultural, and educational backgrounds render him uniquely qualified for his current venture at the American West Learning Center (AWLC). The AWLC mainly focuses on teaching Kabbalah to the hundreds of people who have come through the center’s doors since its inception, and Miron Balyasny is a founding member. At the center, Miron Balyasny reaches out to the community at large through marketing initiatives and special events such as a recent San Francisco convention featuring authors and scientists from the well-known film about quantum physics, What the BLEEP Do We Know!? Miron Balyasny also teaches introductory Kabbalah classes to students at the AWLC, as well as to members of Palo Alto’s Jewish Community Center. After graduating from Ivanovo State University in Ivanovo, Russia, with a Master’s degree in Physics, Miron Balyasny went on to a successful career as an international business developer. His first venture as an entrepreneur was in Moscow, Russia, where he built and managed a footwear apparel manufacturing and distributing company called World Shoe Production. Next, Miron Balyasny changed his focus to software consulting and management when he created the international firm Shift Labs. While the company began in Kiev, Ukraine, under Miron Balyasny’s leadership, Shift Labs quickly developed an international presence in Europe and the United States. Miron Balyasny’s current tenure at the AWLC combines his extensive business background, his knowledge of physics, and his Kabbalistic beliefs into a single package. Along with his activities at the AWLC, Miron Balyasny gives regularly to charity, frequently donating to both the Jewish Community Center and SOS Children’s Villages. A film aficionado, Miron Balyasny also enjoys physical activities such as swimming and soccer. He likes reading books by Carlos Castaneda and Russian novelist Victor Pelevin, as well.

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American West Learning Center

Miron is one of the founding members of the American West Learning Center, an educational organization focused on teaching people about Kabbalah. The center has hundreds of members, courses throughout the year and annual special events.




Ivanovo State University