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Work experience


Volunteer Camp Counselor

Yellowstone Alliance Adventure Camp

As a volunteer camp counselor, it was my responsibility to counsel and interact with children from a variety of ages and backgrounds. We interacted with a different group of children each week, coordinating group discussions and activities to help the students work together as a team and build self-esteem and confidence. We also counseled students in personal one-on-one settings to direct them through life challenges and help them achieve their potential. Supervisor Contact Information: Jim Hawthorne, Executive Director, (406) 763-4727, [email protected] 

Apr 2013Present

In-home childcare provider

In-Home Childcare

In this position, I was hired to provide personalized childcare for two young children. My main responsibilities were to tend to the children's' needs, perform school runs, carry out potty training, prepare meals, discipline when necessary, and supervise them at all times. I worked to serve as a loving, nurturing, and trustworthy companion for the children in my care. Employer Contact Information: Emilee Wertz, (530) 515-3644


Volunteer Mentor

Exodus Farms Child Therapy

In this volunteer position, I came alongside and counseled children who came from broken homes and abusive situations. Through personal interaction, we sought to give them hope and a sense of personal value. We interacted with the children and taught them about farm life and horseback riding to give the kids a sense of connectedness, worth, and compassion for the animals and each other. My main responsibilities were greeting the kids and walking them through learning how to groom, ride, and and care for the horses. Supervisor Contact Information: Ginger Salido, Program Director, 1 (530) 356-5509, [email protected]


ESL Teacher / Assistant

Dalat International School

In this volunteer position, I assisted in teaching English as a secondary language to students whose primary language was Mandarin Chinese. These students would enroll in a summer camp / seminar specifically designed to teach ESL classes to local students and community members. I assisted the instructor in creating lesson plans and teaching students at a variety of proficiency levels. I also helped with classroom management and worked to build bridges across cross-cultural barriers. Supervisor Contact Information: Jason Selvanyagam,  [email protected] 


Groundskeeping / Maintenance

Dalat International School

In this position, I was hired on to perform general maintenance and groundskeeping duties on the Dalat International School campus. These duties included such things as trimming hedges, cleaning drains and gutters, and general campus beautification. We also performed occasional classroom maintenance as well, helping the teachers and students to have the best learning environment possible. Supervisor Contact Information: Francis Clerk, [email protected] 



Associate of Arts: University Transfer Degree

Shasta Community College

Academic Honors

  • Academic GPA 3.9
  • Dean's List (3.5 GPA and Up)

Extracurricular Activities and Positions Held

  • InterVarsity Christian Fellowship - Treasurer
  • InterVarsity Christian Fellowship - Student Leader (event planning, implementing, vision casting, etc.)
Aug 2005May 2011

High School Diploma

Dalat International School

Advanced Placement Classes Taken:

  • AP Psychology
  • AP US Government
  • Honors English (Two Years)

Executive Positions Held:

  • Student Government (Food Service Coordinator, Two Years)


Emilee Wertz

Bethany Thomas

Jim Hawthorne

Arline Johnson

I was employed by Mrs. Johnson

as a resident caretaker to manage

and care for her $350,000 home.

Karl Steinkamp

Jim Voss

Shasta Community College

Dalat International School


I consider myself a well-rounded, organized, hard working, and self-motivated individual who enjoys performing individual tasks as well as working as a part of a team. I am able to think strategically, motivate others and I have the ability to learn new things fast.

As someone who has lived overseas for seven years, I have a lot of experience adapting to new situations and working with diverse groups of people. I also have a desire for opportunities where I can learn and try new things, meet new people, and come alongside others to help them reach their full potential as well.

If I were hired on as a member of your organization I would consider it a great honor and opportunity to work with your team to learn, grow, and serve others. Thank you very much for reviewing my resume and considering my application!


Miranda Joy Steinert



  • English
  • Spanish
  • Bahasa Malay

          (Malaysian Dialect)

Technological Skills

Proficiency in...

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Mac and Windows OS
  • Over 75 WPM Typist

Creative Design

Proficiency in...

  • Adobe Photoshop CS5
  • DSLR Photography