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Personal development coach David Neagle established the Miracle of Money to help people adjust the way they think about money. Neagle posits that a person’s negative beliefs about wealth constrain his or her growth potential. According to Neagle, these people must rewrite their money story. So he created the Miracle of Money, an 8-disc course study that also comes with a transcript and course binder. Through this program, students can expect to learn a great deal about the history of money. Against this backdrop, Neagle will coach students to help them develop a new money story and use this new perspective to take steps that could improve their business or financial situation. David Neagle guarantees that the Miracle of Money program will inspire students to think carefully and evaluate their lives, their money stories, and the way they do business. Furthermore, any student that disagrees with the Miracle of Money course study or is dissatisfied for any reason will receive a full refund within 90 days of purchase. David Neagle also offers certified coach training through the Miracle of Money, with the next round of training beginning in the fall of 2012. Through this training, he attempts to inspire people to help others while helping them learn coaching techniques. The training occurs through a 3-day course taught by Neagle himself. Additionally, the package includes 3 hour-long group training calls, 9 hour-long question and answer calls, and 12 half-hour one-on-one calls. Once students have completed the training, they become David Neagle Certified Coaches and Miracle of Money Mentors. To learn more about this training program, visit .