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Work experience

Associate and Group Manager

Mahoney Cohen - GDL Management Group (GDL)

GDL was a boutique turn-around consulting group with a difference - We backed the advice and counseling given with hands-on support and involvement. The projects were of longer duration and we were often inserted into the management teams of the clients. In some cases, we ran the companies as CEO’s or Managing Directors with planned exit strategies. GDL focused on the smaller to middle sized business arena providing counseling to companies, going through growing pains looking to expand; to companies, reorganizing themselves as Walmart expanded across America. We were the initiators and innovators that played a role in the expansion of Specialty retail – the advent of the “Big Box Stores” The success of our smaller consulting group was due to the emphasis placed on the basic “block and tackle” philosophy. Successful projects and re-organizations include:● The Northface®, Design and manufacture of High performance apparel, equipment ● Fishers Big Wheel PA, Discount Store Operation in Mid America ● Brendles, Family Discounter in Southeast America ● Buster Brown®, licensed Distributor of Childrens clothing and shoes

Managing Director

ECI Telecom Service, Inc.

Resulting from the re-organization at ECI Telecom , Inc  (below), led a Management buy out of the X25 Network Service Division from ECI Telecom. Supervised the formulation of a strategy and monitored the execution plan to service high profile clients like AT&T, Japan Telecom, MCI (Verizon Wireless) Nortel etc. in a declining and disappearing market. In parallel, we became the service arm and support division for a Network based Security system for Bosch Security Systems and finalized the merger of this group into the

Jan 2011Present

Chief Operating Officer

HiConversion, Inc

Chief Operating, Financial and Administrative Officer <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>

Responsible for the policies, procedures and execution of the day to day activities for the following departments: Operations, Finance and Administration.<o:p></o:p>

  • Operations: Sales – Design, Refine and Improve, Maintain an effective CRM system ( for Lead, Opportunity, Contact and Account, Customer Service Management.

Contracts - Customized system to co-ordinate Customer Contracts with database and Accounting software ( Negotiate contract terms <o:p></o:p>

and contract renewals with Partners and Customers.<o:p></o:p>

●Financial: Annual/Monthly Budgets; Accounts Receivable collections; Accounts Payable management; Weekly Reporting - Sales, Cash Management. Monthly Shareholder Reports – Actual’s vs Budget’s <o:p></o:p>

●    Administration – Daily, Weekly and Monthly activities - Office Management including Occupancy, HR and Payroll; Corporate compliance;

2009Oct 2010

Chief Operating Officer

Iron Bridge Tools, Inc.

Re-organized and Re-structured Finance, Admin, Logistics and IT departments of IBT. The company was struggling with very fast growth and had planned doubling sales in Yr 2010. As we progress to close out the year we have succeeded in:

·Finance- re-structure for present growth and set up for traditional long term Bank financing.

·Administration – re-organize personnel to produce fully auditable monthly Financial Statements and measurable results against Budgets and Projections resulting in a first time 5% (on Sales)Profit before Tax.

·Supply Chain, Logistics – fine tuned and stabilized relationships with Vendors, Import Service Providers and Third Party Warehousing Services to improve our on-time needs and demandsof Customers

·IT – A continuous work in progress to pick Systems and Software programs to provide the leverage and opportunity for growth of an up-coming company. Instrumental in setting IBT up to be able to be a Fortune 1000 company.


Dir of Bus Development, Acting Marketing Director

Dovebid, Inc.

2006 – 2007- VP Business Development Counseled and Implemented with Director of Sales 2007 Sales Plan and Business Development Program. Set up Action Plans and monitoring mechanisms to achieve individual Customer objectives. Directed and introduced the Aviation Marketplace.

2007 - 2008 – Marketing Director (Acting)Acted as the caretaker Marketing Director during the acquisition of Dovebid. Directed staff of 12 associates and 2 subcontractor companies in the Event based marketing programs. In conjunction with a Business Intelligence Architect installed a Marketing results reporting system – improved the ROI by approximately 25% in 3 months. Participated in transfer of marketing functions to Go-Industry on acquisition of Dovebid.


USA Chairman and Board Advisor

Housewares International Ltd. (HWI-ASX)

Hired by HWI, an Australian Housewares and Small Appliance supervise and implement a revised strategy and growth plan. Directed a team, including the existing CEO/COO, new appointments of Sales and Product Development Directors, to achieve all plans and objectives set by the Board. Instituted and led a successful group that performed cross- functional activities between the USA (Sales & Marketing), Australia (Design) and a China (Sourcing and Procurement).

Positioned Metro (Housewares) and Breville (Small Appliances) for controlled expansion; Completed the acquisition of total ownership of Canada and merged USA and Canada into one North American entity. Appointed a North American Managing Director.


Jan 1966Dec 1971

Chartered Accountant (SA)

University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

Matriculation (First Class-Honors)

Athlone Boys High School


Over 20 years of diversified business experience to methodically and quickly● identify Challenges and Opportunities,● devise Strategies and Tactical plans, and ● skillfully execute Action Plans to deliver Results. As a successful business owner and executive myself, I understand how to * build consensus, *manage expectations and *drive hard for success. In an advisory or active ‘hands on role', I am very familiar with the issues facing re-organization and restructuring challenges, including, the realignment of costs relative to revenues and margins; the creation of acceptable and achievable business and cash management plans; the regular and consistent communication required internally and externally to satisfy the constituents; the implementation of action plans for medium and long term stability, health and success.

In the last 10 years, my Industry experience has been diverse and has included ● the re-organization and restructuring the Operations of an Importer and Distributor to Retail; ● the stabilization, restructuring and sale of The Northface® to VF Corporation; ● the successful reorganization of Dovebid, the major online surplus asset management company and its merger with Go-Industry, its major competitor; and ● the restructure of Israel’s largest Telecom company, ECI Telecom, resulting in its survival and taking it private.


Business Opportunities and Challenges; Internet and E-Commerce Development; Family; Golf and Sport (in general)