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With more than 15 years of experience in game development, 5 years in IT (IOS, Android, Websites), 8 years in coaching and mentoring, 10 years in Customer Relationship (Customer Support) . Knowledge of product life cycle, QA, development & publishing. Outsourcing/offshore champion with all game and IT projects, creative/gameplay sensitivity.

Work History


Sales Advisor

Lagardère, Charles de Gaulle S4 International Airport

Sales advisor for "Buy Paris", the biggest and most luxurious shop at Charles de Gaulle S4 International Airport, in Paris, France.

Specialist in Wines, Spirits, Gastronomy and Tobacco for international customers awaiting their flights promoting sales for the biggest brands among which the "Rémy Martin Louis XIII" Cognac. I have certifications which are recognised worlwide in Wines & Spirits, Gastronomy, Tobacco and English


Consultant in Teaching, Coaching and Project Management.

Self-employed/Freelancer in France, Vietnam, Singapore

Project manager for off-shore/in-house IT projects on web, mobile (or hybrid). Communicating with customers, gathering expectations, giving full direction and lead in terms of functionalities, wireframes, design, implementation and testing through incremental and iterative processes (SCRUM) for applications. Giving estimation including cost, time needed and scope from beginning to end. coverage: CRM, ERP, localization, QA, websites and games. In charge of planning, tracking, change control, team management, internal/external communication liaison, coaching, and developing soft/hard skills with best practices. Acting as a C.O.O. and studio manager if required. Teaching English also as I am T.E.F.L. ertified.

  • World of Tanks Vietnam, PC game (Executive Producer).
  • Runaway a Twist of Fate, game on PC and Nintendo DS (Producer)
  • Warhammer's Blood Bowl, Night Elves Edition on PC.
  • All applications on Android, IOS, websites, or hybrid with external customers from Germany, Vietnam and Singapore.
  • Follow-up on offshore customers or called in to work on-site with teams.

Head of Project Management teaching in Video Games.

Brainworks / Total, Yangon, Myanmar, Cambridge Certified Institution

9 classes, 154 students aged 9 - 15: Primary 5 - 6, Secondary 1-2-3.

Lesson plannings, teaching, gradings, parent meetings leading. I was the first Project Management teacher in Yangon to date. My main goal was to change the mindset of all students in terms of critical, out of the box thinkings, so they can face and fix anything because everything in life has to do with Project Management: people management, schedule and risk management, change management, conflict of interest management.

My main goal was to make them become the best Project Managers, teachers, mentors and make them think, plan, act effectively and efficiently..



Executive Producer, Head of Operations, head of Training and Development, Front and Back Office Manager, Customer Relationship Manager.

VTC Online, Hanoi, Vietnam

Executive producer for World of Tanks Vietnam (in publishing) alongside 6 internal project developments with Gamebryo, Flash, Silverlight (Squad, Generation 3 etc.).

Developed and spread SCRUM / AGILE methodologies to the whole studio. Deployed QA/QC departments, and trained teams in terms of test plans and test cases. In charge of more than a 200 employee budget, education, learning, QA, training, game production planning, execution, and quality control to fit business needs. Deployed all required tools, set up new methodologies in terms of Customer Care, Work Ethics, Communication and Processes. Provided coaching, mentoring and guidance to whole studio to meet K.P.I.s needs...

I used Powerpoint presentations and revamped processes. I boosted 30% of productivity and efficiency in whole studio.


Windows Phone 7 Worldwide Lead Project Manager/Producer on 9 video games.

Gameloft Vietnam, Saigon, Vietnam.

Planning development, porting and adaptation to comply to Microsoft TCRs, rules and requirements. Managed 7 teams, monitored their integration and production alongside QC (Quality Control). Provided coaching and training. Revamped existing processes to reach efficiency. Worked closely with QA managers. Games released on Microsoft Marketplace: Uno, Earthworm Jim, The Oregon Trail, Assassin’s Creed, Brain Challenge, Splinter Cell Conviction, Let’s Golf 2, Asphalt 5, and Real Soccer 2010.


Producer/Project Manager.

Focus Home Interactive, Paris, France.

Production, Q.A., localization with external and internal translators, and daily follow-up on all productions and third party customers, costs and invoices approvals.

Lead Producer on Runaway a Twist of Fate (PC), Bloodbowl Russian (PC), Trackmania United Forever Startrack Brazilian (PC).

Supporting producer: Bloodbowl (Xbox), Bloodbowl Dark Elves (PC), Runaway A Twist of Fate (Nintendo DS), Trackmania United Forever Startrack (PC).


Executive Account Administrator in Back Office in Customer Support for World of Warcraft, the Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King (Business Intelligence).

Blizzard/Activision Europe, Velizy, France.

Executive Account Administrator in Back Office in Customer Support part of the Business Intelligence Programme, Customer Relationship for World of Warcraft, the Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. Took part in the revamp of Blizzard internal processes, tools with application of a Tier system in E-Learning and training, applicable worldwide. Investigated all account issues (harrassments, sharing, payments, frauds and risks).

[EPIC] Medal of Excellence Award in Quality.


International Project Quality Manager for Quality Assurance, Localization and Customer Support (Customer Relationship) on PC.

Arxel Tribe/The Arxel Guild, Paris, France

Publishing and acquisition of Korean games and UK games with licensing.

- Localization, QA and hotline manager insuring quality in development and support, satisfaction of customer (gamers). 16 games released among which The Ring 2, Devastation, Primitive Wars, Alfred Hitchcock. .


Manager assistant for QA, technical support, localization and Customer Relationship Management.

Cryo Interactive/Cryo Networks, Paris, France.

Analyzed game markets and trends for potential distribution. Publishing, licensing and branding.

Assisted the Manager in those 3 departments: QA, localization, and technical support (hotline). Approximately 70 games localized in 17 languages such as: Asian-Traditional Chinese, Mandarin Chinese-, European ,and Arabian), game support . Test/regression tests/hardware test (TRC/RTC/Nintendo Lot check) approvals for Saturn/Dreamcast/PS1/PS2/Game boy/Game Boy Color.



T.E.F.L. Certification

T.E.F.L. Toulouse, France

Being able to teach English with a worldwide certification.

Class management, room management, schedule and planning trainer.

- Methodology (TTT, STT, Drilling, C.C.Q.), learning practices, PPP (Presentation, Practice, Production).

- Development of the 4 skills (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking).

- Vocabulary, Grammar, Pronunciation and Functional Language.


Baccalaureate in Economics

College Romain-Rolland, Argenteuil, France


Video games, shopping, Blue Ray movies, cooking, riding bikes, outing with friends, travelling, reading books, Role Playing games (Dungeons & Dragons), cardboard games.

Some on-stage events related to video games and IT that I took part in:

Locations: Paris, France and Yangon, Myanmar

Some off-stage events I took part in (related to games, IT and teaching):

Locations: France, Germany, Vietnam, Myanmar