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To acquire the knowledge and skill sets required to become a successful Electrical Engineer as well as gain real-world engineering work experience in product design, analysis, and testing through a jobs and internships. 

Work History

June 2016Present

Manufacturing Electrical Engineer Intern

FLIR Systems

- Designing, creating, and implementing tests for electromechanical sub-assemblies for use on the assembly floor.
- Laying out PCBs for various applications from adapting connectors for ease of debug and circuit protection boards.
- Designing test fixtures for the PCB functionality tests.

Sep 2015June 2016

Desktop Support Technician - Workbench Lead

Portland State University OIT

Assist student, faculty, and staff on campus with technical problems. Common problems include computer repair (hardware and software), printer troubleshooting, and server connectivity issues. A workbench lead also has additional responsibilities in delegating tasks to other technicians and answering any questions the technicians has during workflow.


Sep 2013Jan 2018

B.S. in Electrical Engineering

Portland State University

Senior Standing

Sep 2009Jun 2013

High School Diploma

David Douglas High School


Microsoft Office

Proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. 
Proficient in typing; Average WPM: 100.

Computer Troubleshooting

Proficient in diagnosing various hardware and software problems within desktop and laptop PCs.

LT-Spice Simulation

Proficient in the design of various circuits and performing DC and AC simulations on those circuits.

PCB Soldering

Proficient in soldering components to PCB boards and general soldering proceduresn


Experience in general MATLAB code. Previous scripts written range from controlling LabJack boards, coding basic card games, and performing various mathematical manipulations (i.e. Control Loops, Fourier Transforms, and System Responses).


Experience in circuit design and schematic layouts using Eagle Computer Aided Drawing


Experience in laying out components and traces of various circuit designs onto multi-layered boards using Eagle

C Programming Language

Familiar with C programming language and basics of C code. Previous projects include coding games, controlling LabJack boards, and writing loops to perform certain algorithms. 


- Analog/RF Design

- Microelectronics

- PCB Test Design

- Building/Repairing Computer Hardware

- Heat dissipation technologies

- Windows Server Tools (i.e. SCCM & Active Directory)

- Software Programming & Coding

- Soldering & PCB Design

- Wireless Power/Wireless Charging