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廖天典  Liao Tien-Tien

Product Management & Marketing

Background Summary

Product Development

New Product planning.

Procurement matters

Supplier Development, Contracts signed.



Product specifications formulated, Inspection process and standards developmentProduct Certification Affairs.

Marketing planning

Product Positioning, Marketing event planning.

Education Training

Education in ProductsGoods Effects explanation.

Customer Service

Data AnalysisCustomer complaint handling.

Highest Degree

Sep 2003Jun 2007

Bachelor of Science

HungKuang University

Department Of Applied Cosmetology

Work History

Mar 2015Present

Product Planning Commissioner


Product Development

1.      New Product proposals

2.      Market Segmentation and STP

3.      Product  SWOT Analysis

4.      OEM Development, Sample making Contact

5.      Packaging materials development.

6.      Sample test planning and evaluation.

7.      Marketing strategy formulation.


1.      OEM Contracts development and contract negotiations.

2.      Annual procurement planning.

3.      Inventory Management.

QC, Certification

1.      Product specifications formulated.

2.      Production line examination.

3.      Product Incoming Inspection.

4.      Product Verification


1.     Product copywriter compiled.

2.     Differences analysis between Products and Competing Products.

Jul 2014Mar 2015

Product planning commissioner


Product proposal

1.     Market analysis

2.     Products new element proposal.

3.     Market segmentation and positioning.

Copywriter compilation

1.     Packing Copywriter.

2.     Promotional copy

Research Project

1.     Southeast Asian market survey.

2.     Asians face study.

Dec 2012Jun 2014

Product development commissioner


Product development

1.   Products upgrade and facelift.

2.   Series of new Development  proposals.

3.    Executed development projects.

4.    Process enactment.

Related to ISO 22716 Certification

(Obtaining the certificate in 2014)

1.     Materials development standards.

2.     Materials inspection standards.

Internet and offline

marketing planning

1.     TV shopping channel new products  proposals

2.     Product Ads copywriter

3.     Official website background maintenance

4.     New Product presentation.

6.     Contact cross-industry alliance.


1.     Ads for review

2.    Apply for Medicated cosmetics.

Aug 2011Nov 2012

Product development and R & D Specialist


Research and Development


1.    Hydrolysis of compound fragrance oils.

2.    Cleansing Products.

3.    Sunscreen Spray.

Education Training

1.   Skin physiology.

2.   Moisturizing principles.

3.    Whitening mechanism.

4.    Sensitive prevention.

5.    Hazardous substances in Cosmetic.

6.    Introduce of Organic standards.

7.    Introduce of Green bottle.

Quality Assurance                    

1.    Water quality.

2.    Environmental microbiological testing.

3.    Bottle packaging materials testing and preparing specifications.

Production line operations

1.    Manufacture.

2.    Filling.

3.    Package.

4.    Storage management.

Language Abilities




GEPT Elementary



Level C technician for beauty.


Level C technician for female hairdressing


Computer skill

Word Processing Software  

Microsoft Office

Graphics software

Photo ShopPhoto Impact

Chinese typing

50 words/min

English typing

50 words/min