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I am a General Biology major at the University of California, San Diego. I am a very organized and hardworking person with aspirations of working in research. I am capable of taking on tasks and organizing my time well enough to accomplish all my work. I am also very open to new experiences, and learning more about the different fields of science and medicine.


To pursue a career in the research and to gain as much background knowledge on different aspects of the field. 

Career Competencies


I participated at UCSD's HMP3 (Health and Medical Professional Preparation Program) as a Transfer Representative for the PMP (Peer Mentor Program) club. We helped Freshman, Sophomore, and Transfer students gain more knowledge and experience, by pairing them with Juniors and Seniors that share similar interests and career goals as them. We hosted events for mentors and mentees to get together and inspire each other in a fun environment. I was also involved in my college's (John Muir College) mentor program and was a mentor for a junior transfer student at UCSD. I helped him with questions he had about getting involved and tutoring on campus. 

Career Development

I have a varied knowledge in different hospital techniques such as patient ambulation, bed baths, oral care, priming feeding tubes, bedside manners, scribing for births, and taking vitals etc.  Certificate Available. 

Professional Integrity

I have a basic knowledge in micropipetting, gel electrophoresis, Mammalian cell cultures, PCR, and ELISA . Certificate Available.

Digital Information Fluency

I took two semesters in high school of Computer Graphics. I know a basic knowledge in Poser, Photoshop, and Bryce. Certificate Available.

Self Reflection

I have been playing since April 2011. My favorite composers are Beethoven, Franz Liszt, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, and Bach. I love classical music mostly, but I also love to play modern music as well.

I have done many works of art in both oil and acrylic paint although I prefer oil paint.

Work experience

Jun 2015Sep 2015

Lab Assistant

UCSD Rancho Bernardo Study

I worked on two studies, the MRI study and MrOs Study. I processed lab for both studies simultaneously by centrifuging and aliquotting blood and urine. Took height and weight measurements on participants in the MRI study, as well as preparing medical charts and filing/faxing documents. I worked four hours, five days a week.

Sep 2012Nov 2013

Pathmaker Internship Intern

Palomar Health

Worked alongside nurses as an intern. Assisting patients in what they needed, observed countless procedures such as; C-sections, vaginal births, circumcisions, spinal taps, catheter insertions etc. I worked four hours a week.

Aug 2005May 2013

Administrative Assistant/ Art Coordinator

Almanar Modern School (MCC)

I worked with children by filing documents, helping with art projects, and making copies for homework assignments. I volunteered for the first five years of working there, then was hired as an administrative assistant due to my dedication to the school. I worked 3.5 hours a week.

Oct 2012Oct 2012

Urology Volunteer

Urology at Scripps Hospital in Encinitas

I organized patient surveys by converting them onto the computer patient database and made follow up phone calls.  I worked four hours, one day a week for three weeks.

Jun 2011Aug 2011

Physical Therapy Volunteer

Core Orthopedic Medical Center

Observed Therapy sessions, helped clean beds and did laundry. I worked five hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the summer.


June 2018

Bachelors of Science

University of California, San Diego

General Biology Major

Sept 2015


San Diego Miramar College

Human Biology Major, University-Link Program to UCSD


June 2017

Biotech Employment Skills Training

Southern California Biotechnology Center

Certification in PCR, ELISA, and Mammalian Cell Culture. 

June 2015

Research Aspects of HIPAA

UCSD Human Research Protections Program

Certificate of Completion

June 2015

CITI Good Clinical Practice

CITI Program

This course is for investigators and staff who conduct FDA regulated research or international research with investigation drugs and devices according to ICH Guidelines.

June 2015

Computer Security Basics


Why is Security Important, Top Ten Security Measures, Access to UCSD Systems, and your Legal Responsibilities.

June 2015

Basic Biosafety Training

CITI Program

Initial training targeted for researchers handling or who will handle bio-hazards in a research or clinical laboratory.

June 2015

UC Ethical Values and Conduct

University of California

Certificate of Completion

June 2015

Bio-medical Responsible Conduct of Research

CITI Program

This course is for investigators, staff and students with an interest or focus in Bio-medical Research. This course contains text, embedded case studies and quizzes. 

June 2015

Biosafety: Bloodborne Pathogens Training and Annual Refresher

UCSD Sue Anderson (Director) Staff and Development

Certificate of Completion

June 2015

UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals

UCSD Sue Anderson (Director) Staff Education and Development

Certificate of Completion

June 2015

Annual Laboratory Hazards Training

UCSD Sue Anderson (Director) Staff and Development

Certificate of Completion

June 2015

Bio-medical Research - Basic/Refresher

CITI Program

Choose this group to satisfy CITI training requirements for Investigators and staff involved primarily in bio-medical research with human subjects.

Nov 2013

Palomar Health

Pipeline Career Services

Level II Pathmaker Intern with a total of 285.25 clinical and program hours.

June 2010

Certificate of Competency

San Diego County ROP

Rancho Bernardo High school Bio-medical Technology 1-2

Jan 2008

Certificate of Competency

San Diego County ROP

Rancho Bernardo High school Computer Graphic Arts