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Work experience

Apr 2007Present

Office Assistant

Causualty Consultants of Georgia

hired by insurance companies to find, locate, and serve individuals, answer telephones, type and print up documents, check mail, respond to emails, type up money owed (bills), search databases

Mar 2010May 2010

Clerical, Phone Operator

University of West Georgia

I was responsible for answering telephones, taking down numbers, conducting phone surveys about the University, short project for the school.

May 2009Aug 2009

Residence Life Assistance

University of West Georgia

Answering telephones, filing papers and contracts into the correct folders, explaining prices and  housing rates for incoming freshmen and all other on campus living prospects, Working on Microsoft Excel, Word, and Powerpoint, running needed errands around campus.

May 2008Nov 2008

Security Officer

Six Flags

I was in charge of making sure the park ran smoothly.  I answered telephones when customers had questions about the park. I was responsible for keeping the peace in the park.

Jun 2004Mar 2008


I greeted customers at the door, answering telephones, explaining items to the customers,  I was in charge of handling money.  Filing papers, resumes, and putting them in the correct order for certain job prospects.

Mar 2006Jan 2007


I was responsible for answering telephones and taking orders over the phone.  Filing papers, reumes, and job applications recieved.  Responsible for greeting and explaining merchandise to customers.  Constantly trying to sell products to costumers.


Aug 2005May 2010


Graduated with a degree in Criminology (criminal justice) was also awarded a certification/award for taking 12 hours of intensive writing courses.


Great salesman of products and services.
With my job now I have to locate people to serve which takes a lot of patience and good research.  I am also skilled on the online law database LexisNexis which is used to look up old, present, and current courtcases.
Computer Skills
I am an expert on Microsoft Word and Powerpoint, and advanced on programs such as Microsoft Excel.  I have been enrolled in computer classes since middle school all the way up to the present, in college.  I am a fast typer and can also work machines such as copiers, printers, and fax machines
Clerical (Filing)
I have always been a very organized person, in my own life I like things to have their own place.  I have carried that trait over into my involvement into the work world and have been trusted by companies to organize their papers and files as well.
Customer Service
Since I have started working at the age of fifteen, I have always been around customer service.  I am a friendly talkitive person who enjoys meeting and learning about new people. 
I have a clear speaking voice over the phone and is hardly mistaken for something I have said.