Milton Baltodano  M.

Milton Baltodano  M.

Systems Engineer focused on linux, automation, virtualization and monitoring

Proactive Engineer focused on facilitating and providing solutions. Milton is committed to reach personal and team goals, a natural leader that likes to investigate and implement automation projects.

Work History
Dec 2012 - Mar 2016
Site Reliability Technician
  • Worked on production ready environment  setting up the following technologies:  Tomcat, Syslog, Java, docker, Load Balancing, DNS entries,etc.
  • Assisted with continuous delivery efforts of medium-sized e-commerce applications
  • Improved and provided support to IT infrastructure. Some technologies involved: VMware vSphere, Linux, Windows, Exchange, Ansible and Active Directory
  • Implemented proactive monitoring with the following tools: Nagios, Sumo, New Relic and Cacti.
  • Supported other engineers on new and existing software applications monitoring.
  • First point of contact for production environment issues.
  • Diagnosed and resolvedd level one and level two issues.
  • Trained new Team members.
Mar 2012 - Jun 2012
HPOM-UX Engineer
Adra (
  • Provided technical support for HPOM(monitoring tool) on Operating Systems based on Unix.
  • Collaborated creating new monitoring.
  • Installed and configured HPOM.
  • Educated the customers about good practices.
Nov 2009 - Feb 2012
Customer Service Representative (HSI)
  • Configured email accounts and clients.
  • Resolved Internet connectivity issues.
  • Configured home network devices (Routers and gateways).
  • Provided billing information.
2006 - 2010
Bachelor in Systems Engineering
Universidad Latina

Core formation as Systems Engineer.

2012 - 2012
CCNA Course
Universidad Latina
  • Network Fundamentals.
  • Routing Protocols and concepts.
  • LAN switching and wireless.
  • Accessing the WAN.
2012 - 2012
GNU/Linux Management
Yuja & Torres
  • GNU/Linux Level 1: Basic, command line and basic commands.
  • GNU/Linux Level 2: Text manipulation, Scripting and automation.
  • GNU/Linux Level 3: Network and service configuration.
Technical skills summary 
  • Advanced knowledge about Nagios.
  • Great knowledge about on: Nagios, New Relic, Cacti and Sumo.
  • OVO (HPOM) basic understanding.
VMware vSphere
  • Understanding of virtual resources.
  • Create and manipulate servers.
  • Troubleshoot server issues from the vSphere perspective.
  • Manage server resources.
  • Virtual Machine cloning.
  • Convert physical to Virtual Machine.
  • Patch management.
  • Apply specific updates.
  • Basic OS monitoring, using: df, mount, top, htop, iostat, vmstat, pgrep, etc.
  • Cron and swap administration.
  • Good knowledge in tools like VI, VIM, putty,winscp.
  • Setting up the NFS, NTFS, DNS, HTTP, HTTPS,
  • Samba, Apache, Web Server.
  • Netboot and File Transfer protocols like(TFTP, FTP, Cobbler) for the target boards to pick the boot image from the server.
  • Experience on different Linux distros like: Debian, CentOS and RedHat.
  • Setting up network environments using TCP/IP, NFS, DNS, SNMP agents, DHCP.
  • Create physical volumes, volume groups, logical volumes.
  • Troubleshoot Linux network, security related issues, capturing packets using tools such as: IPtables, firewall, NMAP.
  • Good scripting in bash and python.
  • Perform regular backups, and system maintenance.
  • Functions and variables.
  • JOINS.
Windows Servers
  • Apply Updates.
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • Add additional storage.
  • Create, troubleshoot and modify based on the needs: Port configuration, nodes, virtual servers.
  • Activate notes for a Pool.
  • Synchronize configurations.
  • Add and use certificates.
  • Round Robin balancing.
Configuration Management
  • Automate tasks with Ansible.
  • Software provisioning with Ansible.
  • Considerable experience working with SALT.
Bash Scripting
  • Control structures.
  • Exit codes.
  • Functions.
  • Scripts to automate common tasks and processes.
  • Control structures.
  • Dictionaries.
  • Libraries.
  • Functions.
  • Arrays.
  • Text Manipulation.
  • Retrieve and Manipulate data from the OS.
  • Control structures
  • Best practices.
  • Libraries .
  • Functions.
  • Arrays.
  • Text Manipulation.
  • Hibernate.
  • MVC.
  • JSF.
  • JPA.
  • Web Services: SOAP and REST.
  • Diagnose network issues.
  • Understanding of TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, ICMP, FTP, SSH, SFT .
  • Basic configuration of routing protocols like: EIGRP, RIP and OSPF.
  • Experience on IP Addressing, subnetting and VLSM.
  • Hands on experience creating Access Lists and NAT.
Lester Montenegro / HPOM-UX  Lead, Adra

Tel. 8565-0938.

Daniel Araya / Team Lead , Convergys

Tel. 7183-6146.

Carlos Castro /  Lead, Backcountry

Tel. 8826-3826.

Luis Granera / SRT Lead, Backcountry

Tel. 7017-6122.

Leonardo Mata / TechOps Manager, Backcountry

Tel. 8820-3833.