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Work History


Programmer / analyst

Gem System

Main projects :

  • Data Migration - ETL
    • Customer: Hewlett Packard Enterprise/Ministerstvo práce a sociálních věcí
    • Role: analyst/ solution architech of  migrating to ESSL.
    • The main part was the preparation of migration data from the client's original source systems into the structure defined by the new ISZAM developer. Part of the project was the analysis of migration data requirements, creation of a physical model based on the logical, reverse analysis of existing applications and database models and creation of a transformation process to create the required migration data. An integral part of the project was the creation of a mechanism for loading data from Oracle databases of original systems into the central migration database in MS SQL. With this mechanism, about 8000 tables, of which about 2,000 from each of the 270 decentralized databases were transferred.

    • Another part was migrating all appropriate documents from MPSV original system into  Electronic file system ArsysX.  

    • Technology: Oracle DB, SQL Server, DISL, EA, Java, Groovy


Service delivery consultant

Hewlett-Packard, T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.

Main projects:

  • Amdocs Clarify CRM
    • 2nd and 3rd level support, 
    • technologies: Oracle PL/SQL, HP-UX, cron scheduling, Shell scripting, Visual SourceSave, HP service desk, HP service manager
    • participation in all phases many projects (chage requests): business requirement analysis, project documents preparation, development, testing
    • incident management, change management, problem management, knowledge management
  • HP Fraud management system (3rd level support )
    • anaylist, developer, tech-leader of whole project 
    • technologies: Oracle PL/SQL, HP-UX, cron scheduling, Shell scripting, Visual SourceSave, HP service desk, HP service manager
    • supporting out-of-box SW
    • developing platform for integration with TMCZ
  • REPA
    • TMCZ prepaid billing system
    • PL/SQL development

2nd level team at Business Logic system

Hewlett-Packard, O2 Telefonica
  • analyzing of the PL/SQL code 
  • bug searching, communication with 3rd level support.
  • UNIX jobs scheduling
  • release analyzing and release support
  • technologies: Oracle PL/SQL, HP-UX, cron scheduling, Shell scripting, HP service desk

Web App Development

Web frontend and backend technologies:

  • Angular 2, Ionic, PHP, MYSQL, typescript, javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Drupal CMS

References:,, and many others


professional athlete - volleyball

Volley Knack Roeseare, VK Kladno, CZU Praha
  • Greatest success: two seasons in European Champions League, Master of Czech republic ( 2004, Kladno).

Education & certification


Master's degree

University of Economics 

Information management


ITIL fundamentals


Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Developer Certified Professional