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Work experience

01 October 2015Present

Retail Travel Agent

Flight Centre

I am currently working as a retail travel agent for the top multi-site Flight Centre in Australia. My role is sales based and driven. I sell travel throughout the world. I work on a 7 day rotating roster. The skill set required for this role includes, time management, customer service skills, organisation, team work, invoicing, accounting and stock management. I am currently a part of the Assistant Team Leader training programme.

Aug 2015Oct 2015

Cafe Manager

Caravan vintage beach cafe
For a short period I managed a start up cafe. I took care of all  training and hiring of new staff, cash up procedure, ordering, stock take, barista training , and menu establishment.
Jul 2015Aug 2015

Plum Cafe

Black Dorris Food

Full time business and venue management for the course of a month while the owners went on holiday. My partner and I shared day and night management of 10-14 staff members, stock taking, budget management, ordering and cashing up. It was a fantastic experience walking into an already successful and busy cafe/restaurant and taking the reins.

Dec 2014Apr 2015

Chalet Host Couple

Alpine Action Ltd

My partner and I were employed by Alpine Action as a chalet host couple to run a luxury catered chalet for the 2014-2015 winter season in the French Alps. Our role included catering, hosting and cleaning for 14 guests twice a day, 6 days a week. Our feedback from our guests was rated 5 stars.

Nov 2014Dec 2014

Farm hand & cheese maker

Fromage Chèvre

While travelling France my partner and I worked at a Goats Cheese Farm in the Rhone Alps region of France, for the month of November. Our role included helping with the day to day production of cheese, caring for 35-40 goats, helping with daily house maintenance, gardening, and cooking. While we were here we helped with their plant nursery and learnt basic French, it was a fantastic cultural exchange experience.

Apr 2014Nov 2014

Domestic Staff

The Eagles Nest, Discover Ltd

I worked for The Eagles Nest, a students field work centre within the Massif Central region of France, for 6 months in 2014 as a member of the domestic staff. My role included day-to-day cleaning and maintenance of the centre- which would cater for 100 students per week. I also worked closely with the catering couple and would assist them with producing three course meals for the students- and when required would take control of the cooking myself. I worked alongside my partner, and another two couples, functioning as a member of a highly productive team. 

Mar 2014Apr 2014

Farm hand


My partner and I helped out on a small organic farm on the Southern coast of Turkey for two months to experience cultural exchange and gain farming and permaculture skills.  We contributed to the planting of over 100 pawpaw and Avocado trees. 

Jan 2014Mar 2014

Hostel receptionist

Caveland Hostel

While travelling Greece, my partner and I ran a traditional hostel on Santorini Island, in Greece for 4 months in early 2014. My role, alongside my partner, included being responsible for the management of the front desk, this included checking guests in and out of the hostel using BPO software, welcoming them to the local area and assisting them with any information or bookings they may require. Other jobs included the daily cleaning of the rooms and general maintenance of the hostel. Our time here was invaluable as we learnt some basic Greek, were able to experience Greek culture first hand, gained experience in the hostel/hotel industry.

Oct 2013Dec 2013

Customer Service Intern

Nestle UK

I worked in the Customer Service Department at Nestle, York,  as a temporary intern. My role consisted of various admin jobs such as data entry, customer queries and assisting senior staff with various issues, and dealing with and correcting incorrect orders and deliveries.  

Jan 2013Jul 2013

Restaurant Duty Manager

The Tasting Room

I worked as the Restaurant Duty Manager for the Tasting Room, Wellington for 7 months in 2013. My role included working long hours, managing 4-5 waitresses at a time, training new waitresses, keeping lines of communication open between bar, kitchen staff and the General Manager, and dealing directly with customer complaints and requests. My time here was invaluable as I gained experience in management within a busy and stressed environment, I learnt to deal with multiple issues in a responsible and calm manner, I gained skills in people management, customer service, and I learnt how to assist in management for a large busy restaurant.I left due to travel. 

Jan 2012Jan 2013

Front of House Waitress & Barista

Plum Cafe

I worked at Plum Cafe, Wellington, part-time and full-time throughout 2013, depending on my University timetable. My role included working alongside 4-5 other waitresses, 4-5 kitchen staff and 2 managers, as a member of the front of house team.

Oct 2011Feb 2012

Front of House Waitress & Fine Dining Waitress

The Jetty on Oxford

In between university semesters I worked at a busy restaurant/bar on Oxford Street, Bulimba in Brisbane as a Front of House Waitress and fine dining waitress. 

Jan 2011Oct 2011

Front of House Waitress & Barista

Enigma Cafe

While attending Victoria University of Wellington I worked part-time at Enigma Cafe as a Front of House Waitress and barista. My role included taking orders, communicating with other members of kitchen and front of house staff, dealing with customer complaints and requests, making multiple coffees at once, clearing & serving multiple tables at once, cleaning duties, serving alcohol, working long hours often at night.

Jan 2005Dec 2010

Front of House Waitress & Manager

The Kauri Gum Country Store

I began at The Kauri Gum Country Store in Auckland, as a part-time dishwasher, I then progressed each year changing roles and taking on more responsibility gradually, until I took on the role of Head Front of House Waitress, Barista, and acting manager when the manager was absent. My roles at this job progressed over the 6 years I worked here, giving me a broad range of skills I was able to take with me and apply to future jobs. These skills include customer service experience in a busy cafe, management skills, dealing with customer complaints and requests in a high pressure situation, managing kitchen staff & front of house staff, cleaning and maintenance jobs, the ability to think on my toes in high pressure situations and manage more than one issue at once. My time here readied me for all my future working roles, giving me essential skills within customer service.


Organisation & Time Management

I am an organised person who plans ahead and takes pride in my ability to juggle multiple things at once. Travelling Europe for two years required me to constantly plan ahead, organising jobs in remote areas and transport between locations. I have excellent time management which I perfected at University juggling two jobs on top of my university timetable. 


I view my communication skills as one the most useful skills I have developed from my hospitality experience. 

Social & digital Media

I have a strong personal interest in using social and digital media. Throughout my travels of the last two years I kept and continued to maintain a regular travel blog detailing my journey. This entails using Facebook, Instagram, Wordpress, LinkedInn, and Pintrest.  Linking these platforms has given me skills in managing audience data and insight into how this knowledge can be translated into a working situation. 


I enjoy managing a team, and my experience in management positions has given me a broader understanding of looking at the workplace as a whole, with each member and team, a valuable part. 

Customer Service

My  customer service skills give me the ability to communicate easily, efficiently and professionally with guests/ clients from a variety of backgrounds. 


Jan 20042009

WestLake High School

Member of the Rowing Team, Choir, Concert Band


Mar 2010Mar 2013

Bachelor Of Arts in Media Studies, Marketing & Film

Victoria University of Wellington


Alpine Action

Dan and Milly were a credit to Alpine Action over the season and worked very hard and achieved very good results.

Kind regards,

Ben Butler

Operations Manager | Alpine Action Ltd | ABTA Y5435 ATOL 3292.

m: + 33 (0) 659 04 35 27 office: + 33 (0) 4 79 06 34 16 | email:


Reviews from guests at Chalet Cote Coeur- Alpine Action

  • We could not have asked for better hosts. Millie and Dan were fantastic and went out of their way to make our stay special. Everything ran like clockwork.              Jane Brown

  • Even if we had not enjoyed the skiing, we would still have had a fabulous holiday due to our hosts, Dan and Millie, who were outstanding. Nothing was too much trouble for them. They worked so hard and yet made it seem so effortless due to their organisation.

    Melanie Thomas

  • The hosts were exceptional. Millie ran the chalet on rails, at no point was anyone wanting for anything. Nothing was ever too much, dietary requirements were all covered. After 6 holidays to La Tania, 3 of which with Alpine Action, Dan and Millie have been the best hosts by far. Look after these guys Alpine Action, we will surely be back.                                                                                                                                                    Tom Hayward

  • Cote Coeur is ace. It's really cosy, superbly clean and hosted by two of the best (Dan & Millie) who judging by the other reviews have made a lasting impression on everyone they meet and not just our group.                                                                   Mark Algar

  • Dan and Milly were great hosts, very friendly and made us feel at home. Nothing was too much trouble for them, probably the hardest working chalet hosts in Les Trois Vallees!                                                                                                                                    Graham Lawson

  • Impressed. I wanted to let you know how impressed I was by the couple hosting this chalet. They were competent, attentive and warm but the quality of their presence and unobtrusive friendliness showed a maturity and capacity way above their years. Everything was attended to and well organised and the food was superb.                                                                                                                                       Deirdre  Gorddon

The Eagles Nest 

Dan and Milly were vital members of our staff team, they contributed to the highest level, always maintaining a smile. They are a friendly, outgoing and highly-motivated couple whose maturity and serious approach belies their years. Their gardening skills were impecable.

Sam Hillcox. Head of Centre. 

Tel: +33 (0)4 66 45 83 95

Caveland Hostel

She is a responsible and hard working personality. Moreover she is a fast learner with a positive attitude towards work and new tasks. We highly recommend her for work in the hostel/hotel industry.

Konstantinos Sakavaras


The Tasting Room

In her role as restaurant duty manager Milly has displayed a level of maturity beyond her years. Shortly after joining our team Milly showed flair and sophistication in a difficult Managers role. This role requires that Milly worked long hours in a very busy restaurant environment, she always does so with a smile and a positive attitude.

Tim Clack

General Manager

The Tasting Room
021 064 3426