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I started to think about coding seriously in 2009, took my first job in the field in 2011. I know what it means to work in a team, and also like it very much.
I have a solid understanding of OO, I have developed lots of web apps, and always had a gut feeling that I am not doing exactly what I really want.

I attended CraftConf in 2015 where Paul Butcher gave a talk on various concurrency models (based on his excellent 7-in-7 book). That talk was a trigger for me. I was amazed by the things that the further researching brought to me. It led me to the actor model, to Akka and, through it, to Scala and FP itself. Now I know that I would love to work in a highly concurrent, highly parallel context while taking advantage of functional concepts.

I do use a functional style wherever I can already, but the two main languages I work with currently are not really the flagships of FP, hence the motivation for the switch.

Based on previous experiences, I have the ability to rapidly become productive in fields that fascinate me when I dedicate enough time and energy to it. That must be a superpower we all possess, but hey, hiring me has never been a bad decision for any of my former employers.

Work experience

Jan 2013Present

Backend developer

Virgo Systems

Developed small to medium sites for the web. The most successful product currently has approx. 20k active users.

Used php, node.js, some scala and a bit of java.

Dived into DevOps, got familiar with AWS and docker.

Designed and implemented the better part of, which is a social site for expats in Dubai, backed by a handful of services. Put it back on track (in collaboration with a few awesome colleagues) after a miserable failure and various performance issues. Learned the importance of resiliency (the hard way).

Helped to save over $10k  in connection with a compromised AWS key pair.

Developed a reasonable security policy afterwards, which prevents further incidents.

Sep 2011Dec 2012

Fullstack web developer


Developed small sites for the web. Learned the basics of teamwork.

Education & Professional Development

I attended the University of Pannonia (Technical Management) but never absolved the degree. I don't regret it, rather feel sorry about all those years I spent there without knowing what truly interests me.

After the first few self-teaching years, the first real programming position boosted my learning process. Then my current position catalyzed it even further. For the last year and a half I've been very keen on exploring functional programming and apply the freshly gained knowledge to whatever I can during my daily work.

I am in the process of gaining some reputation by speaking at local meetups, write various blogs and articles both in English and Hungarian.

I am a coach of my colleagues, I share as much knowledge I can and I am very keen on learning from them too.


Approximate relation of the 'known' and the 'known-unknown'
(blue is the known, actual values are irrelevant)