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Work experience

Mar 2005Present


2GuysTalking Podcast Network

Mike has created a vibrant, outside-the-box Original Content Podcast Network from the ground up based on the traffic from his 2GuysTalking Podcast Traffic over the last 5 years. Whether it's hosting his own shows, providing a variety of graphic design solutions for people all over the nation, showcasing the new tech sensation "Podcast Bug" or giving new up-and-coming Podcasts a great kick start, Mike is ready to help you think of things from a completely different perspective. With thousands of listeners and website visitors each week, and a network of 11 shows available, The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network is a breeding ground for innovative thought, opinion and entertainment.

Mar 1998Present

Web/Graphic Designer

EPC, Inc.

Mike conceives, designs and implements all graphics and promotional materials for EPC, Inc. a company providing a variety of IT management services from computer sales to Asset Recovery helping to ensure companies discard their antiquated IT assets responsibly and in a green manner. For more be sure to check out EPC's website online, at

Dec 1992Mar 1998


Deaf Interlink

Mike served as a Certified Sign Language Interpreter for the Deaf with a specialty in Educational Interpreting in the University/Collegiate realm. Interpreting was a great educational experience in general, allowing Mike to touch every perspective imaginable in life. Job interviews, child birthing, emergency rooms and more provided Mike many years of experiences of all kinds.


University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee


Media & Product Review Critic
Mike has growing library of professional media and product reviews under his belt and is happy to provide detail to anyone that needs something reviewed. Got a new musical track to toss? Are you an Indie Filmaker with something to showcase? Got a new product that you're trying to showcase to people and need some honest, to the point opinion? Then you've found YOUR reviewer. Contact Mike today!
Audio Editing
Mike has created a variety of audio elements. From short bumpers, to complete audio commercials, to editing and producing full-length feature audio episodes of more than 20 different podcasts, Mike has the experience, creativity and to create just about anything needed for any effort.
Sign Language Interpreter
Mike has been using sign language since his high school years, and has a formal specialized degree as an Educational Interpreter Technician that has taken him to just about every experience you can imagine. Job interviews, child birthing, emergency rooms and more provided Mike many years of experiences of all kinds. Mike also had the fortune to follow 8 students from their initial college years through their completion of various masters programs. It was an outstanding, real-life addition to his college education.
New Media Creation/Interaction
Mike has been creating podcasts of all kinds and interacting via a variety of services since their inception. He also tours the midwest providing educational discussion sessions educating others on becoming more adept at creating online showcases to highlight Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, FriendFeed, Plaxo and many other networking services growing in popularity.
Mike is a highly proficient Photoshop digital artist and has created every manner of image needed in corporate, personal circles and everything in between. The creation of custom, one-of-a-kind gradients is a specialty that adds to every usage.