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Job /Position Flexibility
Extremely flexible job duties.  Met many different needs throughout career.  Performed exceptionally (references available).   Executive management of Technology, including both strategy and tactical direction. Managing of smaller development groups, with technical hands-on leadership. Product Management - Established guidelines around specifications, process, problem resolution. Operations - Responsible for call center, account management, reporting to Public Commissions Individual contributor - Develop complex architectures, code, specifications, documentation /reports. Prototype development, from initiating ideas ideas to delivery to customer. Great personal relationships - Customer, investor, and employees Extremely good communicator.  Been called the "Technical Translator".  
Utility Industry
Building Utility metering based software solutions for 15+ years. Trilliant - Meter Reading and Demand Response Enterprise system Invensys GoodWatts - Demand Response System: Running Operations, Account Management, and Customer Support Sage - Energy Management system - Multi-commodity, monthly billing engine, handling electricity across multiple deregulated markets, dial-up ISP, COTS products Enron - Meter reading system delivering billing data to internal billing engine Datamatic - Handheld meter reading systems and bleeding edge remote residential DSM system. Involved in building Demand Side Management systems targeted at residential customers since 1996 Trilliant - Prototyped and delivered Unity Enterprise application for Meter Reading and Demand Side Management Using Java based Enterprise system to communicate to WAN based Gateways that talked to remote devices (meters, thermostats, ...) via meshing 802.15.4 radio protocol. Invensys - Used broadband into the home gateway, and 802.15.4 Mesh radio to devices Responsible for the ADRS project in California.  The first major study of the effects of residential DSM across the 3 major Utilities in California. Sage - Used 1-way paging combined with residential phone line, and proprietary power-line communications in the home Enron - Built ReFlex and CEBus based system for Enron's entry into selling residential power. Datatmatic - Used Mobitex network with CEBus power-line in the home Deep understanding of many Utility Metering and Demand Side Management needs Metering data and delivery to billing system requirements Interface, and defining the role of the Meter Data Manager Requisite timing and requirements to the Utility Billing engine Interfacing to the ISO - methods, data elements, etc... Billing determinants, schedules, and corner cases Expertise (10+ years) of Demand Side Management needs at Utilities Competitive landscape knowledge, existing standards (Zigbee, 802.15.4, ANSI, CEBus) Hands on experience running projects for Utilities, driving new hardware vendor requirements, delivered results to Utilities
PHP Built Trilliant Unity prototype to establish functionality, look & feel, architecture design. ShippingRates and multiple consulting contracts have been built using LAMP. Propel, Smarty, PEAR, Eclipse, DreamWeaver Java, JavaScript Have managed multiple teams doing Java development Built and auto-tested multiple Java implementations at Nimblefish and Trilliant SQL MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL All types of Web technologies HTML, XML, SOAP, WSDL, AJAX, Scriptaculous C, C++, .NET Self-taught all development Key is surrounded by sound, Sr. developers (.NET 5 years ago, C/C++ 10 years ago)
Technology Management
Experience managing staff from start-up to large groups. 1st employee at, grew to manage >100 people. Manage multiple remote development teams, including Int'l (India, Romania). Initial product idea, prototype, implementation, production, maintenance. - created billing engine and delivered >50K monthly bills. ShippingRates - initiated idea and developed to beta. Trilliant - built prototype of Unity and managed to production. Hiring, retaining, filtering, and managing people Respect, and accountability for people.  Exemplifying  delivering beyond expectations. Software, Firmware, Hardware products delivered General Management, Product Management, Quality Analysis, Development System development at multiple levels.  Architect, integration, debug, develop 

Work experience

Mar 2006Apr 2009

VP SW Product Development


Recruited to lead Software Product Development in the early days of Trilliant.  Trilliant provides intelligent network solutions and software to utilities for advanced metering, Demand Side Management, and smart grid management.  Extremely fast company growth required multiple job responsibilities.

  • Started Unity, the company's prominent Java-based Enterprise Software platform using web based technologies for SaaS or turn-key delivery to customers.  Unity uses industry standard frameworks and tools delivered into a high-standard customer IT and secure environment.
  • Hired and managed developers, QA, and Product Management.  Managed local, remote, and international development teams of up to 40 people.
  • Responsible for Software Product Management, creating process (Agile), product definition (MRD, PRD, and Roadmap), and marketing (sales collateral, prototypes, documentation). 
  • Managed development of specifications across hardware, firmware, software, multiple vendors, and multiple offices.
  • Responsible for building functional specifications for largest customer.
  • Initiated, designed, and created Unity Demand Side Management products (head-end systems and Consumer portal).  Helped define system interfaces and requirements for home devices, interfaced to vendors, wrote specifications.
Jun 2004Mar 2006

Director - Operations

Invensys - GoodWatts

Recruited to create Operations and Account Management groups for Invensys GoodWatts.  GoodWatts provided electricity Demand Response Systems to the Utility industry through a service and residential controls system.This turn-key service included the hardware in the home (thermostats, load modules, gateways), the support for installation and maintenance, and utility control ASP for configuring electricity loads.

  • Implemented CRM ( for all project participants and stake-holders (home-owners, utilities, partners).
  • Created training and marketing materials for homeowners and Utility personnel.
  • Directly responsible for all project management, product management, and technical sales
  • 15 employees, 8 contractors, $1.5M sales
Jan 2003Jun 2004

VP Engineering

Provided Engineering leadership to Nimblefish which offers a revolutionary high response direct marketing campaign to customers using highly personalized (personal info, timing, content) print, email, and web touches - combined with real-time reporting on prospect behaviors and immediate email and CRM updates based on prospect behavior.

  • Restructured Engineering creating processes, accountability, and schedules for creating high-quality deliverables used by internal operations and creative teams to implement high relevance campaigns for customers. 
    • "Got Engineering moving quickly in the right direction." - Board Member
  • Repaired strained relationship with founding members of engineering team based in Rochester NY.  Geographically diverse teams delivered successfully. Managed closing of ROC office in 2004 (cost savings).
  • Team of 14 (5 ROC) built web-based ASP in Java, running on Tomcat and Oracle.  Responsible for IT, ASP, 99.9% uptime, redundant servers and databases.
  • Created multiple tools in the system to greatly improve services and creative development.
  • Changed architecture to services based, using Jonas and JMS for managing services and communication.
Mar 2001Jan 2003

VP Technology


Co-founded and developed web-based system for freight forwarding industry - offering central location for lowest shipping rates around the world.

  • Developed LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) application for selling, and delivering web-based international freight rates.
  • Created business plan, product definitions, interviewed customers, provided sales assistance.
Jan 2001Mar 2002

VP Engineering

Sage Systems

Led all technology (hardware, software, firmware) for company that provided turn-key residential home-control and Demand Side Management systems to Utilities.

  • Revitalized engineering by creating a professional development environment, replacing under-performing developers with seasoned high performers, and incorporating Extreme Programming methodologies to enable rapid development in a fast-changing atmosphere. This restructuring improved productivity and morale, increased divisional communication and trust, and allowed the company to deliver better products on tighter schedules.
  • Led projects to comprehensively restructure and streamline existing systems and create new systems and processes to meet the changing needs of the company. Acted as Chief Architect for all revision and development efforts, participating directly in the development process for most projects.
  • Maintained development schedules throughout several rounds of corporate restructuring.
  • Assisted with field support, including debugging efforts and customer-support problem-resolution techniques.
  • Managed wide variety of skills sets and project teams including software, firmware, infrastructure, and hardware development and fabrication groups.
  • Helped secure major sales with Utility Customers.
Nov 1999Mar 2001

Chief Technology Officer

Directed all technology choices and development projects as a founding employee, allowing the company to grow from 0 to 40,000 customers in 18 months and generate annual revenues of $25M. Selected appropriate systems, vendors, and platforms for technical architecture, web development, billing and customer-service systems, metering systems, and interfaces for communication between partners.

  • Implemented a complex web-based system for selling electricity in multiple states, including all business-fulfillment subsystems (billing, customer support, etc.). Obtained necessary licenses in 12 states and developed business relationships and complex data exchanges with more than 15 utilities, 5 product partners, and 20 customer-acquisition partners.
  • Initiated and directed implementation of new primary service, an Application Service Provider (ASP) that provided business-to-business e-commerce services including online billing, customer support, new customer sign-ups, and customer management for multiple utility products (electricity, gas, long distance, etc.).
  • Managed budget of $15M and more than 100 people including development, quality assurance, infrastructure, and billing staff and the staff of a newly acquired long-distance company. 
  • Integrated Vitria EAI, Portal Billing, and Kana CRM systems to create flexible technology structure. Hired top system integration companies (Accenture, Blackstone Technologies) to tap specific technology expertise.
Nov 1997Nov 1999

Director of Metering Technologies

Enron Energy Services

Led development of Enron’s meter-reading system as technical head of the Metering Technologies Division (MTD).

  • Recruited and led a team of 15 senior developers and quality assurance testers while managing relationships with 13 business and technology partners.
  • Directed selection and implementation of automated meter-reading systems and created a 24/7 Meter Operations Center to coordinate all meter-reading operations.
  • Led $3M project to create EnCube, a system for web-based control of residential devices that was built around LonWorks and the SkyTel ReFlex radio network.
Jun 1994Nov 1997

Director Engineering

Led technology development for producer of computerized hand-held meter-reading systems.

  • Managed team of 15 developers and quality assurance to create all products.
  • Diversified product line by creating wireless data products and services including Caravan (3270 / AS/400 wireless access), and WISPr (Wireless ISP).
  • Helped secure the largest single sale in company history by promoting the capabilities of Datamatic’s meter-reading system to the buyer and porting system from FoxPro to C++ on an abbreviated schedule to meet buyer’s production timeline.
Feb 1989Jun 1994

Sr. Programmer /Analyst

Developed applications and gateways to improve company-wide access to SABRE, the American Airlines customer-reservation system that held all flight and customer information.

  • Led wireless proof-of-concept projects to innovate ways to cut costs and speed operations. Projects included wireless SABRE, wireless ticketing, Crew-Chief automation, a passenger bus computer to track cruise-ship passengers, and an International Terminal Space Reduction system.
  • Acted as technical firefighter, investigating and solving field-technology emergencies under the direction of the local airport manager.
Feb 1985Feb 1989

Associate Systems Engineer

Developed internal systems for financial analysis, corporate communications, and project management. Gained solid understanding of C and DBase programming languages by working with top programmers.



Dallas Morning News

Delivered the morning paper at 4:00am, 365 days a year through high school, college, and into family life.


Kerrin Addis

Mike is one of those rare people who has the ability to translate, communicate, and help people understand complex technical issues. He is great in front of customers, engineers, IT, consumers, executives - any audience.  Mike presents with enthusiasm and excitement that sweeps you up and takes you on the journey. Put him in front of a whiteboard and he is a happy man.  And so is his audience. :-) 

Geoff Williamson

I have had the pleasure of working with Mike in my last 3 companies over the last 8 years and I hope that we will do it again. Mike is systems/solutions subject matter guru on all things AMI and Smart Grid. As this exciting market takes off many people will gravitate to this "new new thing" but very few will bring the level of understanding and maturity that Mike can offer. He has forgotten more than most will ever learn, and the new breed simply don't know what they don't know. I highly recommend Mike.

Steve Rashke

“Mike is a born strategist and team leader. He completely turned around our engineering department to deliver complex products on a short deadline with minimal resources. Mike also played a key business role on our executive team, and contributed a strong, upbeat spirit to the company culture."