Mike Johnston

Work experience

Work experience

Assistant Director of Building & Grounds

Addison School District #4

Supervised the maintenance and custodial staff of the school district.Assisted  and participated in managing and directing the maintenance of the physical facilities of eight buildings.Surveyed the buildings on a monthly basis with the Principals, submitting monthly reports to the Director of Buildings and Grounds and the Director of Business Services on the status of the buildings, and recommended repairs and capital projects for their improvement.Assumed the duties of the Director of Buildings and Grounds in his absence.

Nov 2009 - Present

Senior Consultant

T. A. Cook Consulting, Ltd

T.A. Cook is a management consulting firm focusing on Asset Performance Management with offices in Berlin, Birmingham, London, Raleigh and Rio de Janeiro.

Participating on an intervention team examining the scope management associated with the processes, logistics, worklist development, challenges, timing, risk analysis and cost-benefit analysis associated with shutdowns/turnarounds for an international gas and oil refinery to drive a reduction in costs and durations of the turnarounds.

Jun 1990 - Mar 2009

Sr. Continuous Improvement Analyst/Food & Bottling Group Leader


ABB Reliability Systems, Westerville, Ohio1990 – 2009

Maintenance Management & Reliability service company providing hosted CMMS and maintenance management consulting.Acquired HSB Reliability Technologies 2005.

Senior Continuous Improvement Analyst/Food & Bottling Group Leader, Chicago2005 – 2009

Directed the management of 110 CMMS accounts in the United States, Canada and the U.K., generating approximately $2.5MM annually.Supervised two remote staff, directed the implementation staff assigned for team projects. Reported directly to the Director of Reliability Services.

·Achieved client savings of $30MM by increasing their production by 100MM units per year, reducing wastage by 40%, increasing efficiencies by 20% and permitting the deferment of construction of two new production facilities through direct management of long-term project.

·Personally managed up to 48 CMMS accounts generating in excess of $1MM annually. Supplied on-site assessments and recommendations for clients in relation to proper organization of parts room in relation to the 5 S’s, (Sort, Shine, Store, Standardize & Sustain) and parts taxonomy.

·Conducted on-site client trainings, reviews, seminars and presentations to management and production staffs to critically impact and improve performance.Developed PowerPoint presentations, curriculum, user manuals and classroom materials.

·Provided written technical reports based on client’s data, providing equipment-specific Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) analysis, Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), Mean Time Between Repair (MTBR) as well as Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) when sufficient data was available.Identified units whose data indicated the need for replacement in juxtaposition to the maintenance costs.

Senior Project Manager, HSB Reliability Technologies, Chicago2000 – 2005

Managed 4 remote engineers, directing the functions associated with 90 CMMS accounts in the United States and Canada, directing client retention, contract renewals and collections, system implementations, technical support, reporting and training.Reported directly to the VP of Engineering Services.

·Initiated and developed work flow process to work in conjunction with OEM manufacturers and clients in deploying turn-key OEM-driven preventive maintenance procedures to properly maintain production and support equipment in like-new condition and ensure Return on Investment of capital projects.Average cost of investment per project was $5MM+.

·Designed and implemented database and equipment preventive maintenance procedures by collaborating with OEM manufacturers and client to standardize existing equipment functions.Enabled ability to conduct best-case practices analysis, made recommendations for corporate-wide enhancements to drive improvements as well as establish commonality for plant-to-plant comparisons and recommendations.

·Increased client’s capital asset life-cycle/depreciation from 10 years to 15 years through innovative methods, re-structuring and alignment of CMMS database maintenance procedures.Results were achieved during in-house staffing reductions without loss of quality or continuity.

Engineering Team Leader, HSB Reliability Technologies, Chicago1997 – 2000

Managed 6 engineers and 8 support staff directing the functions associated with 80 CMMS accounts in the United States and Canada, directing client retention, contract renewals and collections, system implementations, technical support, data entry, reporting and training.

·Conducted project management including planning, scheduling, and resource allocation for the projects assigned to the regional office, monitoring progress and ensuring quality.

·Developed annual team budget, and oversaw its execution. Monitored revenue and expenditures, invoicing, contractual obligations, contract renewals, and account collections.

·Assisted in closing the Westmont, Illinois regional office (2000) and moving associated functions to the corporate office in Alexandria, Virginia with no loss of client service.

Senior Engineer, HSB Reliability Technologies, Chicago1995 – 1997

Managed 6 engineers and 2 support staff directing the functions associated with 65 CMMS accounts, implementations, technical support, reporting and training.

·Lead an 18 month, 65 corporate-plant CMMS implementation project, completing the assignment 3 months ahead of schedule and 10% under budget.

·Presented written trimester reports examining the progress of up to 65 corporate production facilities providing analysis and recommendations to drive improvements in relation to the established KPI’s.

·Assisted client in determining and establishing corporate KPI’s, benchmarking, balanced scorecards and metrics to measure and identify success or areas of opportunity for improved performance to reduce Cost of Ownership.

Account Manager, HSB Reliability Technologies, Chicago1993 – 1995

Managed up to 35 CMMS accounts generating approximately $800K annually.

Implementation Engineer, HSB Reliability Technologies, Chicago1990 – 1993

Performed CMMS preventive maintenance database implementations covering in excess of 20,000 pieces of equipment over a wide range of industrial settings.Each assigned project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

Mar 1987 - Jun 1990

Field Service Technician

Chicago Blower Corporation

Collection, correlation, and analysis of field generated, or obtained, data.Directed field installations and implementation of required corrections, making recommendations based on available data. Field supervision and direction of union and non-union trades and crafts to execute erection, or repairs.Performed trouble-shooting, field static and dynamic balancing, vibration analysis and start-up/warranty service.Provided written technical reports, with supporting data and drawings, to clients outlining the service provided, corrections instituted, and recommendations to improve performance.



Lean/Six Sigma

Chicago Deming Association

Waubonsee Community College

Working Toward a BS in Business



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