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Business Management

Cardinal Stritch University


Rich Heidenreich

“Michael was a terrific manager and motivator of his sales staff. His energy level and positive attitude were infectious and resulted in superior results amongst his peers. If given the opportunity, I would hire Michael for any sales or management position I had available. He is a tremendous asset who truly takes pride in everything he does.

Jeff Rupich

“Mike is one of the best sales people I have ever worked with. He was always one of the best producers in our branch. His customer's loved him. He has the ability to listen and put them at ease. Mike is a very hard working, determined, results driven sales person. Any organization will become stronger once they hire him.”

John "Jack" Laurent

“Mike's work ethic and people skills made him successful almost immediately. He builds rapport with prospects faster than anyone I have EVER worked with. Once he mastered the operational aspects of financial sales, we moved him into management so we could leverage his energy and talent across a larger group of salespeople. Whether hunting, closing, or leading a team, you won't find a better sales hire than Mike Lewis.”

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Sales Executive Leader

Proven innovative Sales and Marketing Executive with over 8 years of experience as a top producer in business development, cultivating strategic relationships, maximizing sales goals and building successful teams of professionals.  Intuitive Sales approach with a proven track record of turning around underperforming teams through inspiration and instruction. Persuasive and influential communicator  skilled in developing and implementing sales and marketing strategies that catapult growth.

Team Management and Leadership

Recruit, develop, inspire and manage high-performance teams that function in a healthy, collaborative and individual manner to produce exceptional results. Exceptional Leader driven by passion and dedication for mentoring and coaching sales and customer support team members to success. Cooperative idea exchange management philosophy generates team and individual buy-in improving operations best practices. 

Strategic Problem Solving and Innovation

Develop custom programs, strategies and initiatives to address specific challenges in the workplace, as well as the market place. Designed and implemented interactive training courses increasing employee ramp up speed resulting in a reduction of employee hiring cost. Analyzed and developed new marketing strategy utilizing international call centers and local community outreach programs to enhance sales while decreasing overall marketing budget.  Developed employee incentives, point-of-sale promotions, sales strategies and client event concepts to help the company’s sales representatives garner more sales.   

Written and Oral Communications

Highly skilled seminar facilitator. Professionally trained as a platform speaker, with experience conducting small to medium sales presentations and mid-sized training seminars. Have designed and written training manuals. Designed and written radio advertisement campaigns and marketing brochures. Provided voice-overs for various sales and media projects.

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