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Strategic Business Development and Tactical marketing and sales professional/ entrepreneur with integrated skills in both technology and marketing/sales disciplines. Twenty-plus years of international start-up company experience and management-level consulting engagements with over 30 clients. Technical Skills include; new product design, development, project planning, software definition and creation, and product engineering prototype work, manufacturing support, and logistics. Marketing/sales skills encompass; advertising, promotion, public relations, trade show coordination, publications design, direct mail campaigns, seminars, customer training, technical support, sales management, sales training, and account management Management experience includes; management of company profit centers, project teams, forecasting, budgeting, and start-up of companies in the US, UK, and Asia. Comfortable with new start-up companies and product/service offerings. Have traveled extensively both domestically and internationally in the USA, Canada, Central and Latin America, UK, (Wales, Ireland, Scotland), Europe, Central and Latin America, Asia, and South Africa. SKILLS & SPECIALTIES: Fast Track Sales Experience: Eastern Regional Sales Growth Experience of 230% over quota managing instrumentation sales reps over 6 months that led to promotion to create and lead new division to generate sales over $4.65 Million in 12 months as National Sales Manager of new Industrial PC division inside existing $15M Data Acquisition & Controls Company. Extensive ISP/Internet Service Experience: Have owned and operated 2 separate ISP's from 1995 through 2008 offering ATM/Fiber-based broadband internet, intranet and extranet services, web-hosting, streaming audio and video services, audio and video web-streaming services, digital audio satellite-two-web streaming services (1996) as well as fixed licensed 39Ghz and unlicensed wireless WiFi services.

Work experience

May 2001Present

Founder & CEO

Ensemble Ventures, LLC.


A Business Development Venture Ventilator based in Colorado Springs assisting seed stage and development oriented companies with strategic business development and product/market positioning tactics, and services. Developing capital formation plans, soliciting funding and partnership alliances for clients and company-owned ventures, and creating dynamic go-to-market strategies for products and services that get's results. 


Developing "Venture Development Clusters" to create small business innovation and entrepreneurship programs for small companies in key vertical markets.  Currently developing VDC's in these vertical markets:  (1) SaaS/Cloud/Internet services, (2) Alternate Energy, (3) Healthcare/IT.  Also in the early stages of development of our new 3Ci (Collaborative Community Capital Investment) funds to create a new seed stage investment fund program to be matched to the VDC programs.

May 2002May 2008


ColoCloud Wireless


ColoCloud Wireless was a Broadband Wireless Service Provider based in Colorado Springs, CO. The company tested and developed a unique “Tiered” broadband wireless access provisioning platform which was an innovative tiered wireless network that combines multiple licensed and unlicensed wireless technologies into an integrated Wireless Metropolitan Area Network (wMAN) that combined the best of breed in point-to-point millimeter-wave technology with wireless local area networks (also known as “Wi-Fi” wireless LAN’s) that can be rapidly deployed and used to provision both internet access and value added services to small to medium sized businesses and consumers in a target market.

Jan 1989Apr 2002

Founder & CEO

Mosaic Development Co., Ltd.


Pursued business opportunities in Data Broadcasting and wireless services through the efforts of start-up companies in US , UK, (89-93) and in (94) in Hong Kong and South Africa (95). After securing an experimental license from the British Government in 1989 to test multiplexed FM sub-carrier technology, accomplished first multiplexed FM sub-carrier data and broadcasts in the UK (1990) and successfully achieved field tests in high speed transmissions for credit card fraud prevention systems (1991) . Solutions developed for a client company went on to pioneer UK Fraudulent Hot Card Business. Previously established relationships with UK and HK radio stations and information service companies to develop unique data broadcasting services, as well as seek additional investment funds for future company operations and acquisition candidates.

Nov 1986Apr 2001


The Applications Group


Independent Management Consulting Company. (Now Ensemble Ventures). Provided Strategic Business Development (SBD), Marketing and Sales (M&S), & Management Information Systems (MIS) consulting services to clients in US and Overseas.

A partial client list includes: ·USAWifi Wireless Network (M&S) ·Synergetic Computing Systems (M&S) ·Digital VoiceXchange (SBD, M&S) ·Integrity PC Innovations (SBD, M&S) ·Science Application Intrl Corp. (M&S) ·AmproSports, Inc. (MIS) ·W4 Corporation (SBD/M&S) ·EyeTel, Incorporated (M&S) ·Ateo Corporation, Pty, Ltd. (M&S) ·StarTronix, Inc. (SBD & MIS) ·Anchor Publications (MIS) ·Vantage Associates, (MIS) ·Intellution, Inc. (M&S) ·Dynisco, Inc.(M&S) ·Allied Micro-Graphics, Inc. (M&S) ·Scripps Clinic Research (MIS) ·The Payne Company (MIS) ·Kaminari, Inc. (MIS) & (M&S) ·Universal Press, Inc. (MIS) ·Visnews Ltd., Now Reuters (MIS) ·Plessey Telenet, (MIS)

Jan 1995Aug 1997

Founder and CEO



Was a startup company in 1995/97 developing an integrated internet business strategy called The CommercePoint Concept or (TCC). This integrated Internet business model created a broadband collaborative communications hardware and software platform using ATM Fiber and High Speed Internet Circuits in Southern California for small and large workgroups, associations, network marketing companies, agency sales agents and the growing SOHO (Small Office Home Office) marketplace. In addition, because CPC actively participating with leading Internet industry players in the development of a new high-bandwidth Internet backbone, the company was able to offer a series of multimedia technology services to customers world wide. Had to scale back company due to funding shortfalls, and a major customer contract cancellation.

Mar 1985Nov 1986

National Sales Manager

Action Instruments, Inc. - Computer Sales Division


Small ($15-$20 Million Sales) Industrial Data Acquisition and Control sensor and computer supplier based in San Diego, Calif. Originally started as Eastern Regional Sales Mgr. Was promoted in 6 months to National Sales Manager, and asked to head up a industrial computer division. With a team of 7 people (4 sales managers, 2 systems engineers), achieved sales of just under $5.0 million in 12 months.

Achievements: * Eastern Region Sales Mgr. - Increased Sales in Region 230% in 6 months * Developed CATALYST Industrial VAR Sales Program (60 VARS in USA) * National Sales Manager - Managed and controlled budget of $300,000. * Conducted National Technical Training Seminars for Sales REP’s & VAR’s. * Supported National Trade Show requirements, and ISA meetings. * Created Non-exclusive sales rep environment for sales growth.

Aug 1983Apr 1984

Marketing Manager

Acquis Communications, Inc.


Start-up company involved in the development of integrated voice processing and voice response systems for telephone answering bureaus, paging and mobile radio companies at beginning of telecom deregulation in 1984. As Marketing Manager, developed new product and marketing plan for a line of automated telephone answering, voice response and paging sub-systems. Set-up distribution channels in the United States. Defined software for system, oversaw hardware and software development efforts, conducted nationwide trade shows, developed marketing materials.


* Conducted Market Research * New Product Definition * Software Definition/Flowchart * Managed Prototype Development * Synthetic Speech Development * Created Product Family * Developed Advertising Materials * Coordinated Trade Shows * Began U.S. Distribution Program

Sep 1981Aug 1983

Product Marketing Manager

Misar Industries, Inc.


Start-up company developing state-of-the-art teleconferencing systems for the Fortune 500 marketplace. Was an early pioneering company in the area of corporate video teleconferencing creating advanced board-room level imaging and audio control systems in both portable and fixed configurations. Responsible for both MISAR-I and MISAR-II video teleconferencing product lines. Set-up trade shows around the US to demonstrate product.


* New Product Development * Human Factors Research/Design * Coordinated Sub-contract Work * Developed Software Definition * Coordinated Trade Shows * Created Training Materials * Customer Field Support * Designed Company Ad Materials * Coordinated Demonstrations * Developed Consulting Program


Why was Misar 25 Years ahead of the Video Teleconferencing Marketplace of today ?  Simple.  It thought outside the box and developed an innovative audio and video imaging, capture and communications solution, that led the way in developing and patenting all the current large screen and above monitor camera locations, eye contact dynamics, room design, etc.  Not much has changed in 25 years.  See what the "Future" looked like 25 years ago, and how fortunate I was to be a part of this groundbreaking start-up company in this PDF Summary of my MISAR Professional Experience:  Misar Experience Overview

Aug 1980Sep 1981

EM Designer

Intel Corporation


Employed at the new fab engineering division within Intel. Group was responsible for the design and specification of new semiconductor fabrication plants. Work entailed liaison between systems engineers, process engineers, and architectural engineers to create detailed construction drawings and elevations for custom process equipment installations. Heavy design and drafting work as well as field work at construction sites.

Tasks Included: * Architectural Interior Design * Liaison with Engineering * Industrial Design/Coordination * Dev. “Tecpac” Tracking System * Created Documentation System * Used “Minimax” Design System * Phoenix (FAB 6), Albuq. (FAB 7), Livermore (FAB 3), Mt. View (FAB 2)

Social Networking


Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group

Chair of the Colorado Springs Entrepreneurship Group, (520+ Members) -

Local Entrepreneurs, Small Business People, and Business Service Leaders that want to grow their businesses and lead their fields are participating in this vibrant local small business group to collaborate, communicate, and participate together in envisioning, and executing, their life's work, or a visionary new product or service.

CIO Colorado

We are a group of Colorado citizens who seek to support a ‘turn around’ of our State’s economy through the formation of new businesses and creation of new jobs by utilizing Colorado's Citizens and Small Businesses as it's central source of Innovation.  That's why we named it "CIO" for "Chief Innovation Office"  It is necessary to make major changes in how economic development activities are conducted in this State and in making the State the superior location to form a new business.  CIO Colorado will be focused on and led by small business because small businesses are historically the largest single source of new jobs.



Business Admin & Marketing Management

Orange Coast College - Costa Mesa, California 1981 - 1983. Studies in Business Administration and Marketing Management

Business Administration

De Anza Jr. College - Cupertino, California 1978 - 1981 Undergraduate Studies in General Education and Business Administration