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Games executive with Duke MBA, extensive video game, animation, digital video, and other digital media experience and a proven track record of 13 years of increasingly responsible positions within high-tech and entertainment firms. Expertise demonstrated in the following:

    Project Management                                          Production Management                        Team Leadership

    Business Development                                    Game Development                                Strategic Planning


Expert in 3D Graphics (OpenGL and Direct3D), Digital Media creation (Shooting, Ingesting, Editing) and distribution. C and C++ programming.  Working knowledge with Assembly, Perl, Cobol, Java, Visual Basic, SQL, HTML, XML, and Service Oriented Architecture (SOAP, WSDL, etc).  Strategic understanding of core video game technologies: physics, AI, networking, sound, modeling, animation, and level-design.


Work experience

Business Development Manager/Technical Evangelist for a 3D Graphics middleware firm

  • Co-developed a go-to-market plan for entering the serious games market with NDL's Gamebryo 3D graphics engine. Resulted in a successful showing at I/ITSEC 2003, an 830% increase in sales leads and a 400% increase in active evaluators.
  • Spearheaded marketing and business development initiatives for evangelizing Gamebryo with game publishers. Successfully leveraged these initiatives to develop new, high-level relationships with Atari, Eidos, Sega, Activision, Konami, LucasArts, THQ and EA.
  • Led strategic partnership initiatives at NDL to fill holes in product line-up. Partnerships resulted in networking, physics, AI, facial animation, and asset management integration into the Gamebryo.
  • Prepared and delivered executive-level presentations to both internal and external audiences.
  • Co-developed technical marketing booklet for new Gamebryo push marketing strategy. Targeted at technical directors with video game firms, and creatively helped to succinctly address typical barriers to 3rd party technology adoption.
  • Designed an innovative license model specifically for game publishers. Model facilitated NDL entering a new market selling Gamebryo directly to game publishers.

President and CEO


  • Led business development and production efforts for over $500k in client projects
  • Designed and developed all new Facebook application for crowd-sourcing of games and game ideas:
  • Led rebranding of company resulting in high quality materials and guidelines including logo, website, and other assets
  • Executive produced 6 game projects including Tiki Towers, Slug Wars, The Squadron and other video games for Wii, iPhone, iPad, PC and Mobile platforms, resulting in hit level sales on all platforms
  • Negotiated deal with Lockheed Martin resulting in $180k note payable investment to pursue new business model
  • Developed all new digital download and social gaming based business plan, and spearheaded fund raising efforts resulting in personal presentations to over 30 top rated VC funds including Kliener Perkins, Accel, Matrix and others
  • Designed and implemented all new viral social networking strategy for release of iPhone game, Slug Wars, resulting in Facebook fan page with over 1000 fans before release with no advertising or marketing budget.
  • Traveled to 3 South American countries visiting over 20 studios.This resulted in Signing and managing 3 South American game studios on 6 separate game projects


  • Founded 12 person cartoon production company, and raised $350,000 in venture capital to fund production. Led team in design of cartoon concept, writing, casting of characters, animation and sound production and post production process. Completed production of two half-hour direct to DVD episodes currently in stores.
  • Created comprehensive business, marketing and financial plan for the creation of a cartoon production company. Used plan to secure $350,000 in venture funding.
  • Led team in the design of the "Juniors Giants" cartoon concept; a direct to DVD cartoon that champions Christian Values to a 4-11 year old demographic.
  • Directed main character development, script writing, casting of characters, animation and sound production and post production process resulting in 2 direct to DVD episodes currently in stores.
  • Designed and coded custom software plug-ins for Adobe After effects to support the creation of a robust and comprehensive 2D animation system.
  • Created production schedule to manage a team of 12 in writing, design, art design, animation, sound production, music production, casting, recording, and post production activities.
  • Designed and deployed digital distribution and virtual workflow system for coordinating efforts of geographically diverse animation, sound and art team.
  • Completed the production of 2 episodes for the initial investment of $350,000, a unique accomplishment given the typical production budgets of most half-hour cartoons.
  • Designed three phased marketing strategy and successfully negotiated 3 distribution deals. Plan resulted in product placement in Wal-Mart, Deseret Book, Seagull Book, Family Christian, Parable, Provident, and numerous other stores.
  • Managed the design and deployment of top quality websites to support DVD release plan ( and
  • Created high quality cartoon concepts and pitches to present to PBS, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon.

Director of Business Development for Mobile and New Platforms, Casual Games group

  • Spearheaded publishing efforts for Xbox 360, Wii, and Nintendo DS games, resulting in 7 games currently in development
  • Created models for new XBOX Live Arcade business including extensive financial models and market projections.
  • Negotiated all new multi-year licensing deal with Mattel Inc. for creation of new casual games.
  • Directed new business development efforts for licensing well known IP from licensors.
  • Managed 4 person senior production team and day to day licensed game business for Real, lead strategic planning, production, and business development for multi-million dollar business.
  • Managed business relationships for Casual Games group with Microsoft, Atari, Mattel, Nintendo, Sony, Apple and Hasbro.
  • Created business planning models for the Real Licensed game business including detailed cost market and sales projections
  • Brokered agreement between Hasbro, Atari, and Real Networks to wholesale Atari's version of the Hasbro titles: Monopoly, Scrabble, Game of Life, and Yahtzee.
  • Lead senior production team in game design, production and 3rd party outsourcing of game titles based on Hasbro's licenses: Monopoly, Yahtzee, Game of Life, Clue and Scrabble. 6 games currently in production with 10 planned for 2008
  • Lead planning of local PR event for the launch of Scrabble; a Man vs. Machine competition with the Nation Scrabble Open Champion playing against our game for a 10k prize. Event resulted in significant local and national press attention including a front page above the fold feature in the Seattle Times.
  • Negotiated direct distribution for Real's 1st and 2nd party casual games titles with Microsoft on the MSN Games site.

Business Development Consultant

  • Led the analysis of a market opportunity for a new business venture leveraging Microsoft gaming technology
  • Employed a bottom up approach for market sizing thus providing key data for business plan
  • Led the exploration and analysis of current market needs and product design features
  • Designed license model based on marketing and product analysis

Senior Software Engineer for a 3D graphics chip company

  • Led 5-person 3D graphics software engineering team in order to successfully pass a stringent suite of software tests necessary to gain "Designed for Windows" logo for Windows XP.
  • Proposed and helped establish remote software development center for California based company. Currently considered the most valuable remote operation for the company based on engineering output compared with four other remote offices.
  • Drove performance optimization of software design resulting in DirectX drivers that exceeded the customer's performance criteria by 12% as measured by industry benchmarks. Led to a significant ongoing relationship.
  • Spearheaded transition of drivers from DirectX 8 to DirectX 9.0.
  • Submitted innovative software driver technique for a patent for handling of dynamic textures in a 3D graphics pipeline.
  • Designed OpenGL to D3D wrapper to meet crucial market need; enabled our hardware to run Quake 2 well before completion of formal software OpenGL driver, increasing media coverage by 30%.
  • Implemented key features of software for graphics card product, resulting in several industry awards including: PC Magazine "Editor's Choice", Maximum PC "Kick Ass" among others.



Master of Business Administration

DUKE UNIVERSITY, The Fuqua School of Business

May 2003.  3.7 GPA, 710 GMAT

  • Led marketing initiatives for evision, the largest technology conference in the southeast. As the Marketing Director for the conference, increased attendance by 20% from previous years.
  • Led the creation of a filmed comedy show at the Fuqua School of Business as president of FuquaVision. Coordinated up to 10 teams of students to produce a 50 minute video every 6 weeks. Increased quality attracted up to $5000 in sponsorship per show.
  • Authored the "The Technology Corner" a weekly column in "The Fuqua Times". Demonstrated ability to leverage technical background by bringing complex technical issues to light from a business perspective
  • Selected as statistics, finance, and communications teacher's assistant based on academic performance.
  • Selected as a 2002/2003 Admissions fellow (interviewing incoming MBA candidates) based on ability to favorably present The Fuqua School of Business.
  • Demonstrated excellent academic ability, earning the 2002/2003 Julian Connally Scholarship. Awarded each year to candidates with high academic achievement, and leadership potential.

Bachelor of Science


May 1997.

  • Co-Founded on-campus comedy performance club. Wrote, directed, and performed in 60-minute live comedy shows monthly that consistently drew audiences of 600 or more students who paid a $6 admission fee.