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Work experience

Feb 1986Present

Free Lance Engineer/Delivery Captain/Marine Surveyor

Mike Patterson Yacht Services

Since 1986, I have provided wide-ranging mechanical repair, installation and design services to clients as owner of M.P. Yacht Services. This includes diesel, high-performance gas, electrical, hydraulic and more.

My primary focus has been in serving the needs of large yachts and small ships from 40’ to 160’. The extraordinary complexity of today’s marine vessels has resulted in a wide array of mechanical skills and design accomplishments. My secondary focus has evolved into working with industrial fluid power; utilizing closed-loop control of mechanical and hydraulic systems. This corresponds well to Tier 2 emissions control systems. I have been certified as a California smog mechanic.

My mechanical design, fabrication, and installation services are requested by yacht builders worldwide; as an expert in marine systems, and yacht stabilization.

On a daily basis, MP Yacht Services provides full mechanical management, system installation and maintenance programs. These custom programs ensure the customer’s vessel is always ready for sea.

Decades of trouble-shooting experience has provided an exceptional opportunity for me to quickly recognize small problems, before they become expensive problems when the equipment is needed most. Upgrading the design of faulty components has become my specialty. Not all problems are related to age. Often, failures are related to inadequate design and manufacture. Time and budget permitting, I find that redesign, or simple augmentation is necessary in order to ensure the longevity of a system which is exposed to extraordinary use.

I have been sought out as an expert in other specialty areas such as underwater corrosion control issues, complex electrical diagnostics, and Sub Chapter-T; electrical- refits.

My tertiary work as a delivery captain and delivery engineer has provided experiences on many US coastlines and portions of the I.C.W.,Baja Mexico, and South Pacific Islands. 


Boat Builder

Personal Boating Experience

Built my first personal boat.

At around 16 yrs old I constructed a redwood strip canoe with a thin fiberglass lay-up. 

I convinced my highschool wood shop teacher to allow the canoe as my class project. He told me, I would never finish on time. He was right of course. My grade for the unfinished project was low. But, I didn't care. it was the only way to have use of all the power tools required for the job. I finished construction in a family friend's garage. He wanted use of the forms to build his own. Thirty some years later, he never did build the canoe.

The most interesting lesson I learned was.. never mix up a full gallon of resin when you are surrounded by five teenage friends, and have no idea what you're doing. We rushed the smoking gallon of resin outside as the paper label scorched.

Since then I have completed two, thirty-five foot sailboats -for my own use. Both from bare hulls.

People still bring up that canoe at reunions.

Oct 1989Oct 1990

Bos'n Mate/ Law Enforcement Officer

USCGC Point Bridge WPB 82338

USCG Reserve.

This ship was an 82' US Coast Guard Cutter.

My duties were many aboard the ship. Listed in no particular order.

Search and rescue crew.

Deck Bos'n while assisting disabled vessels.

Boarding Officer.

Underway OOD The underway OOD is the bridge officer in complete control of the safety, navigation and operation of the ship. Operates under the Captain's standing orders. Bridge duties included all navigation duties including regular radar position navigation along coastal areas. Standard navigational procedures otherwise. 

In-port OOD.  Responsible for the safety of the ship while the captain was otherwise occupied or ashore. Also trained as ship's engineer; so as to be ready to fill in at any time.

Federal Law Enforcement Officer.

Drug Interdiction officer trained and worked with the DEA.

Deck Bos'n. Responsible for all maintenance of the ship except engineering.

Rescue gear officer. Maintained rescue gear.

Boarding officer. Conducted safety and enforcement boarding’s of private and commercial vessels.

Boating safety. Instructed outside entities as requested on safe boating.

Filled in anywhere and everywhere as needed. 

See listings under Coast Guard prevention and Coast Guard response for additional listing of our ship's responsibilities.

Oct 1985Oct 1989

Law Enforcement Officer/ Rescue Crewman

USCG SAR Station Long Beach

USCG Reserve. Crew on 41' rescue utility boats. Law Enforcement Officer. Boarding officer. Provided search and rescue, marine safety, security, drug interdiction, and environmental protection throughout the harbors and waters of California. Joint Training with USCG Air station Los Angeles. Worked with HH65 Dolphin helicopters during rescues and training.

Station Los Angeles Long Beach is one of the busiest stations on the West Coast.  The area of responsibility

Aug 1984Sep 1985

Search and Rescue Crewman

USCG Reserve, Newport, Oregon

Ready rescue crew. Senior deck Bos'n during Ocean Search and Rescue off the Oregon coast. Vessels used included the 44' MLB described in my job description for USCG Rescue Station Umpqua River. Duties were also very similar to all previously mentioned. With experience and rate, it is always expected that all personnel are ready to fill any need, at any time. Fortunately, I was provide with a great deal of previous experience to rely on.

Also served at USCG Station Siuslaw River as required.

Feb 1983Jan 1984

Law Enforcement Officer

US Navy Law Enforcement

Assignment to US Naval police department. Worked with NIS and NICS.

Provided law enforcement and rescue services to Naval Station Agana Guam and surrounding naval properties and residential areas. Provided security for visiting dignitaries. Responded to and conducted preliminary investigation of crime scenes, from family disputes to murder. Provided physical security along with law enforcement and anti-terrorism duties. Federal law enforcement advisor, enforced federal and naval regulations, trained and led new officers, worked with drug enforcement canine handlers.

Also worked as desk sergeant, traffic accident investigator and traffic enforcement officer.

Jul 1981Feb 1983

Boatswains-mate 3rd class

USCGC Cape George WPB-95307

Active duty. This ship was a 95' US Coast Guard Cutter.

My duties were many aboard the ship.Listed in no particular order.

Underway OOD (USCG uses petty officers on smaller ships. This is a position held by officers in the Navy and larger USCG ships.) The underway OOD is the bridge officer in complete control of the safety, navigation and operation of the ship. Operates under the Captain's direction and orders. Bridge duties included all navigation duties including regular radar position navigation along coastal areas. Standard navigational pocedures otherwise. At that time Loran-A (yes that was a while ago).

In-port OOD  Responsible for the safety of the ship while the captain was ashore. Also trained as ship's engineer, so as to be ready to fill in at any time.

Federal Law Enforcement Officer; See URL

Drug Interdiction officer trained and worked with the DEA

Deck Bos'n. Responsible for all maintenace of the ship except engineering.

Rescue gear officer. Maintained rescue gear.

Gunnery officer. Reponsible for ship's weaponry.

Public affairs officer. Wrote press releases and handle pablic affairs duties.

Ships carpenter

Scrounger. When on a remote island, it is often difficult to aquire supplie through regular channels. (always above board. The Navy seemed to have plenty of extra equiptment to spare.)

Boarding officer. Cunducted safety boardings of prvate and commercial vessels.

Boating safety. Instructed outside entities as requested on safe boating.

Filled in anywhere and everywhere as needed.

See listings under Coast Guard prevention and Coast Guard response for a comple listing of our ship's responsibilities.


Boatswains-Mate /BMOW

USCG 180' Buoy Tender "Basswood" 388

Active Duty. Temporary Assignment. Two month deployment to the south pacific and Philippines. BMOW (Bos'n mate on watch) underway and in port. Responsible for the safety and security of all deck areas and equipment while underway and in port.

Deck crew during hydraulic boom operations. Hauled out sea buoys for scheduled maintenance in the waters of the Philippines where US ships transit. Also serviced buoys and aids to navigation off Pacific Islands which were US trust territories. Launch crew during small boat deployment by the side davit system on ship.

This temporary assignment required quickly learning new roles on an unfamiliar ship.  Required leadership skills since I was senior Bos'n to many crew who were full time on the ship.

Jun 1981Jul 1981

Rescue Crew

USCG Rescue Honolulu Hawaii

Active Duty. Assigned temporary duty while awaiting my new ship assignment to USCGC Cape George.

Duties included ready crew on 41' rescue boats. Senior deck crew during search and rescues.

Mar 1981May 1981

Class Leader - Bos'n Student

USCG A-School - boatswains-mate

Active Duty. 12 week intense advanced program. Boatswains-mate training. Trained in all aspects of deck and bridge seamanship. Search and rescue, firefighting and more. The best description of this school is provided by the USCG at

Appointed class leader by commanding officer of Bos'n school. Command of approximately 40 men and women. Responsible for all aspects of the daily routine of the military students in my class.

Jul 1979Feb 1981

Search and Rescue Crewman

USCG Rescue Station Umpqua River

First active duty unit.

Duties included, in order of priority: Ocean Search and Rescue crewman, radio operator, military communications. Answered distress calls and dispatched ready crews. Additional duties included watch tower crew, boat-keeper, ships carpenter, photojournalist, public affairs and assistant instructor.

Daily training prepared the crews for any type of response and rescue operations. Worked several times monthly with USCG helicoperters in training and rescues.

This was one of the busiest heavy ocean rescue stations in the United States. Rescue vessels in use at the time were the 44' MLB. These vessels  were built to withstand a 360 degree roll over and re-right itself. The crew wore complete survival suits and helmets. Straps attached to the crew were designed to quick-clip on to areas of the boats where the crew worked during a rescue. These straps ensured that the crew were attached to the boat at all times. Every piece of gear was tied down in some way. Even the smallest item had to be cut loose with a crewman’s knife, before it could be utilized. The vessel was fitted with watertight hatches and deck plates to maintain seven completely watertight compartments in case of damage. All entry hatches were closed immediately after use.

During this time period, I was temporarily assigned to Coast Guard Station Cape DisappointmentIlwaco, WA 98624-0460.

I was support crew for the MLB training school. This was the world-wide training center for coxswains of the 44' MLB. Duties included sole responsibility for the maintenance of one vessel, and it’s rescue systems, except engine space. I also performed duties as crew during sessions operating in the heaviest surf portion of the Columbia River entrance and as surf-rescue lifeguard during swim rescue training.

Jul 1978Jul 1979


USCG Marine Safety Office

USCG Reserve. This began my first year as a professional mariner.

Initial USCG training was boot camp at Alameda, California. Upon successful completion of boot camp I was assigned reserve duty while attending senior year in high school.

Portland MSO is a marine safety office located at the port city of Portland Oregon. My duties as a seaman included rescue boat crew, pollution response and patrol, boating safety crew, port security, and container-vessel inspection crew.



Military and Marine Seminars

Through the years I have attended many USCG, Navy ,Law Enforcement, Trade School classes, and marine engineering seminars. Some are show in the portfolio section of this resume. Many certificates of completion were lost through my 30+ years. Most special skill items throughout the CV required some type of formal training.

Sep 1984Sep 1985

Chemeketa Center for Business

Attended courses in business. Classes included marketing, business management, business law, psychology and business communications.


Fire Fighting and Damage Control
As a former Coastie, I have been highly trained in damage control. Damage control drills are a vital component of life on a military ship. I have experience in leading damage control parties on ships of different types. I have actual experience extinguishing fires on vessels in distress. Over my 30 years, there have been several instances of vessels near me caching fire while working dockside. I have personally saved two by myself while working dockside. Fire is a very common occurrence.  Very familiar with firefighting equipment.
Fire Arms
Military and Law Enforcement trained in use of, safety and fire discipline. Able to teach guests and ensure safety if using shotguns etc. at sea.
Computer Skills
  Skilled in typical computer uses and programs. Able to hook up and use most equipment.  
Additonal Skill List
·                                Cooking -Familiar with cooking basic crew meals in a ships galley. Good with a BBQ or grill. ·                                Bartending -Familiar with basic bartending methods and basic food service ·                                Carpentry / Woodworking ·                                Auto Mechanics - Once certified as a California smog mechanic. ·                                Painting, coating  and varnishing of all material types. ·                                All Water sports including snorkeling, waterskiing etc. ·                                Fishing -Salt and fresh water. ·                                Experience in restaurant service. Have worked part time at a friends sports bar. ·                                CPR, First Aid certification and emergency medical training ·                                Amateur masseuse and treatments using natural medicines and back therapies. ·                                Familiarity with home theater systems and multi-station audio systems.  
Working with Special Needs People
My youngest daughter, Mindy, 23 years old, is Autistic. Prior to being blessed with her birth, I worked with special needs kids in high school. So, I have a certain empathy and appreciation for people who work with these individuals. I feel fortunate for the experience.    
Engine Rebuilder
I am an expert in all engine sub systems including Marinized cooling systems, electrical systems, computer controlled inputs and outputs such and sensors. I have rebuilt gas and diesel performance engines as an associate to other more qualified performance machinists.   I have attended classes in diesel and gas rebuilding, but have put it to limited advanced use due to the tooling and specialized training required.  
Video and Audio Production
 Video Production Through the years I have had an interest in production. One of my collateral duties in the USCG was public affairs .Most of my work in the USCG was as outlined in my work experience.  I was also certified photojournalist.   Some of my interests as far back as grade school were journalism, still photography and video production.  In later years I have attended classes in those, as well as TV and Radio production.   I have occasionally worked with one of my long time clients who has produced television features on local island and marine life and life styles.    I have worked as a studio and field camera operator, technical director, video producer and voice over artist . My interest in these fields has led to a sub-specialty of documenting cruises in various ways and producing edited videos of trips.  
Weather Interpretation
Weather Interpretation Weather observation, interpretation and understanding was required a component of training as a pilot. They say there are three things that kill pilots; weather, weather and weather. Years of observing weather at sea has also given me many lessons on how weather changes. I have seen many days start out bright and sunny, and then increase to storm conditions within an hour. It is an important factor in operating at sea.  There is no place to hide when caught in weather conditions that were unanticipated.
Private Pilot
Private Pilot  My flying has been for pleasure in Cessna 172's. I have had some introductory time in performance aircraft. Logged time over the last 30 years has been on and off at under 250 hours. I am not current at this time. I still have a love of flying. However, I so many diverse hobbies and interests that flying is not a high priority at this time.   I have learned some of my most valuable lessons from flying. These include safety, judgment, aerodynamics, engineering.
Deck Seamanship
  Deck Seamanship My experience working rescue on the high seas has provided me with respect for working and the security of deck equipment of all types. I have a Bos'n's knowledge of deck seamanship and am able to work under all weather conditions.  
Sailing  My work has included building, rigging and sailing vessels for pleasure use. I have some racing experience as crew, but am not necessarily a racing enthusiast. My training as a pilot and work with hydrofoils has provided me with an expert understanding of lift and airfoil design.
Delivery Captain
Delivery Captain  Power and Sail. Although unlicensed. My credentials have been vetted by insurance companies, including Lloyd's, prior to trips where I operated a vessel for an owner, or on deliveries. During my thirty years as a professional seaman, I have never pursued a captains license. My work didn't require it. Now, I will be seeking a Captains license, since that is where my advanced career path is leading.
Good Judgement and Maturity
Good Judgement This is a learned skill and a talent. I will never forget a plaque posted on one of my USCG ships.   It read, "A superior seaman, uses his superior judgment, to avoid situations requiring his superior skills".   My training as a bridge officer, deck crew and private pilot all stressed good judgment. Good judgment is critical to the safe operation of any aircraft or sea vessel. It also pertains to mechanical maintenance. I have been in situations as a marine engineer, where the decision to repair an item now, before it became critical, made all the difference, for a safe trip.   The greatest lesson learned from my private pilot experience and my time at sea with the USCG, is that poor decisions lead to loss of life.   Safety and good judgment, are key, when the lives of crew and passengers are in my hands; behind the wheel, and behind the wrench.    A recent case example. I observed a very small pin hole and rust stain on the water injection assembly of a marine exhaust system. On disassembly, it crumbled apart. The next trip would have been disastrous had this not been investigated.  
Security Security can mean many things. Security of the vessel, personal security, ensuring the safety of the crew and family. I make no claim of super human ability; especially at 48 years old.  But, I have had training and real life experience with criminals, that provide me with special insights and instincts regarding security of all types.
Boat and Ship Docking and Seamanship
Boat and Ship Seamanship Experienced provided by USCG was gained from many years of formal training and experience with the most professional seaman in the world.  Hundreds of rescues at sea, have also provided me with many lessons on what it takes to operate a vessel at sea, safely.
Marine Electrician
Marine Electrician   My services are often recommended to solve electrical issues that have frustrated others. I have completely re-wired vessels to ABYC or Sub-T standards.
Corrosion Control
Corrosion Control   Formerly trained and certificated by Electro Guard. See certificate of completion. Highly skilled at protecting underwater metals from deterioration.   Skilled at the use of special coating methods used both above and below the water on various hull and structure materials.  
Marine Hydraulics
Marine Hydraulic Systems Highly capable hydraulic system designer for typical marine uses. Have designed digital control systems complete with analog and digital inputs and outputs. Designing custom systems have made me one of a small percentage of mechanical engineers experienced with the most up to date technology.
Yacht Stabilization
YACHT STABILIZATION Have complete command of yacht stabilization utilizing hydraulic controlled hydrofoils and fins of all shapes and sizes, used on vessels to 180'.   World recognized for my own patented designs.



Spending time with my two daughters has taken priority over all other interests. 

I  am an avid outdoorsman who constantly seeks new experiences while exploring remote areas of all types; such as sea caves, island environments, and remote forests and canyons. I am especially interested in wildlife photography. Most recently, I have spent extended periods exploring and photographing national parks in the Southwest US and the Channel Islands National Park.

Other activities and interests include: flying, motorcycle touring, motor home travel, tent camping, fishing (salt and freshwater), wood working, boat building, designing and fabricating new products. 

For exercise; bike riding,  (no, not in bike pants).


- Professional yacht or military mariner for thirty-four years. 

-Seeking engineer opportunities. Full-time, part-time, or contracts.

-Highly skilled Marine engineer. Exceptional troubleshooting ability and expert knowledge of all marine systems throughout private yachts and small ships.

- Experience with refrigeration, air conditioning and R.O. water makers - Familiar with basic electronics design, installation and operation.

- Familiarity with outboards  - Professionally trained ship and work boat bridge officer

- Adept at adjusting to new vessels and immediately proving an exceptional asset to the owner, captain and crew.

-Highly skilled deck crew.

-See work history for listing of a wide range of maritime and other skills. No marine license or ticket. -Recognized marine hydraulic system expert. Electrical expert. marine sub-system expert.

-Skilled marine component designer and fabrication liaison.

-Yacht Builder

-Refit Specialist

-Highly capable and eager to take on any task aboard ship.

-Can be charming when required... Especially when well fed and rested.

-Get along well with professional yacht crews.