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Red Cross in Japan and America Team to Assist Victims of Tsunami

Throughout its history, the Red Cross has depended upon people and business owners such as Mike Krilivsky to help victims of disasters around the world. Following the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in 2011, the Red Cross stepped in to provide affected people with desperately needed services and relief aid. While the Japanese Red Cross was able to fund half of its $350 million aid program, the rest of the money came from the American Red Cross. The latter entity received contributions from individuals and donor businesses of all types, such as, for instance, Mike Krilivsky’s lifestyle and clothing company Let’s Rage, which creates music-themed products designed to celebrate being alive. Given its business model and mission, the company’s leadership leaped at the opportunity to help the residents of Japan who had escaped the tsunami with their lives, but not much else. To raise money for relief aid, Let’s Rage designed a t-shirt for men and a tank top for women and passed along the proceeds to the Red Cross. The company has raised money not only to help the victims of the Japanese tsunami, but also to support local charities and homeless shelters.


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An entrepreneur in the apparel and entertainment industries, Mike Krilivsky also makes time for charitable endeavors. He has donated to the Small Army for a Cause, a nonprofit that advocates for worthy causes, including cancer awareness. In 2011, Krilivsky took part in the organization’s event, Be Bold, Be Bald!, showing support for cancer survivors by gathering others and himself to wear a bald cap throughout the streets of Boston, Massachusetts. Also, following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Mike Krilivsky’s clothing company, Let's Rage, provided financial assistance to the American Red Cross. In addition, he also donates the firm’s t-shirts to homeless shelters in the area. Outside of his philanthropic efforts, Krilivsky takes an active role in three Massachusetts businesses.Since 2008, Mike Krilivsky has co-owned Let's Rage, a company that promotes an inventive, imaginative lifestyle through its clothing line. A creative force in the organization, he generates ideas and manages marketing and advertising.Krilivsky also owns Red Blue Records, a music label he founded while a musician in college. The bands he represents have toured with major acts and have appeared in music videos on MTV, VH1, Fuse On Demand, and other channels.In addition, Mike Krilivsky is a partner and owner of Throwed, which stands as the largest stager of dance and music events in New England. The company works with some of the hottest brands, including Collegefest, Dub Nation, Deadmau5, and Dayglow, the world's largest paint bash. Krilivsky initially became involved with the company when one of his favorite musicians, Daryl Palumbo, frontman for Glassjaw and Head Automatica, performed at a Throwed event. Intrigued, Krilivsky began promoting Throwed through his network of industry contacts and friends. He quickly found success, selling out larger and larger venues.