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I am a creative and passionate evangelist for standards-compliant, user-centric web sites and applications. I have been in the business for over 20 years. My first computer was a Commodore Vic 20 if that says anything. Today I am an avid Mac user and Internet junkie. During my career I have created and sold successful software products, web sites and innovated the very first, browser-based, drag and drop web site builder [CMS] in 1999. I have direct experience with creating and implementing successful online marketing strategies for business-to-consumer web sites and online applications. Extremely knowledgeable of LAMP [Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP] development strategies and tactics. Have worked with clients such as Sony, Nike, Google, Turner Broadcasting, ADP [domestic and EU], AT&T, Lucent Technologies, and Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.


Work experience

Oct 2007Present

Director of Engineering

Millions of Us

Millions of us is a Virtual World, MMOG (massive multi-player online game), and online social media company. I am intimately involved in the technical content direction, development and delivery of projects for multiple virtual worlds and social networking platforms. I have created, implemented and managed engineering production processes for a team comprised of both local and off site resources. Successfully worked on projects for clients such as Coca-Cola, Cisco, Dreamworks SKG, Fox, Google, National Geographic, Nike, Sony, Warner Brothers and Toyota.Most recently I have focused on the forthcoming Sony Home initiative for Playstation 3 where I am responsible for technical content delivery for the North American Home Central Plaza and many 3rd party brand title spaces. I have also acted as sound designer and sound technician for these spaces as well as participated in the direction and creation of many interactive elements within each space.

May 2007Present


Storybook Anytime

Storybook Anytime is an online library of originally written and illustrated children's stories that can be enjoyed in both English and Spanish [with more languages to come]. The stories are presented in a safe, ad-free environment through a very simple and child-friendly interface. Paid online memberships generate the financial resources to allow distribution of the entire library to pre-schools, grade schools and public libraries- free of charge.Brand new stories and activities are always in production and the company is currently working toward its goals of not only releasing a new story every week but being present in every pre-school, grade school and public library in the country...

Mar 2004Present

Freelance Web Developer & Internet Consultant


Work to evangelize standards-compliant, user-friendly web sites using XHTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. I have created and implemented delivery process, methodology, brand and sales strategy for clients. Built online marketing strategies, user interface designs, information architecture plans and requirements for medium-large scale internet applications. Have worked with local interactive agencies on projects for Earthlink, Intellisync [acquired by Nokia], Marketworks, Friedman's Shoes, City of Smyrna and the Technology Association of Georgia. Directly worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Turner Broadcasting and ADP to develop and create extra-net web applications. Most recently worked with Radius 3, a U.S. web site production center for the worlds largest web site franchise company [WSI], to manage product development and indirect channel operations. Facilitated brand strategy, direct sales strategy, project delivery methodology, and a detailed corporate growth strategy.

May 2006Dec 2007



MajikWidget provides “necessary widgets for blogs”. Widgets are mini-applications that add fun and interactivity to a web site or blog. MajikWidget was sold to a private company in December 2007.

Jul 2004Jan 2005

Director of Interactive Services

Abovo Group

Worked with clients and sub-contractors to create and deliver web sites, flash product demos, corporate and trade show videos, email marketing campaigns, and online ads. Developed an email marketing campaign for ADP that increased conversion from 3% to over 22% in under four months. Architected and developed web site projects for companies such as Glenayre Electronics, SCI Systems and Terranova Forrest Products [acquired by Masisa].

Jan 2000Feb 2004

Co-Founder & CTO


Architected and developed the first browser-based web site builder and content management system [CMS] leveraging PHP and MySQL. Product featured ground-breaking [for its time] features such as a drag-n-drop page editing and a WYSIWIG word processor. The product was [and still is] marketed through global hosting companies. Worked directly with and Via Networks to develop custom provisioning systems for the product through Sphera and Ensim platforms. I retain ownership of the product code and have licensed use to Soholaunch and Radius 3 respectfully.

Feb 1998Dec 1999

Founder and Vice President

The About Time Group

Created software products EZCheck2000 and PCFix2000 to address Y2K PC re-mediation. Grew company to over $2M in revenue in less than one year. Product was used by companies such as AT&T, Lucent Technologies, CSX railways and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Appeared in numerous industry magazines and television programs, including "The Computer Chronicles" and "Business Week" as an expert in my field.